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The Love of Lawlessness

December 12, 2014

What do you love? What do other people love? What do they pursue? Where do you “fall” when opportunity or adversity surface in your life? It is in these times that our loves, our fears, and our trusts show up and are displayed for all others to see. A person always falls to the way they were leaning. The direction of our inclination is the direction of our fall, and we are always inclined toward our loves, trusts, and fears.
How do we know when someone loves lawlessness? Their talk will be a continual revelation of insurrection and defiance. Then, when opportunity arrives, you will see them chasing anything that defies authority. When adversity strikes, they will prove it by rising up against anything or anyone that is decent, orderly, and law-abiding. They are inclined toward insurrection and look for a place to exercise their ways. The lawless heart enjoys sedition.
There is a love for lawlessness in the heart of man, whereby a person is always resisting any authority and loves to be deemed “right” even amid the wrong. But this newsletter is addressing something a bit different. I am addressing the love of lawlessness, that is, what does lawlessness love? What does lawlessness chase? What is lawlessness inclined toward? Watching the news you will quickly note the loves of lawlessness.
Lawlessness loves to steal and will look for any reason to take something, especially if it can find a just cause to do so. It relishes the thought of “getting away with something.” Lawlessness will resist anything that is considered authority; it wants to rebel and call out injustices so it can be seen as right and good. Lawlessness looks for fault in others or in the system, in order to yell its profanities and curse the system of law and order. Lawlessness loves to find anything prejudicial, where it can lift itself up over others and validate its arrogance. Lawlessness is full of pride; it will see wrong in anything right or good in order to justify its position of hatred, and it will excuse its lawless ways under the canopy of fairness, and will demand justice as it works in a state of injustice. It will call good ‘evil” and evil “good.” O what arrogance dwells in the heart of lawlessness! Lawlessness can be seen in those who demand toleration as they operate with intolerance. Lawlessness seeks to exist without law, while it establishes the law of acceptance, but it excuses itself from that same law that it just sought to establish. Its core belief says, “Except Me!”
Lawlessness is saturating our society; it can be seen in almost every family as children war against parents, who do not understand standards, parameters, or authority. Why? Because they are also caught in the web of lawlessness! Lawlessness is seen in the gender and marriage issues of our day. Lawlessness loves controversy and disputes; it wages war at every interval, no matter how slight the matter, attempting to reduce all to its lowest standard; it calls for compromise and toleration, while it offers none. Lawlessness may even call for more and more laws, while it goes about abusing the laws of decency and purity. Lawlessness does mind the presence of laws, as long as it can exercise its ultimate law, “Except Me!” which married to “Excuse Me!”  
Today, the lawless heart is being expressed in the American streets while it covers itself under the cries of those who claim prejudice. The lawless one’s mouth is opened wide and yelling for justice and fairness while they are planning to rob a store of its goods, punch a police officer who is trying to maintain order, and yell obscenities at every person along the way who is watching. Lawlessness loves theft and vandalism; it loves obscenities and cursing; it loves to be right according to its own warped standard of goodness and rightness. It yells, argues, and disputes with anyone who is not alongside acting the same way. All of the race riots, gender wars, and the marriage definition debates are actually not the issue; all are operating from a lawless heart and lawlessness loves such disputes.
I hate the presence of lawlessness and despise its works, that is, I reject it and want nothing to do with it. The lawless one just read this entire article and heard the line say, “I hate” and threw out everything else because of the use of this one word. This person is lawless; that is the one who truly hates, not knowing the Scriptures or the character of God. The Bible says of those who are wicked and evil that they flatter themselves in their own eyes, when they find out their own iniquity and when they hate (Psalm 36:2). King David wrote of these lawless ones posting, “The boastful shall not stand in Your sight” and then added, “You hate all workers of iniquity (Psalm 5:5).
Be aware of evil’s presence, who enjoys operating in the clothing of sheep; it calls for justice and toleration; it calls for fairness and points to racial and gender issues to gain ground for its insidious plan. It is lawlessness, looking to be seen as good and validate its presence. Especially beware of those who espouse such doctrine yet use the title of “REV” before their name. They open their mouth wide to expel their evil-thinking ways, while they look to gain regard from others. They keep people under their wing and call it protection, yet satisfy their own needs and wants filling themselves to the brim with self-adulation; they are wicked to the core and fully self-serving. They use prejudism to advance their own cause. Even Christians fall prey to the lawless works, siding with such causes, hoping to improve their plight. Recently some Christians posted, “I love being Black.” What is accomplished by someone writing this? Why would a believer put this on Facebook? What does this accomplish for the kingdom? Are they trying to gain appreciation from other? That’s a selfish reason! Are they trying to tell everyone that they don’t mind being black? Why so insecure? Are you not a child of God, born-again of His Spirit? Why diminish His work in your life so that you can feel better about yourself? Now someone else will write, “I love being white.” Now what? Is this not all being carnal and seeing things from a mere natural point-of-view? No good thing comes from such thinking.
The love of lawlessness is running rampant in our social circles, and it has entered the sphere of Christianity. This has gained place because the self-nature and its natural ways have become the believers’ predominant mindset. I expect it in the world, but I am warning every believer today that hears or reads this article, there is no place for lawlessness in the Church. Consider your ways as you look upon your words and deeds, your motives and your causes, your likes and dislikes.
May the Holy Spirit give you full understanding as we draw closer to His coming! 

Your Friend in Christ,
Dr. Gary H. Cote

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