As marketers gain greater influence over the data and analytical structures critical to knowing how to build content and target their communications to customer behaviors, they must also be cognizant of how buyers’ consumption habits are changing. Beyond the shifts in popularity of various media types, today’s buyers are becoming more selective in what content they choose to engage with — and demand more credible, trustworthy information presented in relevant ways. These observations from Demand Gen Report’s 2018 Content Preferences Survey are perhaps the most interesting for CFG members to know. 
9% of marketers have developed a completely systematic approach to producing, managing, and distributing content.

-’17 Content Marketing Institute

When asked what recommendations buyers would give to improve the quality of the content created and offered by B2B vendors, more than half (52%) strongly agreed that packaging relevant content together would help expedite the research phase. Also, close to two-thirds (65%) strongly agreed that making content easier to access — whether through fewer form fields or even single-click registration — would help vendor credibility. With 84% of respondents stating that they either frequently or occasionally access business-related content on their smartphone, B2B vendors must also position their content to be easily accessible on mobile devices. Forty-one percent of respondents suggested more mobile-friendly content. Other strong recommendations include: use more data and research to support content (75%); provide more benchmarking data (63%); add more insight from industry thought leaders/analysts (62%); and make it easier to share (40%).
We turned to content marketing specialists within the B2B financial marketing space to learn how they are using innovative ways to engage their audiences. You’ll be happy to read that we are following the recommendations that we heard about from Demand Gen’s study respondents!

Capital One Commercial Bank teams up with MIT
Indeed, Capital One Commercial Bank’s teamed up with MIT’s Center for Real Estate to extend the reach of their thought leadership program and to produce objective insights of interest to their clients and prospects. The output was an MIT-authored White Paper on the state of disruption and innovation in the real estate industry. This 87-page paper provided the marketing team with content that was leveraged across all channels: landing pages, infographics, social media, live-stream talks, symposiums, email campaigns, and events.
Chase's Business Leader Study Gains Steam
J.P. Morgan Chase’s Commercial Bank’s business leader outlook campaign has run for 8 years, providing bankers and clients as well as prospects with business sentiment data and an outlook on global issues, their economic impacts and associated challenges. Marketers have used video featuring the bank’s chief economist, infographics with key findings nationwide, as well as regional and industry outlooks, reports to VIP clients, leave-behinds for RMs, executive summaries, by-lined articles, and social media to position this thought-leadership. Bankers actively use the campaign elements with clients, and clients value it as the voice of their peers.

Further tapping into the voice of their customers, Chase marketers partner with their market intelligence team to host quarterly surveys with the bank’s Executive Advisory Board.!

Have we conquered content marketing?
Not by a long shot. Many challenges are still being tackled, not the least of which include:

We just have to do a better job of demonstrating that content creates leads for bankers.
Getting and keeping RMs (and their leadership) involved in the creation process.
Perfecting lead scoring (engagement) and sharing with RM teams.
Perfecting metrics so we can attribute role of marketing content in deals.
A digital asset manager to tell me when things have reached their review point.
Where's the Innovation Going to be?
Looking into the near future, CFG marketers see more video, especially with clients. Maybe podcasts, but some agreed that they have to
figure them out! Webinars will be used more because its tracking is rich and dynamic. What about a mini-documentary, asked one marketer. All this said, no one is about to abandon print. It’s still too important to our bankers
For more information on this session or to contact the facilitator (Sandra Penning) and panelists (Kathy Seabold, J.P. Morgan Chase; Mitch Rose, Capital One; Ellie Sullivan, SunTrust; Anneka Benn, BNY Mellon; or, Lisa Lombardo, KeyBank), please contact CFG at

Slides from this session can be found online in the private CFG Resource Library. Also available online are Demand Gen's reports on B2B Customer Content Preferences (with full summary data) and the 2017 ABM Benchmark Study.

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