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School Year Newsletter September 2014
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Dear families and friends,

The school year 2014-2015 will start soon. We are excited to be welcoming our students back and meeting the new children with their parents.
We would like to share with you some of our latest news.
Cultural Trips

Cultural Trips & Academic Day Trips

This year our students will participate in a variety of cultural and day trips which are all linked to the academic programmes.

Reception to Year 6 will be continuing their learning outside of the classroom participating in visits in accordance with their IPC units (class topics). The junior classes will be visiting either Provence in France or the North of Switzerland on cultural trips.

Planète Enfants

Planète Enfants

We are happy to announce that once again 3 children will receive a school scholarship through our foundation: Planète Enfants.

We would like to thank the parents who have generously given a donation to the foundation.  We believe an excellent education is important and should be available for all children.
If you would also like to make a donation towards the foundation, please contact:
New Dining Room

New Dining Room

The new annex to the school dining room is under construction and will be completed for the new school year in September.

This additional space will improve the seating arrangements as well as allow the students to have a more spacious and comfortable eating area.
Raising Standards in Reading and Writing

Raising Standards in Reading & Writing

One of the school improvement targets for the academic year 2014/2015 is to `further improve and develop reading and writing`.

Through the implementation of the teaching approach, `Big Writing`, created by Ros Wilson and having invested in the Project X Origins Reading Scheme to support our daily guided reading sessions, we are confident that we will see an increase in the children’s literacy standards.

We aim to foster an enthusiasm and love of reading for life and help develop the students’ imagination and creativity.
Meeting you in Dubai

Meeting you in Dubaï and Moscow

Meet La Garenne in Dubai  and Moscow this autumn! It is a unique occasion to see the school directors in your country and ask any important questions that you or your friends may have about our school and our summer camp!

The Dubai meeting will take place on Saturday 15th November 2014

The Moscow meeting date is to be confirmed.

Health & Well Being

Health & Well Being

This year the school will pay particular attention to helping our students preserve and improve their health.

We are excited to be able to offer the opportunity for your child to benefit from a health and well-being package...

Language Clubs

Language Clubs

Cultural diversity is one of the advantages of an international school! We always support the children’s interest in mastering a foreign language.

In September we will start off the year with our language clubs, a very popular choice for the junior students.

The students will have the choice to learn or improve their French, Japanese, Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese or Italian.

We are sure the students will enjoy the challenge.

New Classrooms

New Classrooms

We are looking forward to having two Year 6 classes starting in September and we hope that the students enjoy their lessons.

We will also be opening the new Reception/Year 1 classroom, which will be situated in the main building providing a stimulating indoor and outdoor environment for their early development.

Lg Survey

LG Survey

Thank you to the parents who took the time to respond to our survey!  

Please find the summary of the results below. We have already stared to put into place some of the changes/recommendations that you mentioned in the comments.
83.7% are very happy to recommend La Garenne to their families, friends and colleagues.

84.6% are very happy with the number of academic reports sent during the year.

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