Teamscale Version 3.9 Released
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Teamscale Version 3.9 Released

We are excited to announce our latest Teamscale release -- now available for download.
Download and read the updated Teamscale User Guide for version 3.9

Keep reading for a short summary of the most prominent features!

Tests Perspective
In this release, we present the newly designed Tests Perspective, which is the central location for your system's test quality management. It consists of two main parts: Code Coverage and Ticket Coverage.
Code Coverage
  • Viewing Test Gap Analysis metrics such as: number of test gaps, test gap churn and parts of the system executed during tests.

  • Displaying the Trend Chart and Treemap for any test metric.

  • Baseline Selector to select the baseline to be used for the metrics' assessment
  • Coverage Sources Selector to select the sources to be used for the coverage calculation
Ticket Coverage
  • Testers can view the test gap percentage for each individual issue/ticket
  • Issue Metric Selector to select the issues to be displayed
  • Navigation to the Issue Perspective by clicking on the test gap percentage bar
  • Viewing the method history by clicking on any method in the Test Gap Treemap

Web Interface
  • Architecture Perspective:
    - Link to architecture specification from finding details of architecture findings
    - Enhanced page shown when no architecture exists
    - Conformance of architectures is now shown in the overview

  • Issue Perspective: Number of available issues is now displayed
  • Delta Perspective: Ability to exclude upload commits
  • Activity Perspective: No automatic reload when there's no connection
  • Widgets:
    - Metric selection dialog for assessment trend chart uses radio buttons
    - Configuration dialog can be exited by pressing ESC
  • Detection of hidden ABAP source code
  • Analysis of SAP standard code modifications
  • Analysis of enhancement point implementations
  • SCOV Upload: New Flag to Specify All Counters are Deltas
  • Automatically create account credentials for ABAP System Connections
Custom Checks
C++, C#, Java
  • Equality check with boolean literal
  • Gosu naming conventions
  • Order of class members check
  • Avoid the Java Date class check
  • Use Gosu comparison operators instead of java "equals" check
  • Avoid public variables check
  • Test coverage metric now configured by default in Analysis Profile
  • More placeholders for backup file names, e.g. port number
  • New systemd unit file for the Teamscale Linux service
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