Teamscale Version 4.2 Released
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Teamscale Version 4.2 Released

We are excited to announce our latest Teamscale release -- now available for download.
Download and read the updated Teamscale User Guide for version 4.2

Keep reading for a short summary of the most prominent features!

Permission System
In this release, the Permission System in Teamscale has been significantly redesigned. The previous system relied on static roles being assigned to groups, however the new permission system offers the following features:
  • An editable role schema which allows setting up predefined sets of permissions

  • Assignment of roles to users, as well as groups

  • More fine grained permissions through customizable project and global roles
  • Creators of new objects (projects, analysis profiles, groups etc.) can control the objects' permission management
TypeScript Architecture Analysis
Teamscale now supports File-Based Architecture Conformance Analysis for TypeScript.

System Performance Metrics
Teamscale now records and visualizes the load and performance metrics that can be used to get an overview of the performance of the instance.

The recorded metrics are:

  • Scheduler Load: Relative amount of time the scheduler is busy.
  • Worker Load: Effective number of busy workers.
  • Commits per Second: Approximation of the number of commits that are processed every single second.
  • Worker Queue Size: Number of jobs queued for analysis.

Test Gap Analysis
  • Improved overall performance of Test Gap Analysis
  • Tests perspective: Integration of test execution results and derived metrics
  • Tests perspective: Popups now offer trend zooming and jumping to Delta perspective
  • Issue detail view: Addition of coverage source selector
  • TGA Overview Widget now displays the execution ratio
  • TGA Overview Widget now shows more context about first and last coverage upload
Web Interface
  • Configurable number formats for widgets in the dashboard
  • Single metric trend chart widget now supports stacking
  • Activity perspective: Resolved findings in commits are now highlighted
  • Task details view: commits, change history and discussion are now shown as tabs
  • Sorting of findings attached to tasks by their resolution state
  • Issue queries now support inState queries with fixed dates
  • URLs contained in issue fields are now clickable in the issue details view
  • Displaying the currently analyzed timestamp for projects in analysis.
  • Editable description for projects which is shown in tooltips
External Uploads
  • Support for uploading and exporting external metric descriptions
  • Support for direct upload of SAP Code Inspector reports
  • Automatic creation of finding descriptions from Roslyn report uploads
  • SAP Code Inspector Results:
    - Results are updated automatically with every code change
    - Results are fetched directly by Teamscale without external upload
  • Support for SAP Secure Network Communications (SNC) to encrypt RFC connection
  • Code changes for SAP BW objects now contain transport request information
Custom Checks
  • Checks to avoid findings' suppression by pseudo comments, pragmas or SET EXTENDED CHECK OFF
  • Check to avoid usage of continue or break with label
  • Check for detecting usages of the SuppressWarnings annotation
  • Check for avoiding ignoring of tests now shows the ignore message
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