Teamscale Version 4.5 Released
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Teamscale Version 4.5 Released

We are excited to announce our latest Teamscale release -- now available for download.
Download and read the updated Teamscale User Guide for version 4.5

Keep reading for a short summary of the most prominent features!

Back-up Process
In this release, various improvements have been made to the back-up features as follows:
  • Shadow Mode: Ability to activate or deactivate all external notifications in a Teamscale instance including emails, pull request annotations and SAP downloads.

  • Progress of back-up imports is now displayed to the user

Web Interface
  • Ability to search for issues with the prefix 'issue:' in the Teamscale search field and being redirected to the IssueDetailView directly.

  • Findings from Simulink Model Advisor Reports are now shown as Yellow/Red according to their severity in the report (Warning/Failed).
  • The Treemap available in the findings list now shows the affected files (instead of affected LOC) and the percentage of area that is colored.
  • Added Cancel Button in Edit Task View.
  • Added Edit Button in Analysis Profile Detail View
  • Project Edit view: Filterable list of all files available in a Teamscale project
  • Metric Table Widget: Show metric description when hovering the mouse over metric names
Custom Checks
  • Check for equal statements inside conditional expressions
  • Do not use octal literals check
  • Do not use lowercase l suffix to denote long literals check
  • Function Parameter Count Check
  • Unwanted Function Calls Check
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