Teamscale Version 4.4 Released
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Teamscale Version 4.4 Released

We are excited to announce our latest Teamscale release -- now available for download.
Download and read the updated Teamscale User Guide for version 4.4

Keep reading for a short summary of the most prominent features!

External Credentials Management
The new external credentials management view (formerly known as the accounts view) enables you to easily manage all the available accounts on your Teamscale instance. This view offers the following:
  • Management of various types of accounts, such as source code repositories, issue trackers and code review tools.
  • Creation, editing, managing permissions and deletion of accounts.
  • Ability to view and choose any of the available accounts when configuring a project

Analysis of Plain Text
  • Analysis of plain-text files is now supported in Teamscale via the 'LINE' language
  • The following metrics are supported: Lines of Code (LOC), Source Lines of Code (SLOC) and Clone coverage metrics

Web Interface
  • Ability to display absolute metric values next to metric-change values in Delta-Metric view, Activity-Detail view and Metrics Change Table Widget
  • Added warning label in case insufficient RAM is configured for the number of workers used
  • Ability to filter baseline dropdown lists by typing text
  • Project Perspective: Consistent ordering of entries in project configuration details for all projects
  • System Perspective: Download and deletion of worker, service and event logs in System perspective is now possible for individual projects
  • Findings Perspective: Treemaps for findings of individual rules
  • Activity Perspective: Ability to filter out blacklist commits
  • Activity Perspective: Architecture change's commit messages now contain the architecture's name
  • Architecture Perspective: Possibility to specify a descriptive change message when saving architectures
  • Metrics Perspective: Ability to limit displayed metrics to those defined in the selected threshold profile
External Report Upload
  • Support for external report upload of Google Closure Compiler errors and warnings in JSON format
  • Configure Teamscale License by passing it in an environment variable
  • Configure by passing them in an environment variable
Custom Checks
  • Check for object comparison with itself (Java, C#)
  • Check for object reference comparison with itself (JavaScript)
  • Check for newly created exception which is not thrown (Java, C#)
  • Check for unused and duplicate imports (JavaScript)
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