Teamscale Version 4.1 Released
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Teamscale Version 4.1 Released

We are excited to announce our latest Teamscale release -- now available for download.
Download and read the updated Teamscale User Guide for version 4.1

Keep reading for a short summary of the most prominent features!

Single Sign-On using SAML 2.0
Teamscale now offers a new option for authentication, provided that you already have a SAML 2.0 compatible Identity Provider.

The required steps are as follows:
  1. Configure your identity provider to allow requests from Teamscale
  2. In the Admin perspective navigate to Settings and create a new SAML 2.0 Identity Provider and fill the fields.
  3. Ensure that your users are already added to Teamscale
MC/DC Coverage
Teamscale currently supports Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC). The feature includes the following:
  • New MC/DC Coverage metric showing the percentage of covered code

  • Uploading and parsing of of MC/DC coverage from CTC++ reports
  • Integration of annotated MC/DC coverage information in code view

Kotlin Support
  • Kotlin has been added to the continuously growing list of supported programming languages in Teamscale.
  • It comes with checks for Code Anomalies, Code Duplication, Structure, Documentation , Formatting and many more.

Pre-Commit Analysis (Visual Studio)
Visual Studio has been added to the list of IDEs supporting Pre-Commit Analysis which allows realtime analysis in the IDE.

Web Interface
  • Admin perspective: Clearer and better categorization of options/settings
  • Test perspective: Show summary of test gaps for an issue query
  • Test perspective: Allow selecting projects for cross-annotation
  • Code perspective: Line coverage is annotated for files without coverage
  • Code perspective: Collapsible Metrics table in the sidebar
  • Findings perspective: Ability to exclude findings via regex
  • Metric bar chart widget: Option to display numeric value in metric bar charts
  • Improved UI for system execution
  • Option to unset default dashboard
External Findings
  • Ability to export/import external findings descriptions and findings groups
  • UI for creation of external finding descriptions
Custom Checks
  • Catch of Non-Generic exception check (Java, C#)
  • Custom Exception Definition (Java, C#, VB)
  • Throw of Non-Generic exception check (Java, C#, VB)
  • Catch of Generic exception check (Java, C#, VB)
  • Throw of Generic exception check (C#, VB)
C/C++ (Checks for MISRA Coding Conventions)
  • Missing braces for block statements in compound body check
  • Goto Other Blocks or Backwards Check
  • Line Splicing in Comments Check
  • Nested Comments Check
  • Do Not Include "setjmp.h" Check
  • Do Not Include "signal.h" Check
  • Forbidden Conversion Functions Check
  • Forbidden Memory Management Functions Check
  • Forbidden Program Support Utilities Check
  • Forbidden Search Sort Functions Check
  • Forbidden Standard IO Functions Check
  • Forbidden Time and Date Functions Check
  • Forbidden Type Generic Math Functions Check
  • Lowercase Literal Suffix Check
  • Octal Constant Check
  • Array Initialization Check
  • Forbidden Sequences in Include Check
  • Include Directives Should Not Be Preceeded By Code Check
  • Include File name Delimiter Check
  • Macro Argument With Directives Check
  • Preprocessor Directive End Check
  • Preprocessor Directive Line Start Check
  • Switch Must Have Default Check
  • Switch Clause Is Terminated By Break Statement Check
  • Switch Clause Number Check
  • Switch Clauses Are In Switch Statement Body Check
  • Switch Statement Demands Default Label Well Placed Check
  • Switch Statement Is Well Formed Check
  • All Exit Paths Return Value Check
  • Encapsulated Assembler Check
  • Flexible Array Member Check
  • SizeOf With Side Effects Check
  • Terminated Escape Sequences Check
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