Teamscale Version 4.0 Released
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Teamscale Version 4.0 Released

We are excited to announce our latest Teamscale release -- now available for download.
Download and read the updated Teamscale User Guide for version 4.0

Keep reading for a short summary of the most prominent features!

Pre-Commit Analysis
Pre-Commit Analysis allows realtime analysis in the IDE. The feature includes the following:
  • Retrieving and viewing findings for local changes before you actually commit
  • Selecting "Upload data for precommit analysis" and getting instant feedback

  • Viewing changed files on a virtual branch on Teamscale

  • Supported version control systems: Git and Subversion
  • Supported IDEs: Eclipse
Web Interface
  • Activity perspective: show timestamps for first and last commit of each repository
  • Multiline project configuration field
  • Metrics and widgets exclude blacklisted findings
  • Blacklisted findings merge upon branch merge

  • Analysis of ABAP Enhancements
  • Improved ABAP refactoring detection in the following cases:
    - Changing parameter modifiers in method definitions
    - Omitting or adding parameter modifiers in method calls
    - Omitting or adding parameter name in method calls that only have one parameter
Custom Checks
  • Instances of Optional should not be compared to null
  • Enhanced 'Names must not only differ in casing' check
  • Avoid reassigning parameter value
  • Each variable should be declared on a separate line
  • Avoid top level anonymous namespaces
  • Declarations should be a part of a namespace
  • Destructors should be declared 'noexcept'
  • Only constructor with one parameter should be explicit
  • Own header should be included first
  • Friend declarations should be private
  • No global 'using'
  • Methods should not be defined in a header file
  • Namespaces should not be imported as a whole
  • No C-Style casts
  • Do not declare anything in restricted namespaces
OScript: Avoid dynamic check
C#, C++, Java: Order of the access modifier check
Simulink: Naming convention checks
  • Ability to share Dashboards with projects
  • Ability to cancel or pause analyses for a project
  • Updated to latest TSLint version (5.9.1)
  • Service to calculate total number of relevant Test Gaps
  • Allow import of external data via repository connectors
  • Support for Istanbul JSON format and upload of coverage reports
  • Support rule set annotations for checks
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