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Road Safety Newsletter
Issue 12

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WA communities join the road safety movement
After record participation levels in 2014, communities are again contributing to road safety by participating in the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign.
So far more than 40,000 road ribbons have been distributed and more than 50 events and displays have helped spread the Christmas road safety message.

At the WALGA State Council meeting held on Wednesday 2 December, all of State Council including deputies, showed their support for the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign.

Pictured above: WALGA State Council show their support for the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign.

Communities around the state are getting involved in a variety of ways, including incorporating the road ribbon into existing local events. Here is a snapshot of local road ribbon activities:
  • The Gosnells RoadWise Committee organised a World Day of Remembrance for Traffic Victims ceremony to remember road traffic victims held on Wednesday, 18 November at the Australian Islamic College.

    Following a minute’s silence, the Hon. Donna Faragher MLC, Cr Bill Wiffen from the City of Gosnells, Roger Farley from the Road Safety Commission, Konnah Ruru from the Paraplegic Benefit Association and College Principal Sr Nasreen Ahmed addressed the audience.

    Students from the senior section of the college also delivered a well-researched road safety presentation.

    As a thank you to the college, the Gosnells RoadWise Committee presented the College with two fruit trees and a plaque to commemorate the event.
  • The team from Main Roads Narrogin joined the campaign, recycling old blinds and turning them into road ribbons for their vehicles.
  • South Hedland police set up a display at the library and arranged reading sessions for the kids using road safety stories.
  • The Northam RoadWise Committee has been promoting the road ribbons campaign in Northam and surrounding areas.

    Ribbons have been distributed to all students and are available in several Northam locations including the offices of  Minister for Sport and Recreation, Water and Forestry Mia Davies MLA, Paul Brown MLC and Martin Aldridge MLC.

    The local branch of the ANZ bank and the Federal Football Club are also supporting the campaign.
  • Local Governments across the Kimberly region launched the road ribbon campaign in conjunction with their regional Choose Your Ride campaign.
If you haven't picked up a road ribbon or spread the word, it is not too late.

Be a part of our road safety movement and spread the message by wearing a free road ribbon, downloading an e-road ribbon or using your social media account to tell people about road safety.

Caption: Cr Bill Wiffen provides an address at the Gosnells RoadWise Committee World Day or Remembrance event; Main Roads Narrogin staff with their innovative road ribbons; the South Hedland police library display; Northam identities Andrew Quin, Shire of Northam President Steve Pollard, Shannon Dixon of ANZ Bank and Kyle Robinson of the Federal Football Club; Road Ribbons on display at the Choose Your Ride launch in Kununurra.

Remember, reducing the risk of death or serious injury can be achieved through simple behavioural changes, such as:
  • Turning off your mobile phone before driving
  • Adapting your speed to the weather, light, traffic and road conditions
  • Buckling up when travelling in a vehicle
  • Taking a break, having a rest or if possible swapping drivers when feeling fatigued
  • If you are planning to drink, arranging a skipper, organising public transport or staying overnight.
For more information or to obtain Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign resources, visit the RoadWise website or contact your closest Road Safety Advisor
Showcasing the Wanneroo RoadWise Committee
This month we showcase the Wanneroo RoadWise Committee which has been contributing to road safety in the area for more than a decade.
The group (officially known as the City of Wanneroo RoadWise Working Group) meets bi-monthly to discuss issues and coordinate initiatives to address road safety concerns in the local community.

Pictured above: Members of the Wanneroo RoadWise Committee; Mayor Tracey Roberts, Murray Lampard and members of the RoadWise Committee at the signing of the WALGA Declaration for Road Safety in 2013.

In 2013, Mayor Tracey Roberts signed the WALGA Declaration for Road Safety at the City's annual Blessing of the Roads event, committing the City of Wanneroo to “work towards a future of zero road fatalities and serious injuries on the Western Australian Road Network”.

The City's Review of Default State Speed Limits won the Safe Speed Award at the 2014 Local Government Road Safety Awards. Cr Rudi Steffens also won the 2014 Joe North Award for outstanding commitment, dedication and contribution to road safety in Wanneroo and the wider community.

The above achievements reinforce the Wanneroo RoadWise Committee's ongoing road safety commitment which also includes:
  • Development of an annual road safety action plan which aligns road safety activities to Towards Zero, WA's road safety strategy 2008-2020.
  • Applications to gain BlackSpot Program funding to improve road safety at problem intersections.
  • Working with WA Police on the Enhanced Speed Enforcement Program to address speeding issues on local roads.
  • Implementing the Please Slow Down, Consider Our Kids bin sticker project to encourage drivers to reduce travel speeds in built up areas.
  • Working with local schools to improve road safety around schools.
  • Supporting the WALGA RoadWise Blessing of the Roads campaign with a significant local event each year.
  • Recognising local road safety champions with public presentations of Human Spirit Awards.
  • Organising caravan and trailer checks in December each year for those travelling during the holiday period.
  • Coordinating a Driver Reviver stop on Indian Ocean Drive, 1 kilometre north of the City of Wanneroo boundary in Gingin, run during peak holiday times with the aim of reducing fatigue related crashes by encouraging travellers to take regular breaks. The contribution made by the Wanneroo Driver Reviver operation was acknowledged in 2009 with a Certificate of Recognition from the WALGA RoadWise Program.
Current membership of the City of Wanneroo RoadWise Working Group includes Cr Norman Hewer (Chairperson), Cr Sabine Winton, Cr Dot Newton JP, Manoj Barua, Ryan Gibson, Karen Delves, Bill Street, Ian Payne, Nicola Peries, Sharon Forster and Karen White.
Congratulations to all members for continuing to work towards zero fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.
Visit the RoadWise website to find out more about the City of Wanneroo RoadWise Working Group.
Child car restraints update
Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters who have registered to receive child car restraint project updates electronically will now receive their updates through the RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter each month.
Three courses in a month help increase the network of Type 1 Child Car Restraint (CCR) Fitters in Western Australia.

From the end of October through until mid-November, three Type 1 CCR Fitter courses were held across the state (Esperance, Bunbury and Carnarvon).

Type 1 CCR Fitters understand the correct use of an appropriate child car restraint can greatly reduce the risk of death or serious injury to a child in a crash.

A number of current Type 1 CCR Fitters used the latest round of Type 1 CCR Fitter courses to refresh their skills and also accompany other members of their organisation who attended the courses.

For more information regarding future courses, visit

Pictured above: Ainslee Evans at the Carnarvon course.

Taller children now have an extended child car restraint option at all stages, enabling them and other children to remain in a child car restraint for longer.

With ongoing development by manufacturers, and new releases of child car restraints made to the ASNZS1754:2013 standard, there are now extended options available for children at all stages:
Birth to 6 months
A large number of restraints are now designed for children up to approximately 12 months, however there are now options for children up to approximately 2-3 years of age rear facing.

6 months to 4 years
A new addition to the market with this standard is a forward facing seat that uses an internal harness up to approximately 8 years of age (Type G Restraint).

4 years to 7 years
An additional option is now available in this category (Type F boosters), these enable children to use the booster seat up to approximately 10 years of age.
These seats provide an option for taller children and also encourage longer restraint use.

As with all restraints, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the installation and use of the restraint.
Quarterly return of completed yellow checking forms

December sees the end of the fourth quarter for 2015, and all Type 1 CCR Fitters are requested to submit their completed yellow checking forms now and at least every quarter.

Forms should be posted to RoadWise, WALGA, PO Box 1544, WEST PERTH WA 6872.

When completing any check of a child car restraint, it is essential the form is completed to reflect how the restraint was fitted when initially inspected, with any corrections noted in the comments section. Also ensure that a separate checking form is completed for each restraint fitted or checked.
For queries, call the child car restraint information line on 1300 780713 between 9.00am and 2.00pm weekdays.
Choose Your Ride in the Kimberley and Northam
As part of the broader Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign, a major drink driving push – called Choose Your Ride – has been launched in the Kimberley region as well as in the Shire of Northam.
The campaign message is simple - if you are going to drink, plan not to drive. Choose Your Ride - arrange a skipper, ask someone to collect you, call a taxi, or stay overnight.

Kimberly police statistics show in the months of November through to January from 2010 to 2014, 978 drivers were found to be driving with blood alcohol levels in excess of legal limits in the district, including 82.2% (804) who were in excess of 0.08.

Pictured above: Police, ambulance, fire and rescue, and tow truck operators taking a stance, asking “How are you getting home tonight?” at the launch of the Choose Your Ride campaign in Kununurra.

The Northam RoadWise Committee, in a partnership with the Shire of Northam and Northam police, are introducing the Choose Your Ride campaign this summer.

Local drivers are being asked, will you drive responsibly over the holiday period? Will you risk being injured, damaging your car or someone else’s, being caught, fined and losing points or even losing your driver’s licence? Or even worse?

The message is clear, Choose Your Ride.

Northam residents visiting Liquor Barons, are encouraged to ask for a free 'Drink Driving, it’s Never OK' stubby holder while stocks last.

As an added bonus, drivers who blow zero when tested by police between 18 December and 3 January can enter the draw to win an iPad, courtesy of the Shire of Northam and the Northam RoadWise Committee.

Pictured above: The Northam Choose Your Ride campaign launch photo.
To find out more about the Choose Your Ride campaign, contact Kimberly Road Safety Advisor Greg Hayes or Wheatbelt North Road Safety Advisor Cliff Simpson.
Carnarvon RoadWise Committee Christmas campaign
This year the Carnarvon RoadWise Committee is promoting road safety to help road users keep safe over the festive season.
The campaign commenced at the Carnarvon Christmas Wonderland event on 12 December, where committee members provided information about the dangers of drink driving, driver fatigue, the importance of wearing seat belts and the benefits of slowing down and enjoying the ride.

Among the activities were quizzes where patrons could test their road safety knowledge.

The campaign will continue with radio messages, media releases and a focus on drink driving.

The committee is encouraging drivers to plan ahead and consider staying overnight if they are going to drink by running a blow 0.00 and win competition to remind drivers that alcohol and driving don’t mix.

The prize is a swag that the winner can use to stay at a mate’s place.
For more information about the Carnarvon RoadWise Committee visit
Fighting fatigue with fresh food and good planning
Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls are encouraging more drivers to follow their lead in fighting driver fatigue by planning trips and staying healthy.
Fatigue is thought to be a factor in up to 30% of road deaths and even more serious injury crashes. Fatigue slows your reaction time, increases inattention and can lead to micro sleeps. Crashes involving fatigue can be more severe as drivers often are less likely to take precautionary measures like braking.1

The Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls maintain a healthy lifestyle, including eating wholesome fresh foods, exercising regularly, taking regular breaks and getting adequate sleep, especially when on long haul trips.

“We make sure our drivers plan regular breaks and use the time to take a stroll around the truck to get the blood moving. We also encourage them to choose healthy food options like salads and fruit rather than the fatty fried foods that tend to make you sleepy,” says Heather Jones, Executive Director of Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls.

Heather has been lobbying for more road houses to stock fresh, healthy foods as part of her ongoing campaign, especially in the trucking industry.

Next time you go on a road trip, take a leaf out of the Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls' book; plan regular breaks, get some rest beforehand and choose healthy foods.

1Government of Western Australia, Road Safety Commission,
For more information on ways to avoid driver fatigue visit the RoadWise website.
Two Cities join to ‘Ride Right’
The Cities of Joondalup and Stirling hosted a Ride Right Motorcycle Workshop at Craigie Leisure Centre on Saturday, 21 November.
Eighteen people attended the workshop with riders coming from across the metropolitan area to update their skills and improve their knowledge.
Ride Right is a rider theory enhancement course designed to inform participants about the latest road rules, riding techniques and safety technology.

Pictured above: Ride Right participants at the Craigie workshop.
For further information about future Ride Right courses, visit
No distraction for bus drivers who slow down
Dingo Bus Charters in Midland have been educating their drivers about the dangers of driver distraction and the need to slow down.
Owner Andrew Reid has given each driver a phone pouch to use in their buses. Andrew explained to his drivers the need to turn off mobile phones and bag them up so they are not distracted whilst driving.

It has been estimated that distraction played a role in 32% of all road crash deaths and serious injuries in Western Australia between 2005 and 20071.

Passionate about road safety, Andrew is also a member of the Swan RoadWise Committee and has taken the initiative to place ‘I slow down in Swan’ bumper stickers on his fleet of Dingo buses and educate drivers about the importance of reducing travel speeds.

On average, 60 people are killed on Western Australian roads each year because of speeding-related crashes, with a further 375 people suffering serious, life changing injuries1.

Pictured above: Andrew Reid, owner of Dingo Bus Charters, putting a ‘I slow down in Swan’ sticker on his bus and using a mobile phone pouch before his journey.

1Road Safety Commission,, accessed 23 November 2015.
Find out more about targeting fatigue in the workplace by visiting the Road Safety Commission website or contacting your closest Road Safety Advisor.
We're all going on a summer holiday
The City of Vincent library is currently hosting a road safety display providing information for the local community.
The Enjoy the Ride display targets those travelling over the festive season, highlighting the importance of taking regular breaks, having a short sleep or swapping drivers to combat fatigue.
Coffee Stop and Driver Reviver locations are listed on the display, so drivers can plan their journey in advance.  
Members of the public are invited to view the library display and take away A guide to Main Roads rest areas and roadside amenities on major routes in Western Australia brochure which contains important road travel information.

For further information visit the Coffee Stop or Driver Reviver pages on the RoadWise Program website.
Cities of Swan and Stirling join forces to check vehicles and child car restraints
The Cities of Swan and Stirling carried out a joint vehicle and child car restraint fitting and checking service on Saturday, 28 November at the Centrepoint Shopping Centre carpark in Midland.
The service was supported by RoadWise and the RAC.

It was a busy morning with passing motorists opting to stop and have their vehicles checked, free of charge, for any safety concerns. Qualified mechanics checked approximately 20 vehicles during the three hour period, raising safety issues such as bald tyres and blown light bulbs.

Parents and grandparents also took advantage of the free child car restraint checking service. Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters checked five restraints which needed refitting mainly due to twisted harnesses and tether straps. It is important to check all straps fit firmly on the child and are not twisted each time a child uses a restraint.

In addition to vehicle and child car restraint checking, the City of Swan placed their crash trailer at the site as a visual reminder for passing motorists to travel safely on our roads.

Pictured above: Road Safety Advisor Karen White checks child car restraints at the checking station; The vehicle checking station in action.
For more information about child car restraints, including finding your nearest Type 1 CCR Fitter, please visit the Child Car Restraints website or call the information line on 1300 780 713.
It's (road safety) show time in the Great Southern region
The 2015 Albany Show was abuzz with excitement about receiving a Royal visit from His Royal Highness Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
Although they didn’t visit the RoadWise stall, they did walk past it and visited the stall next door, which is almost as good.

For those lucky people who did have time to stop and chat with RoadWise committee members, a great amount of information was on show. 

The committee showcased some of the safe system infrastructure improvements being made by the City of Albany. The Share the Road message which helps protect all road users, particularly the more vulnerable cyclists, was also on display.

Visitors to the stall could find out what the City is doing in term of infrastructure to increase safety for all road users and what individuals could do, either as a cyclist or as a motorist to keep themselves and others safe.

In support of this information, the Albany Cycle Club's old and new jerseys were on display to showcase one of the ways cyclists can make themselves more visible to motorists (the new jerseys are a high visibility green and yellow).

Pictured above: The Albany RoadWise Committee members at the Albany Show

The Mount Barker Community Fair gave the Plantagenet RoadWise Committee the opportunity to talk to the local community about the importance of considering safety ratings when purchasing a new or used vehicle.

The safety features of a vehicle can help prevent a crash as well as reducing the seriousness of the consequences in the event of a crash.

Visitors to the display were able to find out about different safety features such as Electronic Stability Control and active head restraints, view ANCAP crash test videos and take part in a quiz which tested their knowledge about vehicle safety features.

First prize was a set of daytime running lights to be retro fitted to their vehicle by a local auto electrician.

The kids could also take part in the Road Ribbons for Road Safety® colouring in competition which the Shire of Plantagenet is running as part of their road ribbons campaign.

Pictured above: The Shire of Plantagenet's safe vehicles display at the Mount Barker Community Fair.
Contact Road Safety Advisor Erin McDonald-Lee to find out more about what's happening in the Great Southern region. 
Yalgoo Safety Day
The town of Yalgoo recently hosted a safety day where various agencies from the region set up interactive stalls and safety activities to engage children and parents.
This year the activities focused on correct road crossing and general safety, using singing and dancing to encourage involvement. 

Some of the parents cooked a healthy lunch for everyone including a delicious stew made from locally caught kangaroo. The children completed the safety day by cooling off in a bouncy castle water slide before returning to school. 

Pictured above: Yalgoo Safety Day participants learn about crossing the road safely.
Contact Road Safety Advisor Sam Adams to find out more about road safety activities in the Mid West region. 
Horns and Hooves on the Highway
The Kimberley Regional Road Group, in conjunction with all Kimberley RoadWise Committees, continue to target straying cattle on roads as a major road safety issue in the region.
At a local level, a new awareness campaign is underway to alert drivers of the need to take care and be aware of straying livestock on Kimberley roads.

The Look Ahead, Drive Safe campaign involves stakeholders committing to use the campaign branding as part of their e-mail signature blocks, through social media platforms, on vehicle bumper stickers, and on educational material which will be distributed throughout the region.

The awareness campaign complements other work being conducted by Main Roads WA, Local Government and the Pastoral Industry.

Pictured above: The Look Ahead, Drive Safe – Horns and Hooves on the Highway bumper sticker.
For more information about the Horns and Hooves on the Highway awareness campaign, contact Kimberley Road Safety Advisor Greg Hayes.
Rockingham RoadWise champions road safety on the village green
City of Rockingham RoadWise Committee members attended the Rockingham Community Fair to remind attendees to stay safe on the roads this Christmas.
Using the Towards Zero road safety display trailer and other interactive activities, members of the City of Rockingham RoadWise Committee attended the fair held on the Village Green in Rockingham during November.

Committee members talked to the community about ways to keep themselves safe on the road this Christmas. Messages included remembering to:
  • Turn off your mobile phone before driving
  • Adapt your speed for the weather, light, traffic and road conditions
  • Belt up when travelling in a vehicle
  • Take a break, have a rest or if possible swap drivers
  • Arrange a skipper, organise public transport or stay overnight if drinking.
Patrons were able to try out the fatal vision goggles to learn more about the effects of alcohol on driving ability and had the opportunity to check out other road safety information in the display trailer.

Pictured above: The Towards Zero road safety display trailer in action at the Rockingham Community Fair.
If you would like to know more about the Rockingham RoadWise Committee contact the City of Rockingham.
Northam's Avondale Primary School targets fatigue
Avonvale Primary School received a grant through the Government of Western Australia Road Safety Community Grants Program to engage students in road safety education. This year the topic was fatigue.
Part of the project involved the design of a bumper sticker which included a fatigue road safety message. 

The bumper sticker slogan winner was Clayton from Avonvale Primary School, who used the message “STOP REST SURVIVE.”

Students in all Northam schools will take home a bumper sticker and a road ribbon to help promote the message in the wider community.

Regional School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA) consultant Rose Power said, “As a driver, fatigue can cause you several problems including slowing your reactions and decisions; decreasing your tolerance for other road users; poor lane tracking and maintenance of speed and decreasing your alertness.”

“You can drift in and out of sleep without knowing it. Sleep experts call this a microsleep and it can last between three and five seconds.  These naps can be fatal and are the main cause of fatigue-related crashes where the driver runs off the road. These crashes are usually the most serious because the driver doesn't brake before hitting a tree, another car or the gravel” said Rose.

Pictured above: Clayton's winning bumper sticker design.
There is an opportunity for four lucky drivers to receive fuel vouchers if spotted with the bumper sticker on their car between 10 December 2015 and 7 January 2016. Good luck!
Road safety with Larry Lobster
Each year the Shire of Irwin RoadWise Committee, with the assistance of additional volunteers, organise a road safety information stall at the Larry Lobster festival. 
The RoadWise Committee chooses a road safety theme for the stall; this year the theme was the dangers of drink and drug driving.

Despite strong winds and above 40 degree temperatures, enthusiasm and participation remained high. Many people visited the stall and a great deal of discussion was generated. Larry Lobster even made an appearance.

Several hundred road safety questionnaires were completed by event goers, which also came with the opportunity to win a great prize.

Pictured above: Larry Lobster visits the RoadWise Committee stall to learn the facts about drink driving.
Contact Road Safety Advisor Sam Adams to find out more about road safety activities in the Mid West region. 
Road safety events, conferences and resources
Each month, the RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter will provide details of events, conferences or new resources (reports, statistics or data) which may be of direct interest to members of the community road safety network.
The information provided below is not intended to be an exhaustive list, rather a carefully selected list, most relevant to our road safety network.

Road safety events:
  • WALGA's Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign. The campaign commenced on Sunday 15 November 2015 and runs through until 8 January 2016. Visit the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® web page to find out more.
  • WA Transport and Roads Forum, Friday, 12 February 2016, El Caballo Resort, Wooroloo.
  • 2016 International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, “UN Decade of Action For Road Safety: The Half-way Point”, 2-5 August 2016, Brisbane. Visit the conference website to find out more.
Resources: fxdg
If you have a local road safety event or a link to a report/data you have found relevant to your local road safety efforts, please email the details to Road Safety Project Officer Kylie O'Driscoll.
ARSC2016 and 2016 Australian Health Promotions Association Conference - Call for abstract submissions
Do you have a road safety project or activity you would like to tell the road safety community about?
Planning for ARSC2016, to be hosted by the Australasian College of Road Safety, Austroads and The George Institute for Global Health, is underway.

With a theme of “Agility, Innovation, IMPACT!”,  the call for abstracts is now open for new and innovative developments in road safety (oral presentations, poster presentations, and symposium proposals).

Extended abstract submissions close on 12 February 2016.

Abstract submissions are also open for the 2016 Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA) Conference.

Submission of abstracts for consideration for an oral presentation or a poster under the overarching conference theme of "Connecting the Dots: Tradition to Innovation, Making it Matter" can be submitted via the online submission form by Monday, 1 February 2016.
Visit the ARSC2016 conference website or AHPA conference website for full details on abstract submissions.
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