Showcase Art Vlaanderen Round Off
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MAY 10-18 2014
Showcase Art Vlaanderen’s first edition closed with strong success and exceptional programming.

Based on the International Art Forum IAF’s 25 years’ experience in the promotion and exchange of cultural expressions between Spanish speaking artists and Flemish speaking ones, Showcase Art Vlaanderen proved to be an experimental space, where emerging artists where exposed to a flow of new trends presented by an array of successful international artists showing the most interesting melting pot of artistic expressions.

More than 20 artists from 10 different countries participated in a show sponsored by Mercedes Europa and Alizarine, where more than 1'000 visitors admired the paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos and installations hosted by the Coloma Cultural Center in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw near Brussels.


           Uit Vlaanderen: Paula CEUSTERS, Nico DE KONINCK, Mieke HAESEVOETS,


Polska: Stefania JEZIERSKA. España: Chantal RIPOL, Carolina TOYOS.

Italia: Joachim CALTABELLOTA. Suisse: René MARTIN. Argentina: Berta CARDOSO.

Honduras: Ezequiel PADILLA AYESTAS, Hugo OCHOA, Lester RODRIGUEZ.

The opening evening was attended by the diplomatic and artistic scene, which included Ambassador Giampaolo Rizzo-Alvarado, Ambassador Christine Stevens and Ambassador Robert Vandemeulebroucke, Alderman Mr. Jan Desmeth and many art collectors.

The event was advertised in Brussels magazine The Bulletin and in London’s design magazine Art Thread, on Radio 2, as well as in the following internet sites:

The name of the artists and sponsors where circulated to an Email list of more than 2'000 art lovers, and mentions, pictures and press releases to a Twitter list of 1’800 followers.

During a ceremony the Silver Cross of Merit was given to nine people active in the Arts, journalism and the wider culture domain. Three Golden Crosses were awarded. Christiaan-Albert Roggeman gave during an emotional farewell speech, after nearly 30 years of service to the Forum, his Presidency to Dirk Wagemans. This speech is available here on our website.
‘Marea Alta’ from Honduran artist Lester Rodriguez together with ‘Post Bild Lilli’ from well-known Swiss Artist René Martin, both positioned in the main hall of Coloma Castle illustrate well the diversity and the innovative character of the collection the International Art Forum brought to display.
IAF’s new President Dirk Wagemans together with Ambassador Christine Stevens of Belgium and Ambassador Giampaolo Rizzo-Alvarado of Honduras during the opening reception on May 10th 2014 at Castle Coloma.
Bertha Cardoso receives the Silver Cross of Merit from Ambassador Rizzo-Alvarado, Protector of the Order of The Netherlands y La Hispanidad. Mieke Dutois, Mieke Haesevoets, Mady Maeriën, René van Eyken and Hans Van Dyck also received the Silver Cross.
Honorary President Christiaan-Albert Roggeman, artist Mieke Dutois and Ambassador Rizzo-Alvarado. Mieke received the Silver Cross of Merit in Coloma, both gentlemen carry the Golden Cross of Merit.
Artist Mady Maeriën (centre), Honorary President Christiaan-Albert Roggeman (right) and an art collector.  
Newly named President Dirk Wagemans receives the Golden Cross of Merit from Ambassador Rizzo-Alvarado. 
Christiaan-Albert Roggeman gives the Presidency of the International Art Forum over to Dirk Wagemans and receives flowers from Vice-President Elisabeth Charlotte Dornes-Szakacs.  
Alderman of Culture Jan Desmethn, Honorary Vice President Paul Caes, newly appointed President Dirk Wagemans, Vice President Elisabeth Charlotte Dornes-Szakacs, outgoing President Christiaan-Albert Roggeman and Ambassador Rizzo-Alvarado. 
A warm moment in the entrance hall of the Coloma Castle. Sculptress Sonio Podor, Christiaan-Albert Roggeman, Ambassador Christine Stevens, Bogna Jezierska, Dirk Wagemans and Polish artist Stefania Jezierska. 
Dirk Wagemans, Protector of the Order Ambassador Rizzo-Alvarado, artist Nicole Seldenthuis and Christiaan-Albert Roggeman.  
Bogna Jezierska, Dirk Wagemans and Polish artist Stefania Jezierska the halls of the Coloma Castle.
Ambassador Giampaolo Rizzo-Alvarado, artist Mieke Haesevoets and Christiaan-Albert Roggeman.
Functionary for Culture of the City Sint-Pieters-Leeuw and President of CC Coloma Dennis Deneulin together with Swiss artist René Martin in front of the work of the artist. 
Foto artist Joachim Caltabellota, Dirk Wagemans and Director Dennis Deneulin.
International Art Forum’s new team for the future, under recurrent support of outgoing President Roggeman: Hans Van Dyck as Chief Communication, President Dirk Wagemans and Protector Ambassador Giampaolo Rizzo-Alvarado.   

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