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Dear IAF Artists

We recently mentioned that as Art Forum we want to dedicate a place on our website for all of our artists. Next to our running events is this THE main goal we want to achieve in 2015.

Very soon we will start with the integration, on which we will of course inform you.

To prepare for this however it would be good to start writing your biography and to select a few digital pictures of your work. Let’s call this step 1. Step 2 will bet then actually uploading these texts and pictures to our website.

Everybody is of course free to write its own biography, though for those artists who don’t know really how to start on this herewith a few pointers:

  • Mention first something about your work. What is so typical about your art? Do you use certain topics? Which materials do you often use? Is there something that inspires you? The work of another artist? Is there a message that you want to share with your work?
  • Secondly mention something about yourself/the artist. Where are you from and when were you born? When did you first start to make art works?  Did you enjoy an education? Have you followed courses?
  • Subsequently you can mention something on what you achieved. Have you sold some works,? Where are some of your paintings now? Which exhibitions did you do? Did you receive any awards? Perhaps this is difficultJ to wright about yourself in that way. But a reader will expect this. To close you can say which role art plays in your life today.  
  • Write as if you are writing about somebody else (he/she was  born in….). This is easier and more professional.
  • Perhaps it is good to limit yourself to a half a page when writing this biography.
Hopefully these pointers help you. I would say: just try, we can always correct together afterwards.  

Below you can find a few examples. Not that these are perfect biographies, perhaps even a bit too long, but maybe it can help.

Please feel free to send a copy of your biography to our Attaché Communication, Hans Van Dyck ( if you would want some feedback or extra help.

Dirk Wagemans

Collages combined with raw colors and female forms characterize the works of Dirk Wagemans. He often uses popular events or personal experiences as an inspiration for his creations. They are footprints of the life he leads.

Patterns, attempts to structure his everyday perceptions, usually are threatened by unleashed figures.

The motive of Vanitas often returns in his works, standing both for vanity and ephemerality. The people in his paintings seem to suffer from status fear. Traumatized to lose their position, their power, their image.

Recently however we see that the interaction between lines start to play the bigger part in his work, we see that the initial figures lose importance to the colors and the general composition. Different layers (paint, collages or print technics) enter in a dialogue. With this interactions a certain vibration or movement exists. 

Dirk was born in July of 1979 in the city of Leuven (Belgium). He studied art in Heverlee and at the Urban Academy of Leuven. Before going to university, he joined several local art exhibitions where he won a few prizes as a young artist. In 2014 he received the Golden Cross of Merit in the order of the Netherlands and the Hispanic World from H.E. Ambassador Giampaolo Rizzo Alvarado, Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva.

Besides his art education, he has university degrees in History, International Politics, Geography and Management. During his university years in Belgium and Italy, his art evolved to become more mature and socio politically conscious.

Many of his works are now owned by private collectors around Europe and in Central America.

Since 2011, Dirk Wagemans has being very active as an artist, exposing his works in important European venues (Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna and Barcelona) and also in Miami, New York and Tel Aviv.

He is responsible for the contemporary section of the “Art Forum International”, a Belgian non-profit society that promotes art and cultural exchange.

Still active as an artist, today Dirk Wagemans leads the International Art Forum as President. 

Dirk Wagemans contact info:


Hans Van Dyck

Hans Van Dyck is a London based menswear designer. 

Originally from Leuven, Belgium, he started his BA (Hons) Fashion Design at Ravensbourne Univeristy, East London in the autumn of 2012 with the aim to focus his attention on menswear. 


His menswear designs have a strong energetic contemporary vibe and showcase a clear, often critical, point of view on this world. An eclectic look that fuses craftsmanship and tradition with a more cutting-edge sense of modernity is what defines him as a designer.


During his studies he undertook several long term, self initiated, industry placements including CuteCircuit, Meadham Kirchhoff and Phiney Pet where he was able to gain valuable live industry experience.


He has been working as Studio Manager for Phiney Pet since the conception of her label in September 2013. He currently also works voluntarily as Attaché Communication for the International Art Forum which decorated him with a Silver Cross of Merit in the Order of the Netherlands Y La Hispanidad. This Silver Criss distinguishes personalities with remarkable merits in the cultural, artistic and social domain.

He just graduated in June 2015, which brings an end to his BA (Hons) Fashion Design studies.


Hans Van Dyck is always interested in new projects, collaborations, freelance work and employment opportunities. Feel free to get in contact with any relevant opportunities or projects you have coming up. 

Hans Van Dyck contact info:

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