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This Month: Astrological Trends * Nourishing Recommendations

Continuing Influences

April 5 – July 14 / November 20, 2019 – May 8, 2020 (exact January 12, 2020) Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: The opportunity to deconstruct and reconstruct a new world. A steady and consistent effort can provide a way to work within the world that will honor our values in a noble way. Nature is larger than man, and we need to align with a higher vision as we make a new world, culture, society, and systems. The idea that men are machines or the ideas that our parents and the world has transmitted are not aligned with higher values. Saturn is the lord of karma and Pluto is the great destroyer/transformer/re-maker. Together, they can embody some larger conversations among nature and mankind is part of nature.

April 30 – October 3 (Exact June 16) Neptune in Pisces Trine North Node in Cancer: The divine feminine is a study in depth of receiving rather than pushing forward. Learning to receive and accept; forgive and rely on intuition—these are very different approaches than our cultural indoctrination. Taking a lot of time to learn and experience this approach during the Summer would make a better world, without a doubt, says Astrology.

April 18 – November 6 (exact May 20) North Node in Cancer Oppose Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn: Karma is likely changing the structure of your life right now. If not personally, look around at the environment. In both family and society, you are likely seeing things being reworked. (You may experience many past life memories or have experiences that are linked to past lives during these months.) The nature of nurture and what it means to be together as a culture is up for examination. We can’t keep focusing on profit to the detriment of families without experiencing consequences; the North Node tells us the highest path is to view the world from the stand point of mother. Mother earth comes to mind. Nurture what we have. These are karmic influences, so they are heavy and hard-hitting. I would pay close attention to how they impact your life, were I you. If all you do is work, work, work—you are in need of connecting to the North Node’s Cancer energy. The work mentality is the South Node and Saturn side of this aspect, which is the easy and automatic go-to for problem solving. Life and astrology are asking us to learn to solve problems a different way at this time. We need to find a new way to be together and to make the world “go.” That way is to take the perspective of how a family operates. A mother nurtures a child in her womb and then gives birth using nutrition, but she doesn’t feel she has to create the child all on her own or use her conscious mind to do it all. It is a natural process and she is in tune with all of nature while she goes through it. There is a lot to contemplate there. Once the child is born, what is the process of raising the child? It is done with a lot of love, using resources all around her. What are the options for sustaining a family system? Are we gathering and growing a garden? What is defined as “home?” On whom do we rely? What are our roles? What is good for our growth? What would primarily peaceful community (commerce?) in the 21st century look like? It’s effortless to let things go on the way it seems they have always gone on; to stop and think about virtuous and meaningful shifts is the work of a lifetime as opposed to the work of a paycheck or a contract. In this aspect we face the fears of losing everything we have gained in one fell moment. However, those fears are based on karma—probably past life power struggles we can’t release and present life tendrils linking us to feelings of power that are not the true power that comes from the flexibility of faith in our ability to adapt to a higher level of action and consciousness. Take the opportunity to take care of yourself.

May 10 – September 11 (exact June 8, August 27) Jupiter quincunx North Node: There is a greater focus on how to put together the dilemma of expanding our horizons and flexible selfhood mixed with finding emotional security and sense of belongingness and family or “home.”

August 11 – January 10, 2020 Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: The latter part of the year is going to be a time of reflection on how we are planting the seeds that will become the future of planet earth. We may surprise ourselves with the innovations that are coming about and what that will mean for human comfort, and for human being. This can be seen on a personal level, as well. What is immovable in your life? Does it need to remain so, or can you find flexible places? Likely you are going to need to change things you were not expecting to change. Uranus usually bring anxiety and Uranus rules electricity, lightning, all your brilliance, and your highest-minded activity. Fast-moving Uranus and slowest-moving Taurus are together for about 7 years so it will be interesting to see how they integrate together. It is the energy of the moment of lightning striking the earth.

August 27-September 3 (exact August 30) Sun in Virgo trine Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: You may experience either a brilliant amount of energy to help you clear something major that you previously couldn’t see the answer to, or you may, on the flip side, experience a stunning lethargy and need a break. Either way, is okay. Let Uranus in Taurus lead the way. The Virgo energy can help you organize something and Uranus is telling us it’s something larger than usual.

August 28-September 10 (exact September 2) Sun in Virgo conjunct Mars in Virgo: Your vital life force and your behavior and body align so that you can attend to the daily needs of either your health or your habits. Something in your daily routine needs your detailed attention and energy.

September 2019 Astrology Trends

August 30 – October 7 (exact September 21) Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (and will happen again when Neptune turns direct late in the year!): There is tension between your faith in yourself and your need to retreat. Or, you may be overconfident in pushing something forward when the wisest course would be to relax and let it come to you. Try a little and wait and see. Try love and receiving and see if that’s bringing you forward. Maybe a two-fold approach of some faith and effort of expansion plus some faith in the angels and transcendence and allowing is the highest and best path. In any case, approach each day with a healthy dose of humility at this time. And a willingness to pick up whatever tools are necessary when you are given the green light to do so.

—Overall Comments on September—

The personal planets are in a Virgo stellum during the first half of September. There are various T-Square aspect patterns formed. The personal planets are moving (I might say dancing) together and they are all direct—meaning not retrograde. That means their influence is unmuted and strong. Their message is clear as a bell. It is time to take our many perspectives (Sun / Moon / Venus / Mercury / Mars in Virgo) and form a choir of angels (Neptune in Pisces). It is time to allow ourselves new perspectives (Uranus moving from Aries to Taurus this past year); to allow the harvest to be plucked; to allow ourselves to manifest what has laid dormant within for so long. Seeds were sown and blossoms were nurtured. Now is the time to pick the fruits.

In late Summer, the heat can be oppressive. The weather has not yet changed but we can feel the change approaching (Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn). In the garden, colors of the fruits are changing and the vines are heavy with the need for the next phase to occur. The plants are inviting the humans to move in and take their meals. (Neptune in Pisces trine North Node in Cancer. Venus in Virgo then moving into Libra in late September)

In fact, if you were to take the plant’s perspective instead of the human perspective (Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus), those fruits that we eat are the way to propagate out into the world. When we eat and digest the fruits, their seeds get carried to new places and the winds transport the seeds to brand new soils—brand new areas—and a lucky few seeds may be planted in entirely new places. This then makes the plant species stronger as a whole (Sun-Mercury-Venus-Mars in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn).

What we view as the end of our human consumption cycle—pooping out the remains of some fruit or even throwing out the seeds—is opportunity for new growth to the plant species. Plant globalism of a kind. (Sun-Mercury-Venus-Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn) The kind of linear thinking that views the plant as a linear resource for us instead of a partner in an ever-going circular and related life process is not only limited—it contains a piece of blindness. (Saturn oppose North Node in Cancer)

The edible and/or beautiful plant, flower or tree romances us with our own appetites during its life development (Venus in Virgo sextile Neptune in Pisces and conjunct Mars in Virgo). We, in turn, nurture, protect, and provide plant food and plant drink, transportation for its seeds, and consideration of its many needs (Venus conjunct Mars and Mercury and Sun in Virgo). It would be difficult to assign any hierarchy to which species provides better service to the other or to provide any sense of hierarchy/importance (Mars and Mercury and Venus and Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn). We are simply related. (Saturn oppose North Node in Cancer)

Here is perspective number 2: Life is about to deliver to you exactly what you deserve. That means it’s time to clear up your karma if you have any tendrils from last month. Hey, if you did a pretty good job with the Saturn call-to-action in Mid-August—you can breathe a sigh of relief and simply do your best during September to keep up with circumstances. Don’t sweat it if things don’t feel good. You are simply cleaning out your karmic wounds—like cleaning out a scrape. You will be done with the stinging and will not be infected because you paid attention and you got the healing you needed attended to. Passive doesn’t appear to even be an option! LOL. (Full Moon mid-month & its many related aspects)

Here is perspective number 3: the personal planets are asking you to clarify the thing beneath the things.

I will tell you a story. This morning, I was so concerned because my sweetie woke after a nightmare and being bombarded with posts about politics that triggered him. He ended up more depressed than I have ever seen him. A grief reaction that we will uncover and explore over time. Like many of us, he feels helpless in the face of messages designed to spread hatred and fear. Simultaneously, I have seven thousand to-do items on my tasks list today, and each day it seems life presents me with obstacles that place me further and further behind. I keep saying, “today is the day I’m going to get it ALL done! I swear!” Life laughs at me. Laughs in my face.

Many things are out of my control. Including a nagging physical virus I can’t shake and timelines and needs from other people that are impossible to defer (see perspective #2—I’m not immune.) I consciously decided after meditating for about ten minutes that love of the person I am closest to is more important than anything else. It’s what all the other activity is for, fundamentally. I am trying to survive and make money to pay the bills so I can live and love a little longer.

I want to do all these things—write a book, help some people while I am still kicking and breathing—so I can love. I want love to spread like the virus my body is fighting. Why wouldn’t I go directly to the opportunity to love and support my sweetheart and let everything else go? That is more important than any achievement or any agenda I think I hold personally. Love is the thing beneath the things.

Then I went to the store to get flowers because I decided to take him on a walk and go visit the memorial site of his son who has passed to the next life. It’s in the sunshine, it provides a way to feel grief consciously. Maybe the body will release a few tears. There is a mountain and some good scents involved.

As I came out of the store, a lovely man in his sixties stopped by my cart and said, “Can I help you?”

“No, I got this,” I answered with a smile. I walk with a cane so it’s not too unusual for people to ask to help me load up things at our local markets.

He paused.

“I don’t know why,” He said, “but I love to help people. My whole life. It’s my nature. It gives me a lot of meaning. It’s what I love to do and I feel like I’m supposed to do it.”

I stopped and really looked at him.

“That makes a lot of sense. Maybe that’s your destiny. Thank you very much.” I said. We smiled and he walked on.

Then I got all the bags and the flowers, but two water packs were still in the cart. The young worker was taking the cart for me but saw the water in it.

“Can I help you with these?” He asked.

I peeked from my back car door.

“Sure!” I said and accepted his carrying them around to me. He put them on the back seat and I realized life was having a little conversation there with me.

As I drove home, I found that love is another way to get things done indirectly. I can have some help and I don’t have to be doing it all myself. I can help others and humbly be part of a divine flow of effort happening all around me. I don’t need to see how it’s all going to get done. I don’t need to feel like things are “under control.”

Apparently, the divine masculine will simply show up to help me when it’s time and I don’t even need to know them! And, I will show up to help when I am called—even if I had another agenda—because I am the divine feminine—not merely a human doing. But a human being, and being divine all the time.

You are, too.

Is love your thing beneath the things—or is it curiosity, freedom, creativity, discovery, joy, advocacy, relating and translating, family, faith, manifestation, advocacy, adventure, service, inspiration… How would you characterize what you’re directly doing the things for?

August 30 – September 4 (exact September 1) Venus in Virgo trine Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn: Open your eyes and try to receive some of the beauty in this world. Try not to let it pass by unappreciated. One thing about beauty—it LOVES to be seen! LOL!

August 31 – September 2 (exact September 1) Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: Let the big thoughts think themselves through you.

August 30 – September 4 (exact September 1) Venus in Virgo sextile North Node in Cancer: Our soul family is energized to meet up with us on these days. Look out for some folks who are part and parcel of your destiny! Maybe you already know them and it will be nice to make contact with them and give them a big hug again! Maybe you see them every day! Allow them to soothe you. Appreciate them. Let them appreciate you.

September 1-5 (exact September 2) Venus in Virgo square Jupiter in Sagittarius: Look for your allies and friends—and expand upon them if you can. Religion, groups, psychotherapy, inspirational heroes. Time to swallow your pride (a tasty snack instead of a destination?) instead of fall on your sword.

August 28-September 10 (exact September 2) Sun in Virgo conjunct Mars in Virgo: You are organizing. Something needs to be finished. Lots of power here to finish it, or at least make significant progress.

September 1-6 (exact September 3) Mercury in Virgo conjunct Mars in Virgo: You have support to work on a serious project that you have been growing, developing, nurturing. Keep it going!

August 31 – September 7 (exact September 3) Mercury in Virgo conjunct Sun in Virgo: Your mind is on fire! Allow the sun to help you burn through your organizational and creative task list.

September 1-6 (exact September 4) Venus in Virgo oppose Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: Earth. Heaven. Where do you wish for your consciousness to reside? Sigh. On a serious note, stay away from setting yourself up for failure via overindulgence or failing at making healthy choices. “You don’t know the power of the dark side, Luke…” –Darth Vader

September 4-7 (exact September 5) Mercury in Virgo trine Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn: You may feel you’re a bit restricted from having fun and life is a lot of hard work. Things could seem too realistic, but it is a blessing in disguise. Just keep your nose to the grindstone. There will be rewards later.

September 3-7 (exact September 5) Mercury in Virgo sextile North Node in Cancer: You can feel energized by noting how you’re part of a much larger family of people working toward a common good.

September 4-9 (exact September 6) Sun in Virgo trine Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn: More astrological evidence that effort is needed to push forth and bring to life something amazing. Keep at it. You’re almost there! Not everyone reaches their goals, so the fact that you’re even trying is amazing.

September 4-9 (exact September 6) Venus in Virgo trine Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: At times like this, it’s possible life can provide allies and relationships to situate us in ways we can’t see or predict in order to help us cement the powerful potential in our lives. Keep the faith, humble souls! And keep on working toward your destiny. Pluto has your back. Nothing to do here but watch it happen and appreciate when it does.

September 5-7 (exact September 6) Mercury in Virgo square Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Moon in Sagittarius together: Sometimes good fortune appears in the clothes of a crisis. Learn to recognize the gift that looks like a puddle of mud.

September 3-10 (exact September 7) Sun in Virgo sextile North Node in Cancer: You will possibly meet people who help you and support you tremendously.

September 4-12 (exact September 8) Mars in Virgo trine Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn: It becomes very important to look at what is realistic and take the actions necessary to narrow your focus to what is critical for physical survival. Pull back and see what is required and not what would be nice to have, in other words, on the tangible level.

September 5-8 (exact September 7) Mercury in Virgo oppose Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: The Virgo/Pisces axis is about reflecting and balancing out effort and organization with faith and transcendence. You need both in life. Find the midpoint and teeter there.

September 5-11 (exact September 8) Sun in Virgo square Jupiter in Sagittarius: There is some part of our being that is due for healing. It likely feels oppressive, but that’s only a trick of the eye. The opportunity is that we are called to use hope, luck, faith in ourselves and others, and confidence in order to heal and regenerate. The mistake would be over-confidence and succumbing to our arrogance or pride.

September 7-10 (exact September 8) Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: Evolution requires us as individuals but it also requires something beyond us to set the circumstances into place. Feeling that click into place is like putting the last puzzle piece into a 1000 piece puzzle that you have laid out for weeks on your big table. Did you ever think you would see the whole picture come together?

September 5-14 (exact September 9) Mars in Virgo sextile North Node in Cancer: There is a burst of emotional support for family and friends. It is a great time to be generous with your acceptance and approval of others. Let them know you appreciate them through actions and words.

September 7-13 (exact September 10) Sun in Virgo oppose Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: Stay away from overindulgence and isolationism. Virgo energy requires health and optimism. It does a body good!

September 8-19 (exact September 11) Mars in Virgo square Jupiter in Sagittarius: Make sure to keep a steady and alert positivity afire. Keep away from depression, over-responsibility, and passivity in favor of a set of great and healthy habits you can rely upon that you’ve developed over the years. If they’re still being developed, learn more about how to conduct a balanced day and then practice.

September 14 Full Moon 21 degrees Pisces: There is a T-Square with Jupiter forming the tip of the arrow, the Moon and Neptune on one side, and Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and Venus on the other. What a busy Full Moon! Also, there is a sextile to Pluto that allows for an energetic boost to provide support to the idea that this Full Moon can transform your life for better or worse. So, put on your tennis shoes because it’s a doozy! Use all your best Virgoan skill in the days leading up to and after the Full Moon to do your best to take care of yourself and your life to get things done, take care of your health, and in general “do good.” I believe this Full Moon will bring to you whatever you bring to it. Bring love, honor, all your best intentions. You will get that back X1000. That’s how life works.

September 7-13 (exact September 13) Mercury in Virgo conjunct Venus in Virgo: Mind and heart together in Virgo are studying the fusion of growth, health, healing, and the element of earth. Virgo is a sign that seeks clarity and manifestation.

September 14 Mercury enters Libra just after midnight MDT: Mercury in Libra is a time of social behaviors and a tendency for people to wish for social harmony. People may talk about diplomacy and equality, get fairly intellectual in their approach, and care a lot about what is fair or unfair. It’s possible to find yourself off on a tangent or getting critical before you know it. A lot of thinking occurs. It can be hard to stay centered on oneself.

September 14 Venus enters Libra: Venus is quite at home in Libra. Libra is one of the signs Venus rules. Harmony, art, relationships, diplomacy. Libra is chock full of beauty and magic for the Fall season. Get out the best of your wardrobe. Get ready to charm your fellow human beings. Get ready to look good and feel good, with great company and relaxing activities. It’s Venus in Libra time!

September 14-19 (Separating aspect never exact) Mercury conjunct Venus in Libra: Mind and heart are looking for harmony, relating, beauty, the quality and element of air, and partnership as they begin their journey through Libra.

September 9-18 (exact September 14) Mars in Virgo oppose Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: After a busy start to the month, you begin to feel the pull to relax more. You will need to balance opposites—the personal and spiritual; the doing and the being; etc. It’s time to find a synthesis between things such as your aggressive feelings and your wish to retreat. Be kind to yourself and others and practice reflection. Especially avoid internalizing your aggression via addictive behavior or exploding at others. When these responses are ignited, stop and observe what triggered them before they leak out into a relationship. Use Mars’s courage and Neptune’s transcendence instead of the war-god and drowning archetypes.

September 14-18 (exact September 16) Mercury in Libra oppose Chiron Retrograde in Aries: Your new mental model may be at odds with your old mental models. If you’re resisting the new, mature model of reality, feeling stuck or critical of yourself or another, maybe try talking less (even in your own head). Let yourself calm down and then work on flexibility—emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Learning starts with knowing that we don’t know. There’s a lot we don’t know!

September 15-20 (exact September 17) Venus in Libra oppose Chiron Retrograde in Aries: Your personal magnetism may find itself at odds with your personal feelings of aggression. Who are you, anyway? What others see and what you feel authentically may need to come into alignment and harmonize. And you may want both harmony and feel a great desire for the truth to be told, and the truth hurts, you say! I think you should go to the gym every day to work this one out. It’s too tumultuous to put into words. “Don’t worry; be happy.”

September 18 Saturn in Capricorn stations direct and turns around from retrograde. Conjunct South Node / oppose NN on September 15 at ~1:30 PM MDT: What a time to think about how the world is doing on its karma. How are you connected to past lives? This is a powerful time to do a past life regression because Saturn will be fused with the South Node of the Moon.

September 14-25 (exact September 19) Mars in Virgo trine Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: If you are adept with Mars energy, this is a time when Pluto can help you make breakthroughs. Evolution can actively be sought through self-empowerment. However, the low side of any Mars-Pluto interaction is aggression and anger. As long as you sidestep your own ego and self-aggrandizement, more power to you! Both are in earth signs and that can mean bringing something concrete and new into being.

September 20-24 (exact September 22) Mercury in Libra square Moon & North Node in Cancer: You may find you are experiencing thought through your emotions and/or as a result of experiences in relationships or conversations. Try to nurture others and be kind to yourself and others.

September 20-24 (exact September 22) Mercury in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn: Oh, how we wish we knew the refrain by heart, during Mercury in Libra, and could sing along to the beat without having to learn new words and a whole new song every three minutes. Then Saturn comes along in a stressful aspect and it’s not the song we were expecting at all. We were whistling and now it’s a didgeridoo song. Where in the world do I get a digeridoo?

September 23 Sun in Libra: Libra seeks to relate and to create. The Sun in Libra wants to experience partnership to the point of marriage. People are concerned with justice, beauty, what is nice and lovely, and being nice.

September 22-27 (exact September 24) Mercury in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius: The mind can find lots of opportunities for expansion and you may feel inspired, too!

September 22-27 (exact September 25) Venus in Libra square North Node in Cancer: There is friction that tries to teach you that sometimes when people annoy you, they are actually helping you in some way. Look for the silver lining?

September 22-27 (exact September 25) Venus in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn: We all need to learn patience in regard to other people. That is what this aspect is teaching us.

September 23-29 (exact September 26) Sun in Libra oppose Chiron Retrograde in Aries: Tension to balance between your emerging identity and your old childhood wounds can lead to a breakthrough for you.

September 26-30 (exact September 28) Venus in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius: Don’t let the trickster tell you to buy more clothes. Respect your budget. That’s a metaphor for everything your ego tells you to overindulge in. (I need to be careful, too.) You can, however, have a great time socializing and enjoying people you love or artistic activities.

September 28 New Moon in Libra 5 degrees 12:27 PM MDT. Moon oppose Chiron, quincunx Uranus, conjunct Sun: Sheesh, after all that work in September, it’s finally a fantastic time to start a new romance or friendship, ask someone to marry you, or have a freaking party!


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