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Camp Abercorn - A new web drama seris

Dear Camp Abercorn Supporters,

Today we are making a strategic adjustment to our Indiegogo Campaign. We’ve just lowered our stated online fundraising goal to $100,000. Here’s why.

1. Changing the goal doesn’t mean we can’t reach the $500,000.  There’s no ceiling to possible contributions. Once we reach the $100,000 level, we will create new targets called stretch goals. This will allow us to celebrate success and motivate more contributors as we reach each new milestone.  

2. It’s become clear to us that many who have expressed support for Camp Abercorn are withholding contributions due to the ambitious scope of the project.

3. Indiegogo requires 30% funding before they can feature a project. There are no guarantees, but this readjustment puts us into consideration.

Fundraising is a tricky business. We couldn’t be happier with the feedback we’ve been getting from all of you and the very positive press reviews. We’ve raised over $36,000 in a week and a half, which is great! This wouldn’t have been possible without your support and love.   

Know the money you’ve given will be spent to make the best show we can. The first $100,000 will give us enough money to make a pilot episode at a very high quality and then use it to attract funding for other episodes.

Our mission, commitment, and overall goals remain unchanged. We will continue to work hard during this Indiegogo Campaign and for additional funding afterwards to make Camp Abercorn and its mission a reality.

You are our partners in this venture. Please continue to spread the word.


Jeffrey, Matt, and Meg


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