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CASE STUDY: Elderly relatives living alone

Welcome to our sunny June newsletter. It includes a fascinating case study on the use of MaxMon to watch over elderly or vulnerable relatives living alone, a couple of product announcements (a whizzy new electrical power consumption sensor and an updated reporting format) and a request for your help in organising MaxMon speaking opportunities at your clubs, marinas, societies, etc.

Elderly relatives living alone

A disturbingly large number of elderly people live alone in the UK, far from their busy relatives. We've been a bit shy about promoting MaxMon for monitoring vulnerable individuals, but some of our customers are happily ahead of us.

MW, whose mother lives hours away from him in Northumberland, calls MaxMon his 'Magic Eye'. “It’s very reassuring to receive MaxMon emails twice a day that show me what’s going on. I can tell from the motion report whether she is moving about during the day and has slept well or badly at night (from the number of trips to the kitchen to make cups of tea) and twice it has alerted me to power cuts. It also tells me when Mum turns the heating down too far to save money!”.

Power consumption at your property

Check out our new Sensor-S module, which monitors total electrical power consumption at a remote property. It's easy to install and a great way to monitor supply costs or even detect unauthorised occupancy, without disturbing the privacy of legitimate tenants. We're having lots of fun with it here at MaxMon, calculating the fuel cost savings from a newly purchased electric car! 

Improved reports & alerts

The format of MaxMon email and text (SMS) reports hasn't changed for a while, but with the addition of the Sensor-S and its cumulative kWh totals, we decided to give the reports a makeover. MaxMon app version 1.3.9 introduces a prettier tabular summary (with at-a-glance highlighting) and totals for cumulative sensors.

Speaking opportunities?

MaxMon is one of relatively few UK manufacturing startups and you can help us succeed. A really effective way for us to reach new customers is to get onto the 'evening talks' schedule of organisations like boat clubs or marinas: talking about security, remote monitoring, preparing for winter, etc. But we need your help to suggest us to your club's talks organiser. We can provide references from other clubs to attest to the fact that we provide an entertaining insight into hi-tech remote monitoring and the challenges of manufacturing in the UK ... and not a tedious 'sales pitch'.

Please do contact us if you can help.
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Going, going ... gone?

While we regularly add features we also sometimes need to drop them. Please contact us ASAP if you don't want us to remove the following features:
  • Support for Status r/c sockets (reports of unreliability and lost settings after power cuts).
  • Support for Android version 2.2 (very few devices still run this version of Android).
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