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Finding Meaning

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We live in a fast-paced world of instant gratification and quick fixes and it’s taking its toll on our souls.

Our souls are nourished by love, connection, meaning, truth and beauty. We are inwardly moved by the works of true artisans who, through years of devotion, have mastered a discipline that allows them to skillfully extract something timeless, symbolic, universal, supra-existential, out of something material.

That inward movement, that deep nourishment is what we most long for and crave. But we shortchange ourselves; we grab the glamour, the glitter, the superficially pleasing and fall short of the luminous and truly fulfilling.

It is only when we, perhaps after multiple disappointments, can let go of the idea of the quick fix, the magic bullet or the instant technique to making our lives and ourselves “better” that we can surrender to deeper meaning, deeper understanding and presence.

Meaning emerges from the tension between soul and ego

It involves sitting with life: sitting with all that is human and holding the allowance for all of life, of self, as a whole.

And we only know we are there when we can feel the tension of opposites, the conflict of contradictions and the frustration of paradoxes.

Then we know that we are sitting right there: right there with the tension of duality, the heart and soul of meaning, the dance of life.

Tension is the meeting place of the forces of life. Meaning emerges from the tension between soul and ego.

We instinctively avoid sitting in that meeting place of opposing forces, of chaos and confusion. We avoid feeling that tension because it arouses insecurity and doubt. Instead, we seek the security of opinion, a point of view, taking a “side” and rejecting its opposite. We designate the sides as either good or bad, right or wrong, victim or perpetrator, us or them, pain or pleasure, true or false, dangerous or safe… and take shelter in one side, avoiding the tension of polarized forces. In so doing however, we avoid what is most essential to life, to ourselves and our souls.

The source of life and creativity

That tension between opposites, that dance of duality, is the source of life and creativity, the meeting place of fields of creative forces.

We enter it through Noumedynamic Dialogue: a process of open inquiry (-logue) that cuts through (dia-) to the immaterial, soul, implicate level (Noume) of the polarized movement (dynamic) – of life, the world, the universe, all of creation.

It’s not something you can learn in a weekend, or a dozen weekends. It’s a skill that emerges from deep within you, and never stops developing. It encourages the exploration of inner depths. It opens up the world, your self and life in ways that you never imagined. It frees you from the never ending cycle of trying to fix, of grabbing at solutions, of wasting your life, on “stuff”.

It reveals the marvelous complexity of life and the human journey. It digs deep: deeper than thoughts and ideas, more profound than emotions and reactions, beyond the symbolic and archetypal.

Noumedynamic Dialogue creates a space that allows the full spectrum of colors of the threads of the tapestry of life to be appreciated, unwoven and rewoven. More importantly, it involves multiple planes of consciousness, ascending to the stratosphere of greatest possible awareness and simultaneously descending into the meeting place of primordial forces at the basis of life.

Through its process, which is forever unique, always different, an “Inter-dimensional Wholeness” is unveiled – beyond words, beyond concepts. It is a still point: at the meeting place of ending and renewal.

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