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Happy Monday, friends!

Last week was a pretty busy one for me. In addition to kicking off two new projects, I'm in the final stages of a website refresh for (More to come on that next week!)

This month marks exactly one year that I've been working for myself (eep!), and eight months since I decided to launch Made Vibrant as a brand.

In that time, I've explored a number of revenue streams for Made Vibrant, including client work, 
commissioned art, and digital products. While that phase of exploration has proved to be a highly valuable learning process, I feel like I'm finally entering a stage of focus, and I want to evolve the business to better reflect that focus. (Hence the re-design.)

Which brings me to what I want to chat with you about this week. That word: FOCUS

Truth be told, I used to absolutely hate it. It felt so... limiting to me. So inflexible.

When I started Made Vibrant, there were A LOT of unknowns. I had this small repertoire of skills, interests and experiences - designing invitations, web design, branding, hand-lettering, social media management, marketing - but no real clue which of those would bring me the most enjoyment, a sustainable income and what people would want to pay me for. 

I knew the only real way to get clarity on which route to go was to experiment (a process I explore in-depth in my e-guide, Connecting With Your Core.) So I intentionally structured and designed my web presence to accommodate that diversity, which why the Services page on my studio site reads like a veritable Cheesecake Factory menu. 

Branding + Identity. Blog Design. Web Design. Graphic Design. Lettering + Illustration. Hey, look! I do it all! What do you need? I've got you covered!

Like anyone starting out, I wanted to do everything in my power to get clients. (I had those pesky things called bills, after all.) At the time, appealing to as many people as possible felt like my best shot at getting clients, and so I thought it made sense to share an entire spectrum of things I was capable of. 

And it did make sense. For a while. 

I was able to discover which of those services I actually enjoy and look forward to, what type of clients I love working with, and ultimately what is the most profitable for my business. 

BUT now it's time to take all of that learning and DO something with it. If I were to continue offering every design service under the sun, I would be preventing myself from making real progress and mastery in any one thing.

Think of it this way: is it faster to fill up one bucket with water or to simultaneously try to fill up five buckets of water? 

The answer becomes simple, right? 

There comes a point where you have to say, in order to see the growth that I want, I need to narrow things down a bit.

The idea of choosing a focus is powerful for your business in three ways:

1. Mastery. 

It allows you to take consistent action around one thing so that you can improve at a much faster rate, which will in turn boost your confidence. (For example, if you choose to focus on web design, you'll be able to streamline your process and improve your efficiency because you'll be working exclusively on web design projects.)

2. Messaging.

Suddenly writing copy for your website becomes a lot less complicated because you're not trying to talk to everyone and their mom. You can simply say "I do THIS THING for THESE PEOPLE." And I promise you, it will become ten times easier for "these people" to hear your message loud and clear. 

Another powerful note about website copy to remember:

Don't market what you CAN do; market what you WANT to do. twitter

Now that I know what lights me up AND what is the most profitable for my business, I can streamline my Services page to reflect the type of work I WANT to take on, not just what I have the ability to do. 

3. Sanity.

As much as I enjoyed my Spring/Summer Of Exploration, I have to admit that trying to have my hand in everything became pretty exhausting. Every step I took felt like it was in a different direction and so it was hard to feel like I was making progress. Now that I have a narrower focus, I can wake up every day with a clear idea of what I'm working toward and it prevents me from getting overwhelmed. 


So yes, next Monday you’ll notice some changes I've made to This year has been an important period of exploration and discovery, but now I'm ready to choose a focus, one that I'll be revealing in next week's email.

That focus has already paid off in terms of my confidence, my productivity and my purpose. It will allow me to continue to hone my craft, do work that I truly love, and to maintain a lifestyle that is deeply aligned with my Core Values. 

Getting focused doesn’t limit your opportunities; it expands them. twitter

This week I simply want you to ask yourself if it's time for you to choose a focus. 

If you're in the beginning stages of starting a business or a side hustle and you're unsure of what niche to focus on right now because of your lack of experience, by all means, keep exploring. Find out what lights you up and have fun experimenting. 

But if you're waist deep in that exploration phase (and have been for a while) ask yourself this tough question: is your lack of focus in fact reflecting a lack of confidence? Are you trying to do it all hoping that one thing will turn out to be a homerun? If that's the case, I challenge you to confront your self-doubt and realize that the only way you're going to start seeing real momentum is if you get clear and confident about the value you bring to the table.

It can be scary to say "this is my thing" and then to own that, but I'm telling you it can absolutely take your business to the next level. If you've been all over the place in the past and you're wondering why you haven't made much progress in the growth of your business, I encourage you to consider finding something to focus on. 

Hoping my experiences will give you a bit of clarity and direction this week. As always, thanks for being here. It can be a bit nerve-wracking to let people in on the growing pains of starting a business, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Have a bombdiggity week, you guys. 


ps. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on our upcoming move to San Diego! Also, I'd love to hear from you! Hit the reply button and let me know if you enjoyed this week's newsletter!

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