Dear #Pinkarmy,

Your health and well being is our priority. We will do whatever it takes for it to stay safe and well 💓

After extensive vigilance regarding the development of COVID-19 and acknowledgement of the recent news from the local (Monroe County) and federal authorities, we find ourselves obligated to declare the May 30th, MUDGIRL PENNSYLVANIA event postponed to a later date. 
We’re working closely with the venue to find a new date. We will confirm this new date as soon as possible.

Please know that like so many other events, businesses and individuals, this decision is extremely difficult, but ultimately places the health and safety of individuals in our community, state and country above all else. 

👉 What happens if my event is postponed? 

If an event has to be postponed to a later date due to Covid-19 , we will automatically transfer your ticket to the new date, without you having to take any actions. 

If, for whatever reason, you cannot participate on the new date, our team will dedicate themselves to offer you the following choices: 

- Free transfer for the person of your choice (measures will be put in place to help you sell your tickets and transfer it free of charge).
- Free transfer to any other MUDGIRL event in the US (choose the event of your choice). 
- Keep your ticket for 2021 (you won’t lose your ticket and will be able to participate the following year).

Option 1 & 2 can be combined.
All 3 options cannot be combined.

You will have 90 dates (after the new date is announced) to make these changes, if needed. Our team will help you with these procedures. 

👉 Can I get a refund for my ticket? 

We hope you can understand that since the events have already been in production for many months now, they will not be cancelled, they will be postponed to a later date. Therefore, we cannot proceed to any refunds. However, we understand all of your situations and it is for that reason that we offer you the chance to resell your ticket within the MUDGIRL community free of transfer charges, during a 90 day period after the announcement of the new date.

👉 Why are refunds not possible?

We would like to take a moment to explain why we cannot proceed to any ticket refunds.
This applies to all causes, no exceptions. 

Please know that we completely understand your daily realities and we would like to explain ours. 

When you registered yourself, either weeks or months ago, we already started producing the event for you.  You bought a service from us (and not a product) and we already worked to produce this service to you.

Each runner’s registration fee includes:
- Your finisher medals
- Your goodies bag (headband, water bottle, wristband…), 
- Marketing
- Staff salaries
- Permits (sometimes several), 
- Police services reservation, 
- Venues and suppliers down payments.  

Authorizing refunds means a 100% refund for an event that is already 80% produced and paid for. 

To be completely transparent with you, authorizing refunds during the current situation, means threatening the livelihood of our company and consequently the MUDGIRL Run, which has been supporting the Breast Cancer Foundation for more than 3 years now.

Today, a large part of our employees are on temporary unemployment. As a gesture of their solidarity, they have offered their help voluntarily, not only to help the company, but because they hold it in their hearts to see you standing strong at the starting line and with your MUDGIRL medal around your neck at the finish line. 

This means that yes, YOUR RUN will happen! Whether it’s in a few weeks or a few months, we are committed to making it happen for you. 🙂

We simply ask you to give some time to all the event producing companies, like ours, to fall back on their feet and find solutions to ensure the longevity of races and events.  We won’t let you down. Please don’t let down on us !

👉 Should I contact you to receive any news?

We will contact you directly by email or social media to give you more information regarding the situation.
Our services are currently limited and highly affected by Covid-19.  Like many companies, we have had to lay off a large number of our employees. We’re receiving your messages and we will answer them as soon as we can.

Please also note that we remain a human scale business . The answers we provide don’t come from robots, but from actual people like you and unfortunately, some language use can deeply affect them. They’re in the same situation as all Americans and hope, just like you, that this situation will be resolved itself very quickly.

We kindly ask you to be as courteous as possible in your messages please. 🙂

👉 We can’t control the situation, but we can always control our actions!

Just like you, we are keeping our hopes up and cannot wait to see again at our races. 
We have always been very proud of the support and solidarity that each of you have shown during the MUDGIRL runs. These are values that we want to project within our company and that we wish to encourage, even more during these difficult times. 
This is why we wanted to stay close to you, your family and the MUDGIRL community by giving you continual news by creating the MUDGIRL TV. 
This project exists to help you keep motivated with your training goals, offer you advice, make you laugh, entertain you but most importantly, to give you a voice at home during these difficult moments.
You can now join the channel where you’ll find workout sessions, interviews and other relevant content 👉 MUD GIRL TV

Our customer service is always here to answer any further questions at
Please remember to be kind !
Remember, we will always reach out to you no matter the obstacles life may throw us. Let’s show the world our solidarity and strength during these difficult times.
That’s the MUDGIRL spirit !

We love you ❤️

Don’t give up, stay positive and take care of yourselves!

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