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It’s been seven days since we got the news that was heard around the world! Since then, countless videos, photos, and stories documented fellow Americans’ response to the announcement that the Biden/Harris ticket was the projected winner in Pennsylvania. Families, friends, and those who’ve never met took to Facebook, email, Twitter, and more to share their reflections on meaning of these results to us as a nation and to the world.

We continue to be subject to high drama. It’s challenging, at times, not to be consumed by the speculation about what President Trump might do in response to his loss. Will he concede at some point, as has been done in every previous presidential election? Will he continue to wage legal battles to postpone the inevitable official declaration that Biden is the president elect when the electoral votes are finally counted on January 6th? The questions are out there, and they seem to be endless.

Many of us in Washington County have found relief in the writings of a few reasoned analysts who distill all of the noise and distraction into clear and rational words of encouragement for the days ahead. See our resources section for links.
From R. Hubbell’s daily newsletter:

"Let’s anchor ourselves in the facts: There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud that would affect the election outcome. Do not give a moment’s worry to the bogus lawsuits Trump has filed. On Monday (11/9), the NYTimes reported that it called all fifty state officials responsible for their respective elections to inquire about election fraud. Forty-nine of those officials said that they were unaware of election fraud in their states (Texas did not respond).

"Biden is confident and calm because he knows he has won, and there is nothing Trump can do to change that fact. We encourage you to do those things that bring you a sense of calm, allow you to breathe a bit deeper, and smile. The victory has been well fought, but our work isn’t done.”

As Robert Hubbell says, “Celebrate. Rest. Relax. Renew. Recommit. During a fraught time for our country, we will again be called to serve America in her time of need. It will always be so. That is the price of freedom.”

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