April 2015

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Mobile friendly

Track your weight loss. Pay your bills. Find your future home. Mobile apps have revolutionized the way we operate as a society. And at the University of Michigan, technology has transformed how faculty approach research, as many now use mobile apps to expand the impact of their work.

Climb the ladder

How can I get ahead without sucking up? Take a more strategic approach to your encounters with colleagues, says a U-M business professor.

An apple a day

The age-old expression does not ring true for doctor visits, but an apple a day could keep the pharmacist at bay, a U-M nursing professor says.

Ask me anything

Call it an intelligent personal assistant. U-M engineers built an open-source computing system that you command with your voice, like Siri.

Smile, snap, post

Is your news feed flooded with baby photos? You're not alone. A U-M study finds 75 percent of parents know someone who 'oversharents.'

Take a breath

A device tailored to curb drunken driving could save 59,000 lives and prevent another 1.25 million injuries over 15 years, per U-M research.

The human element

Automated vehicles garner plenty of buzz, but what about us drivers? A UM-Dearborn researcher studies driver-vehicle response.
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