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Templeton Foundation - Core Funding Areas

A message from Foundation Relations

The John Templeton Foundation is accepting online inquiries for its core funding areas that explore "the Big Questions of human purpose and reality." 

Proposal: Online Letter of Inquiry (equivalent of 4-5 pages)
Deadline: April 1, 2015
Opportunity: Average is $880,000, though award amounts vary greatly

Topic Areas

Science and the Big Questions - Addressing Big Questions around the nature of earth, humanity and the cosmos, with particular focus on math and science, life sciences, biology, neuroscience, archaeology and paleontology, and philosophy and theology.

Character Virtue Development – Addressing the development of qualities of character. The foundation is interested in projects that promote ideas and strategies that build character and develop virtues that enable people to respond well to what life brings to them. Grants to universities have supported strategies and research that support the implementation of character-building approaches and assess the impact of character development interventions.

Exceptional Cognitive Talent and Genius – Accelerating learning for students with high capacity to work beyond their grade level in math and science in the U.S.  Internationally, the foundation sponsors academic training and competitions for students who show extraordinary potential, but whose talents might not otherwise be developed, especially because of their economic circumstances or insufficient educational support. 

Individual Freedom and Free Markets – Addressing the freeing of individuals’ and countries’ initiative to establish conditions for the success of profit-making enterprises. The underlying assumption here is that freedom fosters competition that makes progress possible.

Genetics – Exploring how major advances in genetics serve to empower individuals, leading to spiritually beneficial social and cultural changes. The program is still in its early stages and is currently not accepting unsolicited proposals on genetics.

Additional Information and Resources:

Foundation Relations can discuss strategy, answer questions and assist with proposal edits. Do not hesitate to reach out to Joseph Sutkowi or your school's liaison.  

Also see: Foundations.Umich.Edu for more RFP Opportunities.
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