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for NIH February and March deadlines

Working around an incorrect validation rule

Please note that in the eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) system there is an incorrect validation rule related to the subrecipient lead investigator role.

It affects the validation prior to submission from U-M, but does not cause an error in the Commons. We are currently working with our vendor, ClickCommerce, to resolve.

If you enter something other than PD/PI (Project Director/Principal Investigator) for the subrecipient lead investigator role you will get the following error:

There must be a Personnel entry (with a role of "PD/PI") listed for the PI or PD on the 424 RR Subaward 1 Budget Page (section A&B) for budget year 1.

If you receive this, take one of the following steps:

Scenario 1: Your Subrecipient is also a PI
If the subrecipient investigator should have a PI role, as in a Multi PI application, then please enter "PD/PI." Re-run the hide/show errors after the page is saved.

Scenario 2: Your Subrecipient is not a PI
If you do not intend for the subrecipient investigator to have the PI role, then please enter the role you wish to use (e.g., "Co-Investigator," "Site PI," "Consortium PI"). This will create the validation error listed above, and that error will appear once for each year of each subaward budget. Once you have cleared all other validation errors contact ITS to run the bypass validation activity. This will allow you to validate the submission.

Who to contact to run the bypass validation activity:

Submit a service center ticket at 4-HELP (734) 764-4357 or by email at 4help@umich.edu.

A little more context

NIH requires that any PD/PI be represented on the budget page and key personnel section with that title. If there are multiple PD/PIs, there needs to be a multiple PI plan. NIH only wants to see the project role of PD/PI if they truly fall under that role. Faculty leads of subcontracts are not necessarily PD/PI; they are often co-investigators.

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