Improving the health of your gut.
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Summer has come and gone and the warm, gentle days of Autumn are upon us. Traditionally, Autumn is a time of harvest, collecting summer’s bounty and preparing for the quieter months of winter.
It’s also a great time to have a long, hard look at our health and digestion. Hopefully we had some rest over summer and our immune systems benefited. Of course, the warmer weather always helps too. Winter brings with it the usual bugs and viruses, but we need not succumb to them. Autumn is a great time to build up our immunity before the colder weather and one way of doing this is by improving the state of our ‘gut’.
Did you know that that two-thirds of our immune system can be found in our gut? Our digestive system is composed of a cell wall of a single layer under which lies the most abundant immune response in our bodies.[1] Lymphatic tissue lines our digestive system, which basically is a long tube with a very large surface area. Our small intestine digests and absorbs food and if laid out flat, would cover the size of a tennis court. Our large intestine composes the last 5 to 6 feet of our gut and completes digestion and solidifying of waste. Digestion is under the control of our nervous and hormonal systems. Did you know that Serotonin, one of the brain’s chemicals that influences mood, has its highest concentration in the gut?
Gut cells replace themselves every 3 to 5 days but if stress, toxins or poor food choices are a part of our everyday lives, this repair may not occur. Our digestive health is a result of a combination of our genes and environment. We may have a genetic tendency for eg coeliac disease or a certain allergy but doctors are now finding that this may not necessarily mean you will end up with that condition. It depends very much on your environment and the state of your intestinal bacteria.
Infections or a change in gut bacteria from too many antibiotics, pollutants or chemicals such as pesticides in our food, can affect the permeability of the bowel wall. This means that molecules and toxins that previously would not get through the gut’s defences into the bloodstream, are now able to, resulting in what is known as a ‘leaky gut’. The body responds to such foreign invaders by inflammation, a normal immune response to something foreign. The result however, is chronic inflammation, food allergies and autoimmune conditions such as diabetes, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis, skin problems and migraines.
This all sounds pretty grim but remember we can prevent this. Despite the genes that we may inherit, we can influence our environment by reducing stress, regularly moving from some form of exercise and eating the freshest organic food possible.
Facial reflexology helps to balance every system in your body and works extensively to heal the gut. It not only relaxes the nervous system but balances all hormones, including those involved in digestion. It helps reduce inflammation in inflammatory bowel conditions and helps relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel.
We CAN create the healthiest environment possible in our digestive system and we CAN have control over our health. It takes a little effort but is definitely worth it.
Take care and enjoy the beauty and colours of Autumn.
With love,

Judy Newbery
Sole Vitality Reflexology
Ph: 98947514
[1] - Dr Fasano and Dr Lipski
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