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Hello youcubians,

It's Monday at NCSM in Washington DC where we are launching a new interactive set of resources on our website under the heading: Mathematical Mindset Resources. This email is here to give all youcubians the chance to see the new resources at the same time as the attendees in Washington. Please take a look at the page, we have worked hard to create a range of resources that we think will really help you.

It is so important to help students develop growth mindsets, to see themselves as capable maths learners and to view maths as an open, creative, growth subject. The new resources will help you with all of these goals.

Over the past two years we have worked together with the Tulare County Office of Education to support 5th grade teachers in a growth mindset journey. One of the results of that collaboration is our new interactive mindset guide, which is not only beautiful but includes a set of free teacher videos to illuminate each idea. Just click the video play button in the hexagons in the "Expanding" column. The mindset guide comes with a user guide and an example teacher journal - as we hope teachers will use our guide to journal about their growth. You can get a paper copy of the Mindset Guide here

We are also releasing a new white paper on ways to design assessment to encourage growth mindsets. That white paper includes three cases of change from high school teachers who are working to move from a performance to a learning culture, which is very exciting. They share a number of ideas they are working to develop, that we think will be really helpful for all teachers (K-16).

Our new mindset resources page also includes evidence of the impact of change. We are publishing two exciting papers - one showing that students who took the free student online class developed growth mathematical mindsets and achieved at significantly higher levels on standardized tests. The second details the work we conducted with 5th grade teachers in a network, which resulted in teachers changing their mathematical relationships, students changing their mindsets, and achieving at significantly higher levels. That paper will be coming soon.

As always please share with us your reactions to our new resources, we love to hear from you on FB, twitter and through other social media.

And just a reminder my 5 minute NCSM Ignite talk will be on Facebook live Tuesday the 24th at 10am in DC, (7am in Cal, 3pm in the UK). The Ignite session features 9 maths leaders, all sharing their most important wisdom in just 5 mins each. You can access this event at As with other ignite sessions, presenters get around 20 seconds per slide in a timed, whizz-bang session – they are usually very entertaining!  If you cannot watch live, do not worry as we will keep the recording up for a while. The order of the speakers is this:
Zalman Usiskin
Steve Leinwand
Gary Bitter
Skip Fennell
Susana Davidenko
Jo Boaler
Ralph Connelly
Tim Kanold
Cathy Seeley

For more information about the event and speakers go here

Enjoy! & Viva La Revolution,

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