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Metrisquare News February 2014
New mobile Tablet with integrated computer
This new tablet has an integrated computer that runs Windows. This enables you to use the Metrisquare DiagnoseIS software for mobile assessment. Since this tablet contains a powerful computer, it also allows running any other software, e.g. Excel or Word for scoring and reporting afterwards.
In addition to the Wacom stylus pen, it supports multi-touch for usage in complex motor tasks or to replace a response-box for multi-finger reaction time measurements.

This tablet is portable: it has a powerful battery, no cables attached to it, is light and has a smart size: approximately A4. You can move it easily from one location to another without having to worry about data security: everything is well protected by passwords and encryption.

A demonstration video of this product by Ben Vaessen can be found here.

"Bring Metrisquare to your hospital"

Metrisquare is more than a tool for neuropsychological assessment: It is a complete concept for a new way of working in a multidisciplinary environment. At RevArte Rehabilitation Centre (Antwerp) for example, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and neuropsychologists find eachother in a shared room with four tablet-based cognitive test and training workstations.
This was an idea by Christophe Lafosse, strategical manager at RevArte. One day every three weeks, Ben Vaessen is present at RevArte to further develop this concept together with the daily users, based on clinical trials.
Updating and improving tests
Daniël Dekker and Maud Grouls are currently improving the usability of existing tests. For instance, they are reviewing instructions for existing tests, but also looking at the reports, to make them as clear and efficient as possible. If you know or have a test that could use some updating just let us know. In the next months, we will also include new normative data we have collected last year.


This project by Renate de Groot et al. from Open Universiteit in Heerlen studies the effect of krill oil, omega 3 and other fatty acids on cognition. They are using Metrisquare for measuring cognitive functioning, mainly in a web-based test set-up. Eight schools with a total of 650 students will be participating in this study.
Cooperation to PXL Hasselt
In March, students from the PXL Hogeschool, IT department in Hasselt will join Metrisquare for their internship. They will improve the Metrisquare App, in which all tests created in the test-development module will be able to be used on a smartphone, iPad, or any other mobile device.
This Metrisquare App can be used to administer a short questionnaire or for follow-up tests at home. This application can also be used for marking tests or for filling in forms.

The App allows to scan QR codes to load a certain questionnaire or test. It can e.g. be used in a waiting room or in a university cafeteria to administer short questionnaires about, for instance, satisfation. You could also use it in scientific research to collect data from healthy volunteers.
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