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It's Berg's 60th Birthday

Day 1 Monday 6 August
Everest Challenge 2018* – The Assault of Mt Everest Verticals from Sea-Level
Course Area: Mt Crackenback
Kosciuszko Express:

  • Open times:  830am – 430pm (8 hours)
  • Verticals:
    • Valley Terminal 1365m
    • Eagles Nest Terminal 1925m
    • Kareela Hutte 1810m
    • Vertical drop top to bottom 560m
  • Potential Lap Time @ 25mins:
    • Lift ride takes approx. 15mins
    • Allow run down Supertrail allow time 5mins
    • Allow for 5mins queue
  • Mt Everest Summit Attempt Challenge: Sea-Level to the Summit of Mt Everest
Challenger Levels Vertical fr Sea-level Runs Required Time @ 25mins/run
Base Camp 5400m 9.6 4 hrs
Camp 1 5900m 10.5 4h 23mins
Camp 2 6400m 11.4 4h 45mins
Camp 3 7200m 12.9 5h 23mins
Camp 4 8000m 14.3 5h 58mins
Summit 8848m 15.8 6h 36mins
  • Mt Everest Trek Challenge: Sea-level to Base Camp of Everest
Challenge Levels Vertical fr Sea-level Runs Required Time @ 30mins/run
Kathmandu 1400m 2.5 1h 15mins
Lukla 2860m 5.1 2h 33mins
Namche Bazar 3440m 6.1 3h  3mins
Dingboche 4260m 7.6 3h 48mins
Dughla 4600m 8.2 4h  6mins
Lobuche 4940m 8.8 4h 24mins
Gorak Shep 5180m 9.3 3h 48mins
Base Camp 5400m 9.6 4h
Challenge Event Description:
The aim of this challenge is for a competitor from each of the invited Thredbo Clubs (atm Berg/SCA/CSC) to progress through to the various identifiable vertical metre drops noted in the tables above for the Mt Everest Summit Attempt and/or the Mt Everest Trek Challenges and achieve a PB to be recorded as their final achievement level.
GPS App: The Organising Committee will nominate the IOS and Android GPS apps which will be used to record all activity pertinent to the Challenge. Competitors will need to download the approved app on their smartphones to record their achievements during the Challenge.
Recognition of the Challenge achievements (and prizes) will be acknowledged at and by the organising committee’s discretion at the presentation on Wednesday’s Dead Horse Gap BBQ.
Event Categories:
Based upon the same format adopted for the senior Thredbo Interclub Race’s Minimum Team allocation for competing Clubs, an interclub competition will also be conducted using the individual results of the Summit Attempt and Trek competitions.
Interclub Everest Competition:
  • Mt Everest Summit Attempt Challenge
    • Best Achievement – Individual
    • Best Min. Team Achievement – Club
  • Mt Everest Trek Challenge
    • Best Achievement – Individual
    • Best Min. Team Achievement – Club
Other levels of achievement may be acknowledged at the discretion of the organising committee.
Organising Committee:
The organising Committee will be stationed at Kareela Hutte for the duration of the Challenge.
  • Vertical drop               675m               17mins
The committee will comprise of TeamBERG Race Week representatives and at least one representative from each of the participating clubs. The committee will collate all GPS records from the competitors at the completion of their Challenge.
*Weather permitting the Mt Everest Challenge and the Chicken Run Events may be held on either the Monday 6 Aug or Tuesday 7 Aug of TeamBERG’s Race Week.
  • Click the specific  Registration Button  below to register your place in this event.
Day 2 Tuesday 7 August
The Berghutte Interclub Chicken Run – Socially Interactive On Mountain Competition
The “on mountain” Chicken Run Event is open to invited clubs (Berg/SCA/CSC).
Registration will be open until 0800hrs and an entry fee of $35/chook will be collected prior to the event at Berghutte Ski Club’s dining room (aka Race Headquarters). Clubs may provide a club competitor’s list and bulk entry fee to the organising committee as required.
The entry fees will go to amalgamated funds to form the Chicken Feed ($s pool) for the event.
The event’s “Two Roosters/Hens” will be drawn out of a hat from the received entries at the close of registration as noted above.
The Two Roosters/Hens will begin their Chicken Run at least 40mins prior to the opening of the “coop doors” and proceed to their first “Pecking Venue”. The Roosters/Hens must remain at the initial venue for one peck each and 30mins, funding their peck from the feed they will be carrying.
The Chickens once released shall seek out the two Roosters/Hens at the various Pecking Venues or Watering Holes whereby they can seek to enjoy one peck each in the feed provided by our Roosters/Hens should they be located at this time.
After one peck at each Pecking Venue or Watering Hole, all gathered Chickens must proceed to an alternate Pecking Venue where the Roosters/Hens and gathered Chickens may enjoy a further peck from the feed.
If a Chicken/s arrive at a Pecking Venue/Watering Hole and the Roosters/Hens are not located, the seeking Chicken/s must fund themselves one peck at the venue before they can proceed to find the Roosters/Hens. They do not have to shout another Chicken’s feed, but it is encouraged to be social amongst other Chickens on the run.
And thus the run is established, all Chickens must stop and must peck at the time in order to proceed. The aim is to catch up with the Roosters/Hens before the feed runs dry.
  • Two Roosters/Hens – custodians of the feed and coordinators of progression to a further pecking venue
  • Feed - the pool of funds equivalent to the entry fees collected at registration
  • Pecking Venue – one of the various watering holes located on the mountain, including refreshment stops provided at hidden locations (tba)
    • Eagles Nest
    • Merritts
    • Friday Flat
    • Frostbite
    • Black Sallees
    • Kareela Hutte (also final Chicken Coop)
    • 1-3 Watering Holes tba
  • Peck – One drink consisting of beer, cider, glass of wine, soft drink
  • Brooding Chickens – Chickens who have caught up with the Two Roosters/Hens
  • Chicken Coop – Kareela Hutte Restaurant
Start Times: 1000hrs
The conclusion of the Chicken Run will be when all Chickens have been gathered together at one of the Pecking Venues/Watering Holes or by 2pm, whichever comes first. At 2pm, all Chickens whether gathered or not may then herd their way to the Chicken Coop where the remainder of the feed will be exhausted.
Note : There should be no winners at this event, only losers if it is to be a success.
  • Click the specific  Registration Button  below to register your place in this event.
Day 3 Wednesday 8 August
Dead Horse Gap Berg BBQ – TeamBERG and Invited Guests
Time: 1100hrs meet Top of Kosi with an eta Dead Horse Gap approx. 1230hrs with canapes and beverages en-route
Venue: Berg’s Snow Bar and Grill off Deadhorse Gap’s lower carpark; access via Karels T-Bar
Contribution to Costs: $25pp cc/cash accepted
Registration: Notwithstanding TeamBERG members and guests, all invitees should register their interest by Monday 6 Aug 7pm in association with Mt Everest registrants interested in presentation of the Mt Everest Challenge Event
Return To Village: tba
Invitees: Berghutte Ski Club invite SCA members to join our TeamBERG Deadhorse Gap Race Week BBQ
Berghutte’s 60’s Party – Celebrate our 60th Birthday with SCA/CSC?

Venue: Berghutte Ski Club
Time: 7pm
Theme: Everything 60’s
Catering: Vol-au-vonts, lobster mousse, french onion dips, sherry trifle, coloured cocktail onions etc
Clubs Invited: Ski Club of Australia & Crackenback Ski Club 
  • Click the specific  Registration Button  below to register your place in this event.
Day 4 Thursday 9 August
AM – Training with SCA tba
PM – Berghutte Ski Club v Silver Brumby Challenge
Tba training with SCA on Rossi
The Berghutte V Silver Brumby Challenge 2018
Time: 1pm
Race Course: Rossi Race Course
Registration: Team Captain to nominate TeamBERG by latest 4pm Wednesday 8 August to Pricey then forwarded to Rob Parcell/KT Race Dept.
Presentation: 5pm at the Red Room at Berntis
Day 5 Friday 10 August
Tba Berg Training
Day 6 Saturday 11 August
Thredbo’s Top To Bottom Race – 5am
Thredbo Interclub Race – 10am
Thredbo Interclub Race Presentation – 6pm
Berghutte Celebration Dinner – 730pm
Ski Club of Australia Afters Party – 900pm ~ Dawnish
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Mt Everest Challenge 2018
Day 1 Monday 6 August
Kosciuszko Express
8848 Vertical Meters
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Berghutte's Interclub Chicken Run
Day 2 Tuesday 7 August
On mountain pecking
Cash only entry $35
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Dead Horse Gap Berg BBQ
From Top of Kosi 1100hrs
ETA Dead Horse Gap 1230hrs
En-Route catering & entertainment
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During these events we will be communicating to our participants via the Whatsapp app which you can download here, or directly on your phone via the IOS Apps Store or Android Play Store. #everestchallenge #bergchickenrun #deadhorsegapbergbbq @Everestchallenge @Bergchickenrun @Deadhorsegapbergbbq 
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