US Avocado Market Update, Week 14

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The average weekly prices have risen by 30.77% marking a $13.17 increasing on last week, from $42.79 to $55.96, the highest price for this week in the last four years and the highest price we have seen in the last 52 weeks. Weekly volumes have fallen by 6.16% marking a 1,632,960 Kg decrease on last week, from 26,526,528 Kg to 24,893,568 Kg, the highest volume for this week in the last four years.
Hass Avocado, Non-Organic, Prices (Cartons 2 Layer) and Volumes
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Market Prices
Hass Avocado, Non-Organic
Prices by Size (Cartons 2 Layer)
Sizes Price Reported
Average $ 55.96 USD
32s $ 57.85 USD
36s $ 57.85 USD
40s $ 57.85 USD
48s $ 57.85 USD
60s $ 57.85 USD
70s $ 57.00 USD
84s $ 45.45 USD
Hass Avocado, Non-Organic
Historic Prices (Cartons 2 Layer)
Years Price Reported
2015 $ 31.44 USD
2016 $ 20.11 USD
2017 $ 44.29 USD
2018 $ 35.01 USD
2019 $ 55.96 USD
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Market Volumes*
Hass Avocado, Non-Organic
Volumes by Origin (Cartons 2 Layer)
Origins Volumes (KG)
Sum 24,893,568
California-South 1,900,584
Chile N/R
Colombia NR
Dominica N/R
Dominican Republic 612,360
Florida N/R
Mexico 22,380,624
Peru N/R
Hass Avocado, Non-Organic
Historic Volumes (Cartons 2 Layer)
Years Volumes (KG)
2015 14,410,872
2016 23,437,512
2017 20,652,408
2018 20,398,392
2019 24,893,568
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* Market volumes are continuously updated as reports from various US government agencies and grower associations are made available. As a consequence, this report is published with incomplete volume data. As a rule of thumb the volumes available for this week should serve as a guide knowing that on Tuesdays they are on average 10.13% lower than the final volumes reported once all data has been collected.
Sources - USDA Market News and Agronometrics.
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