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March 2016

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I Want My Trains!

I Want My Trains!

Wow ~ When a guy wants to play with his trains, it's maddening when the big boys won't let you! Fortunately, here at the Western History and Genealogy Department, we have enough train and railroad materials for everybody! Our "Railroads in the American West" and our "Western History Railroading Resources" guides will familiarize you with all of our various resources, or you can just search our Digital Collections for "railroads," "locomotive," "depot," or other similar terms to see some of the thousands of railroad photos in our collection. Read more.
Historic Photographic Processes in a Nutshell

Historic Photographic Processes in a Nutshell

The Western History and Genealogy Department (WH and G) has a large collection of historic photographs, thousands of which have been digitized. Today, everyone can be a photographer without even needing to carry a camera with them. Technology on phones and other digital devices have made taking high-quality selfies simple. It's easy to forget that producing photographs was once a process that took a skilled expert, time and money. Since the invention of photography in 1839 until now, the processes have evolved and developed rapidly. Read more.

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(Un)Common Threads Photography Exhibit

(Un)Common Threads, Photography Exhibit

In (Un)Common Threads the members of the Rocky Mountain Monochrome Salon use black and white photography to weave a vibrant tableau in shades of gray, showing that what makes us the same can also make us wonderfully different. Featuring eight artists: Dave Barry, Jeffrey Graves, Christopher James, Ron Johnson, Linda Little, Michael Snively, Jacqueline Webster and Mike Whiteley. Runs through March 30 at the Central Library, Western History Art Gallery, Level 5.


10th Mountain Division

10th Mountain Division

In 1987, the Denver Public Library teamed with the Colorado Historical Society Museum (now History Colorado) and the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division to create the 10th Mountain Division Resource Center. The Resource Center is the official repository for all records and artifacts related to the World War II 10th Mountain Division. Find out more and explore our resources. Also be sure to view the 10th Mountain Division Collection photo gallery.

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