May 8, 2017
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Renowned Canadian Business Consultant
Lisa Borden Launches The Borden Workbook

Socially conscious entrepreneur shares "all" to support
other entrepreneurs grow better businesses
Toronto-based business development consultant and social entrepreneur Lisa Borden has used her 20+ years of experience to create The Borden Workbook, a comprehensive guide to help entrepreneurs organize and grow their small businesses. Featuring articles, worksheets, and exercises, this workbook helps small business owners build a strong foundation, invest their time where there is return, do marketing that matters, avoid burn out, move forward when they feel stuck, and maintain their values and ethics while being accountable to their bottom line. The Borden Workbook is now available online for digital download or to purchase as a hard copy.

The Borden Workbook is designed to support entrepreneurs as they launch, develop, and nurture their business.

“Determined to bring the model and years of experience from my one-on-one consulting and coaching to as many as possible, I have created The Borden Workbook. This workbook is my answer to all the frustrating one-size-fits-all business and marketing courses that exist today. One size does not fit all, ever.”  Lisa Borden, owner of Borden Communications

Borden Communications has been helping clients grow better businesses since 1994. After years of working with so many entrepreneurs and brands one-on-one, the Borden Team can often predict many of the challenges one faces launching and growing a business. Always wanting to make a difference, share generously, and save people time and money, Borden chose to share her efficiencies, formulas and perspective, along with tactical and practical advice all in one place – The Borden Workbook.

If you are looking for flying unicorns, huge promises, and get-rich-today advice, you should look elsewhere. The Borden Workbook will get you to organize your business with clarity and help you move forward with strategy and confidence”.

Know Yourself
Defining Your Business + Your Brand
Finance Foundations
Get Yourself Online
Content Matters
Strategic Boosters

About Lisa Borden
Lisa Borden created
Borden Communications, a highly passionate, hyper-focused, common-sense business development + marketing firm in Toronto in 1994.
As a
founding Canadian B Corp, Lisa and her small team specialize in business development and marketing communications for leading and start-up conscious brands, and personalities, and use transparent strategies for greenwash-free brand management and socially responsible messaging with proven success. 
Some of Lisa’s favourite titles include: Strategist + Catalyst, mother of 3, Enthusiastic Philanthropist, Inspiration Agent, and Wannabe Organic Farmer.

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