This is a personal letter from the Harringtons.
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Dear Family, Friends, and Supports:

I am excited to announce that we have added Sarah Reynolds to our LeaderBuild Staff Team. Sarah isn't really new, as she has been writing for LeaderBuild for a while now, but she is new to the staff. Over the last couple of years, Sarah has been taking more responsibility in helping proofread, brain storm articles, and give feedback on some projects. We have been increasing our need to have a steady person who is passionate about the fine arts in Copy. You will be able to read more about Sarah below!

What will Sarah be doing?

Sarah will be working with LeaderBuild's written materials to ensure we always put our best foot forward. From commas to concepts, Sarah will work collaboratively with our team of content producers to continue giving our readers clear and useful content. She will also be coordinating with our writers to keep the website running smoothly, and helping any new writers learn about our mission and purpose here at LeaderBuild. You will also be hearing from Sarah much more frequently, as she will be writing a new article every-other week.
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Thank you,
Ben Harrington

 // helping leaders become smart and healthy //

Hello all! I have been with LeaderBuild in one way or another since its infancy, and wrote my first piece for the website in early 2014. Ben noticed my passion for writing and editing early on, and as LeaderBuild developed he began sending me workbooks and business cards to give a look over.

As LeaderBuild grew, so did the number of materials we need for regular operations here, and the more that needed editing the more it seemed fitting to have an official editor. I have been looking for ways to volunteer in the Church that I can take with me as I move around to further my education and career, and this position is the perfect fit for that – I am not any less helpful due to location, wherever I may move. 

A Little About Me...

I am a passionate, energetic college student with a love for people and communication. I enjoy spending time making music, reading, working outside, making pottery, and experimenting with food. I enjoy all foods, from curry, to chocolate cake, to eggs and bacon (avocados and pico de gallo are my current favorites). Coffee is wonderful, especially in its purest form: black.

I am an outgoing introvert, and when fully charged I am often found spending time with my family. I have a wonderful fiancé named Nick, who encourages my various hobbies and passions (especially when it involves creations he can eat). My family also consists of my mom, Shari; my dad, Chuck; and my sister, Regan. I also enjoy spending time with friends when I can manage it, especially when that time involves food. I adore kids, and have helped with childcare for several years. I have loved writing since I first began high school, and the more I wrote and edited the more I loved it. Working with words is a dream job for me, and I look forward to doing it here at LeaderBuild.

Thank you,
Sarah Reynolds

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  • We are planning our next mission trip! Next summer, our family is going to Ireland to do leadership training and help our church plant. Please pray that we are able to raise another $2,500 for this trip.
  • That one building we wanted. Well, we didn't get the building that we wanted. It would have been too much to bring up to working order. Please pray that we find a place for our LeaderBuild office!
  • Pray for our church planters: Jess, Rebecca and their family just got back to Ireland from the states, where they spent the summer visiting family and fundraising. Pray that they will be able to readjust to being back in Ireland and getting the kids into school. We can't wait to see them this summer!

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