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Cat is taking a well-deserved vacation. She is flying to Norway just to attend a rock concert!  Kids these days . . . 

(I am secretly jealous)
The Oakmont to Annadel Trail is open for business! Ken Wells has removed the barriers to the trail and it is now ready to go. 

Photo courtesy of Julie Kiil 
Be on the look out for large Easter Eggs hidden in not-too-secret areas around Oakmont.  The eggs contain treats, something useful, and a note.  Someone in the Library sent us this photo of the one they found there.   Be extra observant while enjoying Oakmont activities and amenities - you may be surprised to find something special while going about your daily business.
Why We Went to War 100 Years Ago Today
Sunday, April 2 – 10:30 a.m. – East Rec Center
Sunday Symposium

This month marks the 100th anniversary of the United States’ entry into World War I, ending four years of declared neutrality.  While it was German submarine attacks on American shipping that turned the tide of public opinion, the decision to get involved in a foreign war was a lot more complicated. Returning to the Sunday Symposium for his 14th appearance, popular lecturer and Oakmont figure Bob Kirk will offer his unique perspective on this historic moment in U.S. history.
Sunday, April 2 – 2:00 p.m. Berger Center
Set against the backdrop of 1930s Nazi Germany, this biographical drama is less about the encroaching world war than it is about the music that defined the individuals of the close-harmony vocal ensemble known as the Comedian Harmonists.  Adored across Germany—and the world—the Harmonists begin to feel the weight of politics and prejudices when their Jewish members are forbidden to perform in public. Sensational singing, with classy sets and costumes. (1997), R (nudity), 115 minutes. (In German)
Sunday, April 2 – 7:00 p.m. Berger Center
This dramatic thriller is based on the remarkable true story of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb’s (Jeremy Renner) involvement in investigating and revealing the CIA’s secret funding and assistance for Nicaraguan Contra rebels during the 1980s and the aftermath of his story’s publication.  An admirable journalism film that received several awards and commendations with an impressive performance by Renner as well.   Oliver Platt and Michael Sheen also star. (2014), R (language), 112 minutes.
Sunday, April 9 – 2:00 p.m. Berger Center
In this David vs. Goliath drama based on a true story, college professor Robert Kearns (Greg Kinear) goes up against the giants of the auto industry when they fail to give him credit for inventing intermittent windshield wipers.  Kinear is outstanding as the obsessed inventor fixated on obtaining justice from the Ford Motor Company no matter the cost to himself or others.  Alan Alda and Dermott Mulroney also star.  (2008), PG-13, 120 minutes.

Sunday, April 9 – 7:00 p.m.  Berger Center
Leni Riefenstahl’s infamous propaganda film documenting the Third Reich’s 1934 Nuremberg Party Rally features a cast of thousands—including Adolph Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, Rudolph Hess, Herman Goering and other top officials.   Images of cheering crowds, precision marching, military bands, banners lining Nuremberg’s streets and Hitler’s climactic speech illustrate with chilling clarity how Germany fell under his spell. (1935), NR, 120 minutes.
Duke Ellington:
The Man and His Music

Sunday, April 9 – 10:30 a.m. – East Rec Center – Sunday Symposium
Due to his inventive use of the orchestra, or big band, and thanks to his eloquence and charisma, Duke Ellington is generally considered to have elevated the perception of jazz to an art form on a par with other more traditional musical genres.  Jazz musician and lifelong Ellington devotee, Peter Estabrook will reveal surprising details about America’s jazz master.  He served on the Jazz Faculty at Sonoma State University for 12 years.

Monday, April 10 – 6:30 p.m, social – 7:00 p.m. meeting – East Rec
All welcome

Come hear Georgia Kelly speak to the Oakmont Progressives Club.  Mondragon’s mission is to foster a people-centered society instead of a capital-centered society, to honor work with dignity and to limit the number of work hours.  Producing everything from computer chips and bicycles to washing machines and auto parts, Mondragon’s success has contributed to the Basque region having the highest standard of living and lowest unemployment rate in Spain.  In 2009, when 25% of all businesses in Spain failed, less than 1% of all businesses failed in the Mondragon Cooperatives.  Georgia Kelly is the Director of the Praxis Peace Institute in Sonoma whose mission is to promote world and community peace through education and informed action.
Immigration/Deportation Panel Discussion
Thursday, April 13 – 7:00 p.m.  Upper West Rec
All Welcome

The Oakmont Democratic Club will present a panel discussing the problems facing Sonoma County’s undocumented immigrants.   Richard Coshnear will speak of his experience with VIDAS, a non-profit organization that offers legal and educational services for immigration.  Vanessa Robledo, Executive Director of the non-profit, My American DREAMS, is part of the fourth generation of the Robledo Family Wineries.  Rebecca Hermacio, from Congressman Mike Thompson’s office, is responsible for Immigration Affairs.  Lieutenant Rick Kohut of the Santa Rosa Police Department rounds out the quartet of speakers.
Grandparents’ Club Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 15 – 1:00-2:30 p.m. – Berger Center
The Easter Bunny is arriving in Oakmont to meet and greet you and your grandchildren at our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The event is for toddlers-through-12-year-olds. Cost is $5 per child and includes bags to hold their eggs, face painting, a bounce house, balloon animals, refreshments,
prizes, and entertainment.  Please join us at this fun-filled event where our grandchildren will enjoy playing and hunting for prize-filled eggs.  Enjoy our very own life-size bunny for that special photo with your grandchild! This event is open to all Oakmont residents.  If you have questions, contact Leslie Brockman, Grandparents’ Club Chair at or 755-3168. 
Fill out form below and place it with your check, payable to Grandparents’ Club, in our folder in the OVA office by Monday, April 10.  To support the Grandparents’ Club, become a member for only $10 per family per year.  Additional membership forms are in the OVA folder, along with extra copies of the Egg Hunt sign-up sheets.
Easter Egg Hunt Registration Form
Grandparent(s)’ Name: _____________________________________________________
Phone ____________________________ Email_______________________________________________

Grandchild’s name ____________________________________________
Age ______
Girl or Boy (circle one) $5
Grandchild’s name ____________________________________________
Age ______
Girl or Boy (circle one) $5
Grandchild’s name ____________________________________________
Age ______
Girl or Boy (circle one) $5
I would like to join the Grandparents’ Club for $10/family/year:
Yes / No (circle one)
Grandparent(s) name ___________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________
Phone ____________________________
Email _____________________________________
Egg Hunt Total $_________ Membership enclosed $_________
Total amount enclosed $_________
Thursday, April 20 – 1:30 p.m. – Berger Center
Currently the faculty Quartet-in-Residence at Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music, the Dover swept the Grand Prize and all three Special Prizes at the 2013 Banff Competition and recently won the highly coveted Cleveland Quartet Award.  For its program, the Dover has chosen works by Haydn, Britten and Beethoven.
Zoe Lewis

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Troubadour, vaudevillian, storyteller, adventurer, singer-songwriter, ZOË LEWIS is a band in a body!  She plays jazz, jump jive, Latin grooves, swing, international folk, funk originals on anything from the piano to the spoons. She has won the Colorado Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Troubadour Award, along with many other honors. ZOË has performed all over the world with an array of incredible musicians and has toured with JUDY COLLINS, NANCI GRIFFITH, PAT BENETAR and THE INDIGO GIRLS.
Tickets are $25.00 each  and can be purchased at ORW meetings or go to the Rainbow Women folder in the OVA office. Put an envelope with your name and a check made out to ORW for the number of tickets that you want. Your tickets can be picked up at “will-call” at the West Rec Center after 6:30 PM.

First Thursday of the month, November 3, 2016 through June 7, 2017 at 10 AM – Doors open at 9:30
Third Street Cinemas – 620 Third Street, Downtown Santa Rosa – near the Transit mall

Two Parking Garages nearby, 75c per hour – Handicap parking FREE at street parking meters
Four films to choose from each month.  For the four movie titles, call 525-8909 x 2 the week of the series.  For more information, call Gwen Adkins, 523-1586 x 21 or 484-7328.  Sponsored by Santa Rosa Memorial Park & Mortuary/Eggen & Lance Chapel, Kobrin Financial Services and Hired Hands Homecare.
Would Your Dog Like A Job????
Have you ever thought that your nice, friendly, polite dog could make an amazing contribution to the local community?  And spend more quality time with youPaws for Healing could be the answer!  It is a non- profit canine-assisted therapy organization based in the North Bay.  It is run entirely by volunteers and has teams who visit veteran's homes, hospitals, hospice, assisted living facilities, schools and more.  Its motto is "Mending Hearts with Gentle Paws and Guiding Hands" and bring smiles to everyone they meet!
In order to be a canine assistance team, dogs must have basic obedience skills and like people (liking dogs is a plus too).  Instruction, dog evaluation and mentoring are provided.  After completing the training and mentoring, we ask you to choose a facility to visit four hours a month.
Most dogs love having something special to do.  Would you like to give your dog (and yourself) an important new way to bring happiness to others in our community.  Our Spring training session will be starting on Saturday, April 22nd.  It consists of three consecutive Saturday mornings and is held in Napa.
We have several enthusiastic Oakmont teams but still need you to help fill the many requests we get from North Bay area schools and other facilities.  Please consider applying for this session and discover a great way to make a difference!
Visit us at to learn more and to access your application or call Donna Forst, Oakmont resident and Paws volunteer, for more information (707) 978-2511.
 From (my sis) Pam Roggenbauer
What’s in your Wallet?

From Pat Clothier
Fawn Photo from From Doug Pavase

Deer Indian Medicine Card describes seeing a fawn/deer as:
The only true balance to power is the love and compassion of Deer. Be willing to find things to love about yourself and others, and your demons will melt away. Your fears cannot exist in the same place that love and gentleness abide. Remember, Fawn can teach you many lessons about unconditional love. In its true application, unconditional love means that no strings are attached. The gentleness of Fawn is the heart-space of Great Spirit.

Be kind and gentle this weekend!
Cassie Turner
OVA Manager
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