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Are you an expat in The Netherlands and need a comprehensive health insurance plan? We are here to help!
We know how many challenges you need to get through in your expat journey, that’s why we want to make it just a little bit easier. At Cigna Global we specialize in international health insurance and we'll make sure you have the very best of care available to you and your family as and when you need it, wherever you are in the world.
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Create a comprehensive, affordable & tailored plan with Cigna Global in 2 easy steps
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Start With your Core Plan
A quality health plan, including cover for hospital stays and treatments and a generous overall annual benefit limit.
Annual benefit limit: $1,000,000
Cancer treatment
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Comprehensive coverage, including inpatient maternity care with higher limits on most of the benefits.
Annual benefit limit: $2,000,000
Cancer treatment
Inpatient Maternity
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Our top plan with an unlimited annual limit and most benefits are paid in full.
Annual benefit limit: Unlimited
Cancer care
Inpatient Maternity
Mental Health care paid in full
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Enhance your protection with optional modules

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Medical Evacuation

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International Health
& Wellbeing

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Vision & Dental

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