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The INSider                         19 December 2016
Introducing World-class, Integrated Medical Alarm, TeleHealth & Assistive Technology Solutions

Message from the Managing Director

Wow, Christmas is almost upon us and 2017 is fast approaching. Where did 2016 go?

2016 has been an extremely busy year for all of us at INS. I am delighted to say that my extremely talented and dedicated team have once again surpassed all expectations.

The beginning of 2016 saw us release our world first SmartHome IP Dialler. As we have done many times before, with its release we again disrupted the whole industry. The IP Dialler encompasses many included technologies and features which we are now able to leverage to provide a vast number of additional services to our clients, their caregivers, and village managers. As health care providers, we are really excited to be able to offer these additional services to our clients.

Since its release we have continued to add functions, features and improvements over the air, whilst also addressing feedback we continue to receive from our valued clients. I am pleased to say that the response to the SmartHome IP Dialler has been amazing with many new clients coming on board. I welcome you to click on this link to learn more.
Of course to be a true client-centred technology driving positive health, wellness and security, it is important that we continue to leverage the unique ability of the IP Dialler in acting as a home health gateway. As you will see below, the release of the Village Manager’s Portal and, more recently, the client Portal provides a unique ability to interact with clients in their homes – providing information, messages, tasks and reminders, emergency evacuations and much, much more. It also empowers clients with the ability to update their personal and medical details themselves at any time.

We recognise that many clients are struggling financially – for many the cost of maintaining a telephone line, let alone an internet service, is unbearable. So we also released low-cost options for clients to maintain a telephone service as well as an internet browsing service, through the SmartHome IP Dialler.

2016 saw us also embark on a massive undertaking to replace most of our current analogue medical alarm units across the country with the new SmartHome IP Dialler under a subsidised scheme. This has been necessary as the roll-out of the NBN across the country will impact the proper operation (in most cases) of the older analogue technology. The SmartHome IPD overcomes this problem as it can also connect via 3G/GSM network. Indeed it can connect via various technologies, including Ethernet, WiFi, or Bluetooth.

This transitional undertaking has been an enormous task which we are hoping to complete by the end of 2017. Recently the scheme has also been made available to some sites which are currently monitoring their own medical alarms on site. There are terms and conditions involved, however, I recommend that if your village is currently monitoring on-site, talk to us and see if you qualify for inclusion in the scheme.

Of course we can’t sit on our hands. Innovation never stops with my team at INS. Going into 2017 we have a number of new and exciting products and services being released. Some we can’t yet disclose (sorry), but as you will see below, our range of WiFi doorbells and cameras, as well as smart call point hubs, are all planned for release in early 2017. You will find further details below. Further enhancements such as Voice Activation of the SmartHome IP Dialler and an ability for residents to use their personal pendants within on-site community centres are also in development.

Early 2017 will see us release an optional 3G/GMS/4G/LTE edition of the SmartHome IP Dialler. This will support clients who wish to utilise the SmartHome IPD as an internet browsing hub, using the in-built WiFi to connect other devices in the home for faster browsing. It will also support clients who regularly require video communication with INS via our TeleHealth/Virtual Care Services, or in areas where the current 3G network access is limited.

March/April 2017 will also see us commence services in New Zealand with the launch of INS LifeGuard NZ. I am really excited with this as we will no doubt shake up the market as we did in Australia through our unique health, wellness and prevention-based services and exclusive technologies.  See below for more information on our new products and services.

All in all, 2017 promises to be a very exciting year. I wish you and all your families a very safe, prosperous and joyous Christmas and I thank all of our clients for their continued trust and support.

Merry Christmas.

Claude Rafin, Managing Director
The INS Group

Does your village self-monitor your emergency alarm system?

Switch to INS LifeGuard and you may qualify for the INS Transition Scheme!

The Scheme offers eligible clients the opportunity to upgrade their current analogue-based Medical Alarms to our new SmartHome IP Dialler at virtually no cost!

Click here if you'd like to watch a video outlining the INS Transition Scheme in more detail. We look forward to sharing this exciting offer with you and your residents.

Please call 1800 636 226 for more information or to check whether your village might be eligible for the Transition Scheme.

The Manager's Portal is here; try the Premium Service Free!

The new LifeGuard SmartHome Manager's Portal is an innovative, secure intranet site that allows village and community care managers to update the information held by INS LifeGuard, broadcast information to residents/clients, set up concierge services, generate reports, and so much more.

We're so confident you'll love this service that we're offering a 6-month free trial. After the trial period, the Premium Service will incur a small annual fee per unit, or you can choose to continue on the free service. For more information, view or download the information flyer by clicking here. Call 1800 636 226 to start your free trial.

The Client / Carer Portal is also available now

The new LifeGuard SmartHome Client Portal is now available. This is also a secure intranet site, and clients, their carers and/or other authorised parties can log in and update their information, avoiding the need for completing paper-based forms.

In-line with Consumer Directed Care, this empowers clients by allowing them to control and update their own information held by INS LifeGuard. They can update personal details including home and mobile phone numbers, property details (such as security key holder code), GP and Pharmacy details, medical information and more.

Future development will also allow clients to set up their own tasks and reminders as needed, and will be linked to the Commonwealth's electronic My Health Record.

Click here to view the information flyer. Clients can request access to the portal by calling 1800 636 226.

The SmartHome Mate will soon be available to complement the IPD

A unique, smart companion to your LifeGuard SmartHome IP Dialler, the SmartHome Mate can be mounted on any wall or suspended beneath a cupboard, providing added functionality. It's not just a call point, it also supports many of the features and functionality of the SmartHome IPD, allowing you to operate the system remotely. For more information, view or download the flyer by clicking here.

SmartCamera & SmartDoorbell can provide added security

The new LifeGuard Clever Dog SmartCamera and SmartDoorbell work in conjunction with the SmartHome IP Dialler and SmartHome Mate to provide enhanced security.

The large base on the SmartCamera allows for 360 degrees rotation to adapt to a variety of environments. It supports motion detection, and acts as a security camera. It can even allow family members to check on loved ones via a separate app. For more information, view or download the flyer by clicking here.

The SmartDoorbell provides an audio/video intercom system, so you can see and speak to visitors at your door. Provides enhanced security allowing you to screen visitors before opening the door. For more information, view or download the flyer by clicking here.

Both will be available early 2017!

Other Optional Services

The exciting new Optional Services we can offer via the SmartHome IPD include Telephone Service, Internet Browsing, TeleHealth Services, Virtual GP Consultations, Home Automation, Home Security and My Concierge Services. These services are outlined in our Options Booklet, can be switched on at any time as required, and benefit both village residents and management.

Optional Services include such things as:
  • Telephone Service - The SmartHome IPD can be used as a standard home telephone for a low monthly fee - generally lower than a normal line rental. Call friends and family with one touch. Can include a free call allowance for local, national and mobile calls which can also be shared across the new LifeGuard SmartHome IPD, LifeGuard Mobile, and LifeGuard SmartWatch.
  • Internet Browsing - with this optional service you can use the SmartHome IPD for basic internet browsing and social media applications, such as Facebook, YouTube and Email. Stay up-to-date with the latest news, listen to your favourite music, and much more for a low monthly fee.
  • TeleHealth Service - assists with monitoring the health of those with medical conditions, such as diabetes, COPD, chronic heart failure or unstable blood pressure, right in their own home. Vital signs are automatically recorded and sent to a nurse in INS LifeGuard's Emergency Response Centre for monitoring. If the readings are of concern, the nurse will follow-up with the resident and/or their GP or carer. Includes a monthly nursing review with a Registered Nurse. This service is available for an additional low subscription fee.
  • Virtual GP Consultations - request an audio/video call for a virtual face-to-face consultation with a GP without leaving your home. This service is available any day of the week at a time that best suits your residents. Choose to pay as you go with one-off consultations, or take advantage of INS LifeGuard's subscription service to receive low-level prescriptions and referrals to other allied health professionals.
  • Home Automation - the SmartHome IPD can provide basic home automation features such as automatically turning on / off power points and lights, or even locking and unlocking your doors. You can control these features wirelessly from the device, or the nurse from INS LifeGuard can control them if needed during an emergency (e.g. to unlock the front door to allow emergency services to enter).
  • Home Security - the SmartHome IPD can be used to provide home security with the addition of low-cost wireless devices, such as our Infra-Red Detectors (PIR beams) and SmartCameras, which allow around-the-clock home security monitoring, or our new SmartDoorbell, which lets you see and speak to visitors without opening the door.
  • My Concierge Services - having a personal concierge isn't an expensive luxury, it's a practical and convenient way to help manage everyday tasks so you have more time to relax and enjoy life. The simple press of a button provides assistance arranging a wide variety of services such as home maintenance, health care, personal shoppers, taxi bookings and much more. Concierge Services can be white labelled or automated.
  • Manager's Portal - push notifications to residents, download real-time reports, set village protocols, emergency evacuation notifications and much more!
  • Access to download a mobile app to resident's smart phones so they can be monitored whilst away from home (conditions apply)


Benefits to Villages and Community Care Managers

  • The built-in M2M SIM eliminates the need for a home telephone line. It can also operate off an existing Ethernet or WiFi connection with the M2M SIM as a backup.
  • We can also offer low-cost, high-grade managed phone and internet services through our cabled or WiFi SmartVillage Technologies, avoiding the need for individual SIMs in each SmartHome IPD.
  • Send messages and notifications to one individual, a group, or all residents / clients.
  • Evacuation alerts or drills can be issued to each resident in real time.
  • Our services can be covered under CDC or NDIS funding models and assistance can be provided with case management through a free Managers Portal.
  • All services are monitored and supported by INS LifeGuard's highly qualified nurses from our state-of-the-art Emergency Response Centre, located in Australia.

What's different about the SmartHome IPD?

Aside from all the optional services we can now offer, the biggest difference is your residents will no longer require a telephone line for their emergency alarm to work. The LifeGuard SmartHome IPD features a built-in M2M SIM card, so it operates independently from any telephone or broadband service. It can also operate off an existing Ethernet or WiFi connection with the included M2M mobile SIM as a back-up.

More Information
To watch an introductory video and for more information on the SmartHome IPD and our many optional services, click here.

Transition Scheme

We're on a Roll
We've completed nearly 5,000 successful transitions since the start of the scheme, and we're pleased to report the Client Satisfaction Surveys returned to date indicate an overall satisfaction rate of 97%.

More Information
For a video explaining the INS Transition Scheme and how it can benefit your organisation, click here.

We're expanding to New Zealand!

INS LifeGuard is pleased to announce we're opening a branch office in Auckland, New Zealand. The unique, patented products and services that have made INS the leader in providing Medical Alarm and Virtual Care services to the independent retirement living sector in Australia will be available in New Zealand from March 2017.

At INS our focus has always been on delivering quality services tailored for our clients' needs. We develop products and services that enable people to remain living at home for longer whilst helping them manage any chronic health conditions.

We take great pride in the fact that all alarms are handled by qualified nurses -- that's unique to INS LifeGuard. We're thrilled to bring those same benefits leading to improved health, independence and greater security and wellbeing, to New Zealand residents.

Upcoming Events

INS will be attending the following conferences. Please stop and visit with us if you're attending, we'd be happy to discuss our products and services, and answer any questions you may have.

Leaders Summit
at Hilton Sydney Hotel
16-17 March 2017

LASA QLD Conference
at Jupiters Gold Coast
29-31 March 2017
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