An Urban Dream
by Kasper Zier launches Thursday 11th May (6pm-8pm) 
Duke Street Gallery


Experience the enchanting cityscape of Dublin through the eyes of watercolourist Kasper Zier in his latest exhibition, 'An Urban Dream'. Known for his ability to capture the effect of light, Kasper's paintings often showcase the city's stunning vistas during the 'golden hours' of the evening, where warm colours and long shadows dance together in perfect harmony. In addition Kasper also finds inspiration in the drama of a rainy or snowy day. 

Kasper's watercolours are a mesmerizing blend of realism and poetry, elevating the mundane into a dreamy and ethereal realm. Using a masterful combination of clear colours, free expressive brushstrokes and 'lost and found' edges, Kasper artfully captures the interplay of light on the city's buildings and streets. The end result is a unique painting full of atmosphere and character, carrying his personal touch and creating a lasting impression on the viewer. 

Four Courts 
South William Street
Rathfarnham Church
Capel Street Traffic
Seapoint Martello Tower
Evening Walk, Grand Canal
At Chester Beatty
Trinity College Courtyard
Leinster Road
At Christchurch
la Touche Bridge
Merchant's Arch
Back Lane Ranelagh
The Liberties
Iveagh Gardens Shadows
Dame Street Traffic
War Memorial Park
Towards Dublin Mountains
The Jeanie Johnston
Howth Yacht Club
Iveagh Gardens
Mount Brown
Snowy Dublin Mountains
Snowed Under
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