DEMCOPEM-2MW Newsletter 1 - April 2016
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Facts & Figures

Full name: DEMonstration, COmbined heat and power (or Cogeneration), PEM fuel cells and 2 Mega Watt electrical power (MWe)

Duration: 48 months
Start date: 1 January 2015
Total budget: 10.5 M€
EC Funding: 5.5 M€

DEMCOPEM-2MW - Consortium

The DEMCOPEM-2MW Consortium consists of 5 active partners from 3 EU countries.

AkzoNobel - NL
Nedstack - NL
Johnson Matthey - UK
Politecnico Milano - IT


European Commission

This project receives funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under Grant Agreement no. 621265.


The main objective of the four years DEMCOPEM-2MW project is to design, build and operate a 2 MW power generator. For the demonstration of the DEMCOPEM’s technology, a site in China by a new chlor-alkali plant has been selected. Read more...


Nedstack completes stack production for 2MW power plant

Nedstack fuel cell technology B.V. has finalized the production of all the stacks necessary to complete the 2MWe PEM Power Plant, which was sold one year ago to the Chinese customer Ynnovate. Read more...

Environmentally friendly re-use of hydrogen during chlor-alkali production

MTSA Technopower B.V. designs and builds the world’s largest power plant on hydrogen.  Principal of the project is the Chinese company Ynnovate Shanzheng Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd. in Yingkou, China. Mid 2016 the hydrogen power plant will be commissioned. At this moment the installation is being thoroughly tested at MTSA Technopower, prior to being shipped to China. Read more...

Johnson Matthey - Becoming a High-Volume Stationary Power MEA Manufacturer

Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells (JMFC) has delivered 27,000 membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) to project partner Nedstack Fuel Cell Technologies (NFCT). NFCT has built them into 360 fuel cell stacks and delivered these stacks to the DEMCOPEM-2MW system integrator, MTSA Technopower. Read more...

Modeling activities of the 2-MW cogenerative PEM system

Scale-up of stationary fuel cell plants is an ongoing process with many open challenges. Therefore, In the framework of the project, a modeling activity (belonging to WP3: Modeling of process, measurements and evaluation) is developed in order to evaluate the Demcopem 2MW plant expected performances. Results allow to better understand the plant behavior and optimize the operational strategies along plant lifetime. Read more...

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