HDGAS Newsletter 1 - June 2016
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Facts & Figures

Full name: Heavy Duty Gas Engines integrated into Vehicles
Acronym: HDGAS
Duration: 36 months
Start date: 1 May 2015
Total budget: 27 M€
EC Funding: 19.89 M€

HDGAS - Flyer


HDGAS - Consortium

The HDGAS - consortium consists of 19 partners from 9 different European countries.

1 - AVL
2 - BorgWarner
4 - Daimler
5 - Dinex
6 - FPT
9 - MAN
10 - PoLiMi
12 - SAG
13 - TNO
14 - TU Graz
15 - UEF
16 - UASE
17 - UNR
18 - VOLVO
19 - ViF

European Commission

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement no. 653391.



The overall objective of the HDGAS project is to develop, demonstrate and optimize advanced powertrain concepts for dual-fuel and for pure natural gas operation engines, perform integration thereof into heavy duty vehicles and confirm achievement of Euro VI emissions standards, in-use compliance under real-world driving conditions and CO2 or greenhouse gas targets currently under definition. Read more...

Definition of the system Layout of a LNG tank system

The development of long haul heavy duty vehicles powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) is technically very sophisticated. One major challenge remains in the storage of the LNG in the vehicle. Read more...  

Diesel engine performance and Dual fuel operation assessment

MAN and IDIADA are developing within HDGAS project an advanced dual-fuel LNG prototype truck. This advanced truck will feature a LPI gas system. And will demonstrate EUVI compliance and enhanced CO2 reduction compare to state of the art technology. Read more...

Performance evaluation Dual Fuel trucks available on the market

With the objective to get comparative technical information about performance and emissions of dual fuel trucks available in the market in 2013, It was tested a Mercedes Benz Actros (with HARDSTAFF system) and a VOLVO methane diesel truck (VOLVO and Clean Air Power cooperation), on a IDIADA's proving ground and real life route testing. Read more...


MPI low pressure Dual Fuel functional operation with a new open engine management system

On the preliminary results of Development of MPI low pressure Dual-Fuel engine, the Master-Slave Dual-Fuel approach was replaced by a new engine management system which operates both Diesel and Gas injection at the same time in a unique control unit, developed by IDIADA. Read more...

Development of aftertreatment strategy for NG fueled vehicle is a joint process: Catalyst researcher’s aspect

One of the main goals in the field of transportation is reduction of exhaust gas emissions, and commonly the reduction focuses on CO2 emissions. Natural gas (NG) itself, and, its blend with diesel are good options to reduce CO2 emissions of regular diesel fueled trucks. At the moment, Euro VI emission regulations can be achieved with stoichiometric natural gas engines. In order to reduce CO2 emissions even more, natural gas fueled lean-burn trucks which meet present Euro VI and future regulations need to be developed. Read more...

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