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Zone2Source, Amstelpark 4, 1083 HZ Amsterdam • friday to sunday  1:00 – 5:00 pm •
• OPENING  Summer Program May 31 • 2 – 5 pm
EXHIBITION  Aqua Planet by Labofactory, Glazen Huis
 May 31 – Aug 23
EXHIBITION  Sensing Nature (1972-2022) by KCCM, Orangerie
 May 31 – Aug 23
OUTDOORS  Vivum Herbarium by Driessens & Verstappen 
 May 31 – Sep 30
OUTDOORS  Buzzbench by AnneMarie van Splunter, Dahliarama
 permanent installation
• OUTDOORS  Traces by Marjolijn Boterenbrood  project till Dec 31
RESEARCH  Machine Wilderness ongoing project

This SUMMER Zone2Source presents a series of projects inside the pavilions and around the Amstelpark

OPENING Program 31 MAY 2015
2:00 pm Start at Orangerie garden with a tour around all the projects, talks and drinks. Special bites will be served from the park by De Onkruidenier (Ronald Boer and Jonmar van Vlijmen) who give weeds a new and tasty meaning.

2:15 pm Welcome by Zone2Source. Opening introduction by Sebastiaan Capel (Stadsdeelvoorzitter Zuid). Krijn Christiaansen and Cathelijne Montens present Sensing Nature (1972-2022) in de Orangerie.

3:00 pm Opening Buzzbench in Dahliarama. Presentation by AnneMarie van Splunter. Bee excursions and workshops for children (see details below).

3:30 pm Opening Herbarium Vivum along the road between het Glazen Huis and the pond. Presented by Driessens & Verstappen.

4:00 pm Opening Aquaplanet in het Glazen Huis. Presentation by Jean-Marc Chomaz from Labofactory. With a special performance.

4:30 pm A walk in the park in the context of Traces by Marjolijn Boterenbrood in which we will discover the life underneath our feet with artist Mathilde van Beekhuizen through listening and digging.

Excursions and workshops around Buzzbench (Dahliarama)
3:30 | 4:00 and 4:30 pm: Bee Excursion (for the whole family)
What are wild bees, why are they important and where can we find them? Registration:

3:30 – 5 pm: Making bee seedbolls
(4 – 12 years)
Make tasty seedbolls for the bees and learn all kinds of new things about bees.

3:45 | 4:15 pm: Bee Dance 
(4 – 8 years)
Learn more about bees by dressing up, dancing and buzzing like a bee!


by Labofactory
het Glazen Huis
May 31 – Aug 23

Labofactory is an interdiciplinary collective that consists of scientist Jean-Marc Chomaz, architect Laurent Karst and composer Francois-Eudes Chanfraults. Together they explore the cross-overs between the imagination of art and science. The exhibition Aquaplanet consists of a work from 2013 Fluxus and two new works 2080 and Red Shift in which natural physical phenomena are visualized to experience a primordial universum.

ARTIST TALK Jean-Marc Chomaz
het Glazen Huis 
Aug 23
 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Sensing Nature
by Krijn Christiaansen and Cathelijne Montens (KCCM)
May 31 – Aug 23

KCCM focuses on the manner in which public space and landscapes are being made, experienced and transformed by people. Sensing Nature (1972-2022) explores the history of the Amstelpark which was established for the horticulture exhibition, the Floriade. In the Orangerie the fieldwork and archival research will be exhibited that forms the bases for several spatial interventions in the park. In debates with audience, experts and amateurs a renewed relation to the cultivated urban nature will be developed in the Amstelpark with an eye to the coming Floriade in 2022.
Marjolijn Boterenbrood
ongoing project until December 31

Traces comes forth out of a work period Marjolijn Boterenbrood undertook in the fall of 2013 at Zone2Source. In the next year she will map the invisible nature under our feet of the Amstelpark and the Gijsbrecht van Amstelpark. Encounters with scientists and their findings will be reflected in a program of lectures, workshops, excursions, a blog on our website, and ultimately a map.

May 16, 2.15 PM starting at Glazen Huis
Walk with dr. G.H.P. Arts, aquatic ecologist and ecotoxicologist from Alterra, through the Amstelpark.

June 19, 6 PM (invitation only)
Dinner and conversation with prof.dr. Erik de Jong (Culture, Landscape and Nature at the University of Amsterdam, Artis Leerstoel).



July 29, Aug. 5 & 12, 2 – 4 PM, Rietveld Huis
During a walk in the park we explore the unknown world under our feet through looking, digging, listening and smelling.

Maximum 15 children, registration required
(A Supernova)

June 14
programme to be announced

Afterthought is a reflection on a weekend of events, A Supernova, which will be held one week earlier in the Hortus Botanicus VU where the garden forms the place of encounter between 9 artists, the location and the public (with Mitchell Thar, Jasper Coppes, Iva Jankovic, Koen Nutters, Isfrid Siljehaug, Stijn Verhoeff & Sjoerd Leijten, Han Jacobs and Sara de Campos).The specific form of this afterthought will depend on the results of the previous event. Organized by Sara de Campos

Herbarium Vivum

by Driessens & Verstappen
Road between Glazen Huis & Vijver
May 31 – Sep 30

Plant scientists study the adaptive capacities of plants under extreme conditions, as happens when new crop varieties are developed. How far can you take this? Driessens & Verstappen found inspiration for their project in the Herbarium, where the shape of plants is manipulated by flattening them, and where the uniform categorization highlights their differences. In Herbarium Vivum the artists do the same with seven living crops. They made frames where the plants have to develop themselves into an almost two-dimensional growth form. The question arises whether the plants in the living herbarium will start to resemble their own representations in herbaria and botanical illustrations, as a result of manipulating the growth process.

by AnneMarie van Splunter
permanent installation

Buzzbench is a sculptural environment that can be shared by humans and insects. It is a monumental bench in the middle of a flower field that functions simultaneously as a place to sit for humans and a biotope for insects. The bench is constructed from cane and bamboo which offers insects separate tunnels to lay eggs and survive the winter. As part of a bee cordon through the city Buzzbench forms a special public space in the Amstelpark which the artist together with a bee expert will maintain for the next ten years.
Machine Wilderness
This summer Zone2Source starts a long term collaborative research project with Theun Karelse from Proefstation MidWest. With Machine Wilderness we will develop together with artists, scientists, designers, and ecologists a knowledge and production platform for the creation of ecological robots. The final goal is the development of a Machine Wilderness Lab and Zoo in which the co-habitation of machines, animals and plants will be researched to envision a different, symbiotic relation between technology and nature.
Midsummer Night's Dream Solstice 
Diverse locations
start Orangerie garden
Jun 21, 3 – 6 pm

Zone2Source will host the third annual Midsummer Night's Dream Solstice  Performance Event on the Summer Solstice. A series of performances will be presented in the environs of our pavillions that will respond to the timely theme of the turning point of the solstice, Midsummer or St. John's day, the brief moment during which humans are in closest proximity with the parallel world of earth spirits, phantoms of nature and fairies. Performances by, amongst others, The Genetic Choir, The Secret Commonwealth and The Peter Hurkos Chair.

Zone2Source is located in the Amstelpark, Amsterdam. Office and archive are housed in the Rietveld Huis. Exhibitions in het Glazen Huis (throughout the whole year) and the Orangerie (from May until October) are on view Friday to Sunday, 13:00  - 17:00 or by appointment.
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Are you organizing a reception, discussion, workshop etc. and still looking for the perfect location? Zone2Source occassionally sublets its venues in the Amstelpark: het Rietveld Huis, Het Glazen Huis and the Orangerie. 
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Zone2Source is sponsored by:
Aquaplanet is sponsored by Chaire Développement Durable Ecole Polytechnique-EDF and Laboratoire d'Hydrodynamique Ecole plolytechnique

Sensing Nature (1972 - 2022) is sponsored by Prins Bernhard Fonds NH, Stichting Stokroos and LAPS.

Machine Wilderness is sponsored by Mondriaan Fonds and Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.
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