December 2015 Newsletter from The Positive Parenting Project
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Positive Parenting: communication tips

December 2015

This month's newsletter is all about communication. We have tips on Communicating with Teenagers and what to do When Parents Disagree about parenting. There is advice on encouraging siblings to talk out their disputes (Sibling Conflict Survival Guide), the Best Questions to get Children to Talk about School plus tips on tackling difficult issues with children (How to talk to children about sex, bodies and relationships). Plus the always popular Secret of Calm Parenting to help you through the Christmas holidays.
All this and other news from The Positive Parenting Project!

When parents disagree about parenting
When it comes to children, no two parents in the history of this planet have ever had exactly the same approach to parenting. But telling your co-parent that they are parenting all wrong is a conversation that is unlikely to go well. Here are a few tips to help keep those parenting discussions child-focused and positive! Read more
Communicating with teenagers: top tips
Good communication is essential for building and maintaining good relationships. Which can be a bit of a problem when it comes to teenagers since hanging out with mum or dad isn't always their top priority. Here are some practical tips to help keep communication channels open. Read more
Sibling conflict: a survival guide
Sibling conflict can really leech the fun out of family time. A day of bickering children sends the best of us running for the wine! Here are my top tips for staying sane and teaching children to resolve their problems through talking. 
Read more
The secret of calm parenting: only ask twice
Being a parent I have discovered that I do not have endless patience. For a long time, I thought this lack of infinite patience was the reason I found myself yelling like a fishwife when the kids weren't listening. It was only when I trained as a parenting coach that I realised that having limited patience just meant I was a human being. Staying calm with children isn't about patience, it's about strategy.  Read more

Talking to children about sex, bodies and relationships
Lots of parents find it really tricky to talk to children about their bits and bodies and where babies come from. Here's a handy guide on how to go about tackling those difficult conversations. And if you need some more help, have a look at these Top 10 books for teaching children about sex.

Best questions to get children talking
"What did you do today?" "Nothing." They can't really have done nothing, surely?! Encouraging your child to open up about their day is all about timing, flow, sincerity and asking the right questions. Read more
Online parenting course for busy parents
Triple P Online is a fantastic solution for busy working parents. It's interactive and easy to use and you can log in wherever and whenever suits you. It covers all the same material as an 8-week parenting course through a lively mix of video clips, online worksheets and personalised activities. Get in touch for more information, or take a sneak peek at the course.
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