March 2017 update from MNMC
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Autumn is technically here however some would argue that we are finally experiencing a full week of Summer weather! As the days grow shorter and the weather cools, your body will react to the changing seasons in more ways than one. From your mood to your sleeping patterns, you may notice some differences over the next few weeks. If you wish to address these changes, contact reception on (03) 9686 2566 to book in with your practitioner.

We are sad to announce our massage therapist Kaitlyn will be leaving the MNMC team for an incredible opportunity overseas. For those of you wishing to book in for a massage, Kaitlyn's last day is Saturday 11th March.

MNMC will be welcoming another practitioner to the team shortly to take over massage therapy at MNMC. New updates will be shared on Facebook and on our Melbourne Chiro Clinic website. 

For those of you yet to check out the recipe section on our website, click on the link below to have a look!

We’d love to see your creations so if you post a picture of your delicious meal on social media don’t forget to tag us or use the hashtag #mnmclinic

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Stress & Sympathetic Dominance
By Chiropractor Dr Elise Feher
Stress… It’s such a buzz word in the health industry but what does it actually mean for your health and well-being?
Fertility & Electro-smog
Fertility problems are increasing becoming an issue for many couples in Australia, and across the globe. Infertility affects both males and females, and the struggles often takes a hefty toll...
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"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health!"
- Voltaire -
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Lina's Baked Falafel
These delicious gluten-free bites are a light and healthy meal and a wonderful lunchbox alternative.
Naturopathic Consultation Fees
Effective from 1st March 2017, naturopathic consultation fees will be as follows. This is the first increase in over 6 years and will help ensure we continue providing and improving the wonderful experience and services that MNMC offers.

Initial Consultation                   $175
Extended Consultation            $125     (increase of $5)
Standard Consultation             $95       (increase of $10)
Short Consultation                   $50

We have made it a priority to minimize the increase to avoid any inconvenience.
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