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Good Morning!

I’m not sure that any of us have been through an election much like the one we are currently experiencing. This is not an email about politics or who is a Democrat or Republican. Who you are voting for is not of concern in what I want to address today.
What I really want to talk about is the strained relationships that are coming out of this election. Fights and disagreements between family members and friends are getting ugly; posts on Facebook about ‘un-friending’ people who are being rude and disrespectful of their opinions and the sharing of nasty and crude comments when people share posts about the candidates…it’s all very concerning.
We want to help you maintain civil and responsible conversations with your family members and friends. Your relationships with the people you care about are far more important. Click over to our blog post this week, ‘
Butting Heads: When Politics Strain Relationships’ for some insight on how you can engage in conversations without losing relationships.



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