August 15th, 2016

DEEP Project Newsletter n.6

The DEEP Project has already brought forth its first results and is continuing along the challenging path of a large, multinational clinical trial. In its first phase the project led to a new formulation of deferiprone with a better taste suitable for children, as well as valuable data on the safety of deferiprone and on the correct dosage to be administered.
 DEEP Teaser Video is online!

We are pleased to inform you that the DEEP Promotional Video has been officially published online and is available on YouTube at the following link.
It is a promotional teaser video describing with an “emotional” cut and a dynamic style, scope and objectives of the project through the voice of scientists, patients and the management team, focusing on the prospects for an enhancement of the patients’ quality of life.
It includes touching moments resulting from the personal and direct experiences of children affected by thalassaemia, who were interviewed in May 2015 in Tirana with the collaboration of University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa”– UHCT (Albania), reporting their situation, describing how their diseases are affecting their daily life and how they live with their disease.
The DEEP Project has entered in their homes and in their private lives, and it has given us the possibility to understand how we can really support them and how clinical studies can definitely help in finding a suitable cure.

 DEEP-2 study completed the enrollment!

A big project milestone has been reached as  the last few patients have been randomized. Thanks to the last achievements and efforts made by the PIs to recruit patients, the DEEP-2 Study has finally completed the enrollment.

The last patients were included in Albania, Italy and UK while the 393rd patient has been randomized on 14/7/2016 in UK.
 7th DEEP General Assembly meeting in Padua

After the sad decision to cancel the General Assembly (GA) meeting in Tunis, due to the disorders which have occurred across the Country, the 7th DEEP General Assembly was held in Padua, Italy between April 13th and 15th, 2016 with the participation of the whole DEEP Consortium as well as of external experts.
The meeting provided an update on the achievements and difficulties encountered toward the implementations of specific project tasks, the reasons for some delays and the mitigation strategies set into place in order to overcome such obstacles.


DEEP-2 Investigator Meeting

The last DEEP-2 Investigator Meeting was organised on April 14th 2016 in the framework of the 7th DEEP General Assembly in Padua. It was designed as a guided roundtable where CRAs and Principal Investigators from main recruiting sites had the opportunity to depict the situation at their own centre (based on the PPT Model sent out to PIs by email) and identify the main issues faced during the study.

4th DEEP Scientific Open Meeting
(Padua 2016)

The fourth DEEP Scientific Open Meeting was organised on April 15th, 2016 on the occasion of 7th DEEP General Assembly and included two sessions:

  • Challenges and opportunities of conducting clinical trials in paediatrics
  • Management of thalassaemia and haemoglobinopathies: an ongoing challenge
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