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Newsletter 29th April 2016
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Camphill Village Country Market - May 2016

May Market - Say Goodbye To Summer
Sunday 1st May 10am – 2pm

by Craig du Preez

Camphill's monthly market is on Sunday, 1st of May, and "Say Goodbye to Summer" is our theme, celebrating all that is great about summer. We celebrate with bright colours, a great summery folk band, craft beer, a new kids’ entertainment section, tours, stalls, great food and much, much more.
Visitors are encouraged to dress in their best and brightest summer outfits with all the bells and whistles: there will be some Camphill goodies giveaways to those that participate and a few great Camphill prizes for the best dressed.

This market we have planned two bicycle tours of Camphill that include stop offs at the farm, the dairy, enclosures circling around the Camphill grounds.  Tours will be 2.5km and 6km respectively, so bring your bikes along and enjoy this unique experience and tour of Camphill. As always we provide safe parking and plenty of space for all.

Jean & TamaraOur performers for this market will be Jean Ras and Tamara Day, who never fail to get feet tapping and hips swinging to their electric sounds and invigorating performance.

So grab your sunglasses and get your feet moving to Camphill market on Sunday the 1st of May 10am-2pm. 

Can’t wait to see you there.

Directions & contact details
Directions: From the N1 take the N7 towards Malmesbury, travel approx 35km.
At the sign “R304 Camphill Village / Atlantis” turn left, drive another 4,5km and we are on the left.

Email or visit

Contact 021 571 8600 & 8641 on market day
Essential oil blending class
Camphill Classes at our Market
by Craig du Preez

Mind Body Spirit – Cosmetics
Did you ever wonder how people successfully prevented or fought off infections, viruses and ailments naturally for centuries before modern medicine?  Would you like to know how to make your own effective remedies for yourself and your family at a fraction of the cost of a trip to your local health store?  And how to find the best natural remedy based on properties and effect instead of using unreliable internet forums. Perhaps you just want to make something that smells great, but what if I showed you how it could positively affect your mood and body.

Camphill Village Cosmetics is holding a class on mixing therapeutic blends on Sunday the 1st of May from 10:30. This introductory class costs R150.00 and lasts about 1 ½ hours at the cosmetics workshop. You will take home two therapeutic blend recipes you can use at home, some natural cosmetics practices and some great insights into the craft.
Baked to perfection – Sourdough bread
Camphill shares their love of all things good and the secrets of making sourdough bread in this invigorating baking class.

This class will introduce you to Camphill’s concepts, approach and methodologies in creating breads that both assist and nourish the body.  This exploration of our bakery and Camphill philosophy promises an interesting perspective on eating and living well and you’ll learn the practical skills to make your own sourdough bread.   The class costs R150.00 per person. Participants will take home their own loaf of sourdough bread and will receive a portion of Camphill sourdough starter to continue their baking journey at home.
Baking class
Carinne HumanCarine Human - Our New Social Worker
by Antoinette Leeming

She looks like a Botticelli angel, with the serenity of a Raphaelite Madonna.   Yet there is a twinkle in her eyes which is definitely a sign of a great sense of humour.   This is our new social worker, Carine Human.
Born into a wonderfully caring family, she and her two brothers had the benefit of a mother who was a nurse and a father who taught at De Grendel.  Caring was a part of her upbringing.
In 2002 she graduated from Stellenbosch University with a BA (Social Work) Hon. Degree, worked in the United Kingdom, then on her return to South Africa, for the SAVF – working with homeless youth and adults, and was employed by NICRO and Khulisa, rendering service to youth and adults in the community and in correctional facilities.   She has also trained members of SAPS and volunteers in victim empowerment for working with victims of violence and sexual abuse.  

She has since completed her master’s degree (MSW – Social Health Care) through the University of Pretoria.   She is now in private practice as a social worker, divorce mediator and counsellor, while working part time in Camphill seeing to the needs of our residents.

Her philosophy in her work is to try to see through the labels which society gives people and connect with the person inside.   It is a holistic and healthy approach to her vocation, looking to release the inner child, to ease the pain, dry the tears and teach people to ‘never stop dreaming!’ She has already won the respect and love of our residents.

Carine is starting a life skills group, aimed specifically at new residents in which to help them adjust to being here and working life. She views challenging behaviours as potential for learning opportunities and is already imparting the necessary skills of conflict resolution, good communication, self-development and awareness. In addition to this, her role is to support staff through training, for their own emotional wellbeing and personal development in their role as carers.

Welcome Carine. We can already all feel the effect of the positive energy you have brought to our village!
Working out in the Camphill gym
Working Out
by Craig du Preez

We have converted the garage at our community centre into a modest gym for our men and women who intend to tone and craft their physiques.   We currently have a treadmill, an exercise bike, an ab machine and a set of dumbbells. The gym will be run by Arnold, our very own power-lifting champion who works in the dairy, and Max, and will be open selected mornings, afternoons and evenings.

We have a wish list for expanding the equipment:  a bench press, another bike, pull up bars and more weights to use. If anyone has any spare exercise or gym equipment they would like to donate, please contact our fundraiser: Janine Strumpher  on 021 571 8600 or by  
Camphill West Coast Football
by Max Madyungu

For the Camphill soccer team, football isn’t just about the game, it’s about joy, love, trust, hope, skill and dignity. It’s about family, dreams, unity, faith, confidence and friendships.  A calling in our souls that never fades. Camphill Team is back, ready and rearing to go with new fresh players and uniforms to match.

Ability is what you are capable of doing, motivation determines what you do, and attitude determines how well you can do it and that’s why disability is not inability.
Tunnel Vision - Oceans of Green
by Craig du Preez

Our gardens are bursting with beautiful rows of vibrant fresh lettuce stretching out beside our tunnels. If you half close your eyes, you see captivating oceans of brilliant green and red. Inside the tunnels is also a sea of green, as our cucumbers and tomatoes grow apace.

Our leaf selection currently includes baby spinach, Green Frill, Red Frill, Flat Leaf and Iceberg lettuce. Our delicious organic lettuce is available in vacuum-packed salad bags from our orders department and will be on sale at our monthly market on the 1st of May.

*a little heads up:  We will have harvests of wholesome organic tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot available from the end of May/beginning of June so watch this space.
Lettuce ocean
Bio Dynamics preparation
Bio Dynamics
by Eastlynne Nelson-Tansley

Every year around Easter a group of us meet outside the dairy with spades, fresh manure and cow horns. Horn manure is one of the bio-dynamic soil preparations which is sprayed onto prepared beds before planting crops, or applied regularly during a growth cycle to enhance root formation and strength.

But.... first we need to dig a shallow grave and then fill the horns and place them in a row. Covering them again with soil we mark the number of steps from the gate pole to tell us where to dig in six months. And then we wait.

Every year around Michaelmas we meet near this grave, with spades, enthusiasm and an earthenware pot or jar. What has happened to this substance during the 6 months underground? Unseen forces have been working through the manure. It has now matured to humus, a crumbly, pleasant smelling horn manure. This now is combined with warm rain or bore-hole water in a special way to be sprayed onto the pasture, crop or beds.

Watch this space for Michaelmas (29 September) pictures of stirring and spraying the cow horn manure, transferring its potent energy to our soil and crops.
Planting herbs
Eurhythmy in Camphill Village
by Eva Maria

For three months each year for the past ten years, I have travelled to South Africa together with my musician Bonny C. to bring Eurhythmy to Camphill, giving individual therapy to residents, courses to the young co-workers, and offering an evening of Eurhythmy and music to the village. Our special joy is our work with our “Residents’ Eurhythmy Performing Group”. We meet with these wonderful hard-working and enthusiastic people to rehearse once a week throughout our stay here, and perform a play in Eurhythmy during Easter.

We always look forward so much to our time here, escaping the dismal British winter to come to sunny South Africa, to be united once more with our dear friends in Camphill.
Cooking with solar
Solar cooking
by Maria Plappert

Not long ago a big, heavy parcel made it through the gate of Camphill; it had travelled all the way from Germany and was filled with lots of bits and pieces which we could put together to make a wonderful solar cooker, after a Saturday of puzzling with everybody who was around. Thanks to my mum, who loves new ideas for using resources in a cleaner and more efficient way, we can now experiment with the big parabolic mirror in our garden.
At home in Germany we have to wait for sunny days after long, cold winters and then finally it is time for the first solar coffee in the garden again. How lucky we are to be in this country of sun! We get the gift of her endless energy almost every day! On a bright sunny day 3 litres of water are boiling within 25 minutes. Putting the kettle on after lunch was yesterday, nowadays our tea water is boiling outside already and we hope that soon all our meals will be cooked by solar (on sunny days)!

EG Solar has developed this new cooking technology over the past 20 years, reducing environmental pollution and health risks to women and children who had to cook with firewood before. Now they don’t have to carry heavy logs or get burned by the coals anymore. Instead they receive the SK14 model which can be put together by anybody and is very easy and safe to use.
At our next market we will serve our first solar lunch – cross your fingers for a sunny day!
Building the solar cooker
Eckard HarmseEckard Harmse
*30. May 1995-
Interview by Ninja Geissler

I have two older half sisters, Luanne and Verona, but they were not in the children’s home in Durbanville where I grew up. I went to school at Alta Du Toit, a bus from the children’s home took us there every day. There was sometimes a lot of fighting in the children’s home and that was not nice. I sometimes helped in the house with cleaning or in the kitchen.

I shared my bedroom with three friends, that was good.

When I turned 18 and was finished with school the people from the children’s home brought me to Camphill. I liked it and came for a two week trial period. I am glad I came.

I am working on the farm, do a lot of milking and just moved to Malachite, that is a good house for me.
Lauren lives in my house, she is like a big sister to me and her parents invited me already twice to their house for a weekend, at Christmas and Easter. I liked it a lot and I want to say ‘Thank You’ because I appreciate it a lot.

I only have one more wish, to see my real family again.
Vivue - an intern on the farmAn Intern on the Farm
by Vivue Dzube-Dzube

Camphill currently has 6 agricultural students doing their internship with us. This is how Vivue is experiencing his internship:

My name is Vivue Dzube-Dzube and I am from Mount Frere in the Eastern Cape. I am a 3rd year student, studying Agricultural Management at NMMU. Having read about Camphill Village, its community life and its organic farming, I decided that it was the perfect place to do my internship.

When I first came to Camphill, not knowing what to expect, I was warmly welcomed. As the dairy milking-manager I have learnt that humility, patience and being polite are very important management skills, especially when working with “special-needs” people. I have also gained much practical experience with regards to animal handling, animal health, crop-production, and the use of technology and machinery in farming industry.

My internship here ends in June and it has been a great learning experience for which I am most grateful to Camphill Village West Coast.
Camphill's Got Talent
Save the Date

Camphill and Friends Have Talent - Please save the date for our talent show - which will be held on

Friday, the 22nd of July.

We look forward to seeing you there.

New BFF's spotted in Camphill. Agnes, a new resident and Jenny have found amazing support and friendship in each other.  Friendship is the ultimate gift.
How to Donate
by Janine Strumpher

Our PayPal account is now in operation; there are now three ways to donate cash to Camphill Village West Coast.
  1. Our PayPal account is now fully functional if you would like to use this option - Click Here
  2. EFT – Camphill Village Standard Bank Malmesbury Acc: 082 399 204 Branch: 050507 Swift: SBZA ZA JJ
  3. Foreign donations can be made through a NPO in your country and a tax certificate can be issued, please contact Janine to discuss for more info.
NB! Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE, we would like to thank everybody that supports Camphill, remember without your support we cannot continue the work we do. We provide a safe normal life for people living with intellectual disability.
Understanding Intellectual DisabilityA New Book on Intellectual Disability
by James Sleigh

A new book has recently been released and is available from the Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability

This handbook brings together the expertise of over twenty practitioners working in the sector. It provides information and supports best practice on a range of important issues related to the rights of people with intellectual disability.

It includes topics such as development and the child with intellectual disability, self-advocacy, inclusive education, living options, sexuality, mental health, challenging behaviour and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

If anyone would like to order this book, they can contact the Western Cape Forum on 021 510 4686.
Thank you to ...
by Janine Strumpher

Gabriele Plappert - Solar Cooker, see Maria’s article above for the story
Dieter Plappert - Donation to upgrade herb garden
Parklands College & Christopher Robin Pre-primary - Yummy Easter Eggs for all.
Elsa and Gavin - for donations of clothing
Malcolm & Leigh-Ann - 2 Single Beds & a lounge suite
Sponsor a Resident

by Janine Strumpher

We have embarked on a drive to find a sponsor for each resident who has no family or financial means. Without Camphill Village they would be on the streets where people with special needs are often victims of abuse and manipulation and at risk even within their own families and/or communities.
And without financial assistance we cannot continue providing this place of safety.

Living at Camphill Village West Coast gives people with intellectual disability the chance to live a full, creative and fulfilled life, to develop their abilities and contribute to their community. The life that we take for granted, is for many a gift. However we can only do this when financial support is found for the individuals.

If you can help, or know of Individuals or Companies we can approach please contact Janine Strumpher on 021 571 8600 or e-mail

Take a break from your busy day and watch this beautiful slideshow about life at Camphill -

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