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Newsletter 25th January 2017
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Camphill Village Country Market - February 2017
February Market
Sunday 5th, 10am – 2pm

by Craig du Preez

Sunday 5th of February is the first Camphill Market for 2017 and I can't wait. Since it is the first market of the year I thought I would share what I believe Camphill market is and what it means to our residents, staff and vendors… it is certainly more than just a market.
  • The Market is a platform for us to interact with the public, for them to get to know us/ know about  Camphill Village West Coast, understand and interact with people with intellectual disabilities.
  • The Market is a revenue stream for Camphill that generates income which helps us thrive.
  • The Market provides a source of income for our vendors.
  • The Market is also an opportunity for residents who have stalls to interact with the patrons and earn a little extra income that helps them to enjoy their lives better.
  • The Market is an opportunity for residents to share time with friends and family that they don’t get to see every day.
  • The Market is an opportunity for us to interact as a community  and a great day out for all our visitors.
On that joyful note… come and join us on Sunday the 5th of February. Come and enjoy the great food; family entertainment and wide variety of stalls in the fresh, clean air and sprawling grounds of Camphill Village West Coast. 

ThJean and Tamarais month's magical musical performance will be brought to you by the popular duo Jean and Tamara who always hold the crowd spellbound with their beautiful melodies and captivating voices. 

As always we offer safe parking, great family and kids’ entertainment, playground,  petting zoo and tractor rides for exploring the farm.  

Can't wait to see you there.

Directions & contact details
Directions: From the N1 take the N7 towards Malmesbury, travel approx 35km.
At the sign “R304 Camphill Village / Atlantis” turn left, drive another 4,5km and we are on the left.

Email or visit

Contact 021 571 8600 & 8641 on market day
Off the Grid Music Festival at Camphill
Off the Grid - Music Festival 25 February 2017
by  Kit Heathcock

Our music festival is almost upon us and with such a great line-up we’re all getting excited to hear the sounds of Freshlyground, Majozi, Albert Frost, The Bootleggers, Jackal and the Wind and Akhona/Mad_A CPT on our very own outdoor stage. For all the latest news follow the Facebook page, and enter the competition to win tickets - open until 10th February!

Buy your tickets at Webtickets Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy fantastic music in a very special place!!

Diarise the 25th of February 2017 for your best party ever!

Book your tickets now -
Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017
Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017
by Janine Strumpher

Looking back at 2016, I think many of us are very glad to see the back of it. However, much was accomplished during 2016, which we hope will be a foundation for a very positive 2017.

We start a year with challenges: it is very dry on the farm and water has become a huge focus,. Ways of saving water have been implemented, both in what we do and how we think. We are full steam ahead with our master plan and the vision of Camphill Ecological Centre of Excellence.

Areas of continued focus are security, sustainability and moving forward to get ourselves off the grid. We started securing our village last year, by burglar proofing house by house. We are putting up security lights and this task will continue this year. We cannot thank you enough for your support with this costly but necessary endeavor.

We have to seriously look at the sustainability of our organization. These are volatile times, not only in our country but in the world, and how can we help ourselves?

Off the grid, we are currently at 60Kw and working our way, with the assistance of our partners Rays of Hope to become totally off the grid. By supporting our Off the Grid music festival you will assist us with all of the above.

Wishing you all a 2017 filled with health, wealth, love, happiness, success and laughter!
Alere training
Alere Volunteers
by Janine Strumpher

A heartfelt thank you to the staff of Alere Healthcare who volunteered their time to assist Camphill with a health training workshop, assistance in our bakery, herbal cosmetic workshop, art classes in Sunshine workshop and repainting of our shop in a beautiful warm colour.

Thank you for all the art products, new uniforms, paint, materials and for the love and energy you brought with you. And special big thanks from the residents who were here for Christmas and received gifts from you. It was a wonderful day, the staff and residents of Camphill really enjoyed having you here. Wishing you all a beautiful 2017 and please come back to visit.

“Thank you to all who came to assist and enjoy their time in the Cosmetics workshop. I hope you enjoyed making the products and received as much value as we did in having you here.  Thank you for making us laugh and smile, mostly thank you for your time- after all that is the most precious gift you can give”
~ Craig & The Cosmetics Team

"Big thanks for a Village Shop revamp and to your team for helping us create a new 2017 theme in green. It looks great!"
~ Catherine, Jeffrey and shop team

“Thank you for the lovely time in art class and all the lovely art materials you gave us, we made beautiful cards”
~ Sunshine workshop

“It was a wonderful experience for us to work and teach with you, the interaction on both sides is a memory that will last forever”
~ Max and the Bakery team

"A very big thank you to Leanne for giving us such a great introduction into her career, and knowledge which she shared with us. What an amazing experience for us! It will really benefit us and help us with caring for our residents"
~ Uli and her team
The Stage is Set
by Craig du Preez

The Camphill grounds are really starting to take shape around the stage area.  It is such a wide open playful space, perfect for picnics and get togethers. Surrounded by a white picket fence, the one side is a large field dotted with tall trees , providing small pockets of shade and nice long stretches for people to play and frolic. On the other side of the path there is a small line of beautifully shaped pine trees leading to our dam, overlooking the fields. It really is such a peaceful and welcoming site.  
Picture the scene at the coming music festival. people sprawled out on the grass with blankets and pillows, families and couples playing in the dam.  Colourful tents, the smell of great foods coming from the food trucks on a beautiful sunny day… I can't wait. 
Enterprises 2017
Enterprises looking forward
by Craig du Preez

We at Camphill Village Enterprises would like to thank all of our suppliers, customers and fans for the outstanding contributions and support you blessed us with in 2016. Without you, Camphill would not be where it is today. You have assisted us in generating an income and sustaining a lifestyle for the people living with intellectual disability at Camphill Village.  We hope that we too have added value to your business and families through our efforts to become more self sustainable.
Entering our 53rd year in existence and as a non-profit, it has never been more important for us to generate a sustainable income through our enterprises. Here is a look back at our achievements of 2016 and our goals going forward in 2017.
  • Farm Manager Rudi Malan: is ecstatic that in 2016 we achieved the highest yield in the milking parlor.  His goal for 2017 is stabilizing fodder flow.
  • Garden Manager JP Dippenaar: In 2016 we achieved the established multiple tunnels for large scale growing and achieved success in growing cucumbers and tomatoes for SMME’s. In 2017 he aims to improve on that and to experiment with spinach
  • Herb Garden Manager Veronica Baleni: in 2016 we re-established the herb garden and significantly increased their yield, allowing  us the opportunities to meet the demand from our customers. In 2017 we hope to be able to supply more customers.  
  • Bakery Manager Masixole Madyungu: We increased our sales on existing lines such as light rye in 2016. In 2017 we hope to get more customers.
  • Cosmetics Manager Craig Du Preez:  in 2016 we greatly improved relationships with existing customers, created two new ranges and significantly improved sales. In 2017 we aim to break into other retail and hospitality markets as well as widen our customer base.
  • Market Craig & Max:  2016 saw the establishment of  live entertainment at the Camphill market and a renewed focus on all things Camphill. Our supporters have shown great interest in our lifestyle and In 2017 We hope to capitalize on that.
  • Crafts – Run by Mishka Smith: in 2016 we began making bath mats and elegant scarves for the winter markets. In 2017 we aim to revive the weaving workshop.   
  • Shop Manager Jeffrey Chadiwa :  2016 saw the  conception of a small intimate  coffee shop, in 2017 I would like to see that flourish.

Advent Spiral
Christmas at Camphill
by Ninja, Eastlynne & Sheryl

Our first Advent Sunday Celebration was a wonderful sharing of popular Christmas carols. Alistair was in his element and Eastlynne started a story called "Rock Crystal”.

The Advent Spiral: Anticipation grew as the children were told to wait outside. No-one was allowed into the foyer and the door was locked! The children's excitement grew when they were all told to be 'as quiet as mice' and were allowed in one-by-one. The foyer was dark except for a small light beside the nativity scene. A beautiful spiral was laid out on the floor. The energy in the room was tangible - so serene, gentle and quiet. The ceremony that followed was truly amazing. From the Angel selecting each child or resident in turn to walk the spiral - to the softly sung Christmas Carols and the glimmer of the candles around the spiral as each person chose their special spot to place their apple.  A delighful, uplifting and intensely spiritual experience for everyone.

On the Third Advent Sunday ‘The Apostolic Church’ Choir gave us a special Christmas singing experience. We managed to have a small tuck shop with chips and cool drinks for sale. The residents really enjoyed that.

On the last Advent Sunday we rekindled an almost forgotten tradition, inviting our friends from Pella, who brought not only their choir but also their brass band and recorder group. We had a lovely afternoon listening and singing along to Afrikaans and English Carols.

Band from Pella

We were very lucky to start our Christmas Eve once again with the Shepherds’ Play performed by a group of Camphill volunteers and teenage children. This play, situated in the cold north, sets a nice tone for the evening by telling us in a joyful way of Christ’s birth and the shepherds’ journey to greet the child.
Every Christmas Eve at 11pm we sing carols by candlelight to our cows; tradition has it that on this night all animals understand us. This year a merry group of co-workers, residents and visitors gathered to sing to the cows who came closer to investigate and enjoy the music. It was a heartwarming and delightful experience under a beautiful, star studded sky.

Camphill Christmas play 2016

To round of a beautiful day some of us gathered at midnight in the Chapel to read the gospel and hear some beautiful songs sung by our Choir. Eastlynne read a poem by Ben Okri.
Residents goals
by Mishka Smith
Juliette Juliet: “This year I must finish everything I start, without giving up.”
Cameron Cameron: “I want to make lots of friends and find a girlfriend.”
Glynis Glynis: “I want to knit hats”
David David: “I want to make a better life in Camphill this year and for many years, and to be able to adapt to changes, and to make many friends”
Wilfed Wilfred: “Painting, Painting, painting, painting”
Rosaline Rosaline: “I want to start weaving in the crafts”
Derek Wright Derek: “I want to learn how to use a computer so that I can start a business”
Paul Paul: “I just hope that this year is even better than last year”
Sigi Sigi: “I want to quit eating chocolate and learn how to make invoices on the computer to be more useful to the bakery.”
Joanne Joanna: “I am looking forward to the music festival and to all of the parties”
Thank yous
by Janine Strumpher

Thank You:
Trevor & Rene – Fan & Curios
Hilary – Curtains
Andre & Rochelle – Books & Magazines
June – Two vacuum cleaners
Wakelin’s – Clothing, games, DVD’s and records
Helen – Fridge/Freezer

How to Donate
by Janine Strumpher

Our PayPal account is now in operation; there are now three ways to donate cash to Camphill Village West Coast.
  1. Our PayPal account is now fully functional if you would like to use this option - Click Here
  2. EFT – Camphill Village Standard Bank Malmesbury Acc: 082 399 204 Branch: 050507 Swift: SBZA ZA JJ
  3. Foreign donations can be made through a NPO in your country and a tax certificate can be issued, please contact Janine to discuss for more info.
NB! Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE, we would like to thank everybody that supports Camphill, remember without your support we cannot continue the work we do. We provide a safe normal life for people living with intellectual disability.
My School Card
My School Card

Support Camphill Village with a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card.
Every time you shop at Woolworths, Waltons,, ToysRUs and several other partners, a percentage of the amount goes to your MySchool beneficiaries.

If you don’t already have a card the application form is available on our website here.

If you already have a card, update your profile to include Camphill Village West Coast as one of your beneficiaries.

You can have up to three beneficiaries per card, so can support us at the same time as your school or other favourite charity.

Thank you – every little bit makes a difference!

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