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n. ~ [ZEEN] • RECORD TYPES • a limited-run and usually inexpensively produced serial or standalone publication of self-expression by a single individual or a small cooperative and distributed by mail and other participatory networks of exchange  

Although zine was in use at least by the 1960s as a synonymous shortened form of fanzine, the term took on a more general meaning by the 1980s. At this point, zines were usually photocopied and they were not necessarily defined by a fannish focus. Instead, zines covered the range of human experience and focused more on the creation of and dissemination of original literature, art, reporting, and political thought. By the 1990s, much zinelike activity moved to the Web, leading to the creation of e-zines and blogzines. Such electronic publications still exist, but their creators less and less conceive of these as zines.  

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zine (Bagazine #4, 2010. Photo by Geof Huth.)
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