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Sophia's Courtyard Reflection

Association of African American Student Educators

Graduate School:
The End is Just Beginning

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Native American Heritage Month 

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Tuesday, October 21
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November 26-28
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Sophia's Courtyard Reflection
By: Melissa Goto

Sophomore, Elementary Education

Melissa Goto poses for a picture with fellow Passport to Success student Jennifer Iwerks in Sophia's Courtyard at the International Festival of Raleigh.

Each year a non-profit organization called International Focus, Inc. celebrates and shares cultures of the world through the International Festival in downtown Raleigh. This year's festival took place September 19-21. There is an area of the festival called Sophia's Courtyard that focuses on youth entertainment and cultural education. Sophia's Courtyard offers hands-on crafts, games, face painting, performances, story telling, and more! This year, I had the exciting opportunity to serve as Co-Project Manager of Sophia's Courtyard.
Because this was the first time that NC State students coordinated Sophia's Courtyard, we were essentially the guinea pigs. We did not know what to expect, and we did not have an example to follow; however, these challenges provided opportunities for us to grow as leaders in ways that we would not have had otherwise. I learned first-hand how to effectively communicate with co-committee members, festival performers, and professionals at International Focus, Inc.
Additionally, being deeply involved in the International Festival heightened my awareness of diversity. The festival itself was a burst of life and color. Seeing people of all nationalities come together and celebrate their differences was a beautiful sight. As a strong advocate of diversity, I appreciate this mission of the festival!
Want to experience the WORLD in Raleigh?

Association of African American Student Educators 

By: Shealynn Womble
Middle Grades Language Arts & Social Studies

The Association of African American Student Educators (AAASE) Members 

The Association of African American Student Educators (AAASE), a College of Education student organization, has had an excellent start in their fall semester for the 2014-2015 school year. AAASE is focused on the cultural experiences, social life, and professional development of its members as well as being involved in the community. The organization has the vision of growth within NC State and the surrounding community.

“Brown v. Board: 60 Years Later” was the first event of the year hosted in September with the NC State University African American Cultural Center. The panel discussion fostered conversation around the legal, social, and personal impacts of the Brown v. Board decision over the past 60 years. Later in September, AAASE held a bake sale in the College of Education and sold out of all of the deserts the members came together to make. 
AAASE hosted its annual College Day Saturday, October 18th. This event was held to provide youth with valuable information from both the University and its community members so they can prepare for their lives after high school.  

In celebration of NC State University Diversity Week, AAASE hosted a social for Undergraduate and Graduate students to discuss their individual journeys in life and school. It was held Tuesday, October 21st. The organization is excited to continue to impact the community with the many professional, social, and service events planned for the school year.

Graduate School:
The End is Just Beginning 

By: Ariel Cochrane-Brown, M.Ed.
PhD Student, Educational Research & Policy Analysis
Graduate Assistant
Office of Graduate Student Mentoring & Success

Earning a bachelor’s degree is not the end of the road for many individuals. Whether pursuing a career in education or in another area, graduate degrees are becoming the standard for many entry level positions. Below are a few steps to help get the ball rolling in the right direction for your graduate school pursuit.

1. Cultivate relationships with instructors and professionals with whom you meet. You never know when you will need a letter of recommendation or an advocate to put in a good word. Whether you want to go to graduate school or into the workforce, strengthening your network is always something you can improve upon, and it is never too early to start.

2. Determine if graduate school is for you. Graduate school is an investment of your time, energy, and money. Before taking on such a difficult task, research and reflect on whether graduate school is necessary and truly for you.

3. Research programs that fit your interests. There are many ways to learn about graduate schools/programs that fit your academic and professional goals. Visit the website of the professional associations that serve your career field. They often have search engines to help find graduate programs in that field. Explore the websites of schools in which you are interested. Ask professionals in your field of interest about their graduate institutions and experiences. 

4. Take whichever standardized test is required for admission into your program of interest. Whether your program requires the GRE, GMAT, or any other standardized test, be sure to prepare for and take the test well before the program’s application deadline. Give yourself time for your scores to come in and for you to take it again if you did not perform as well as you know you could.

5. Apply, apply, apply! Apply to graduate programs that fit your needs; not just academically, but professionally, personally, and in any other way necessary. Remember, keep track of required application materials and deadlines, and illustrate how your admission into a particular program would be mutually beneficial to you and the school. 
Even if graduate school is not in your immediate plan after college, these tips are helpful for anyone considering embarking on the graduate school journey at some point in their lives.

Fall Pictures

Wolfpack Welcome Week  
Beach Bash 

Tuesday, August 19

Dinner with the Dean

Monday, September 29
Native American
Heritage Month
November is Native American Heritage Month. The month serves to educate the community on Native American history and culture, raise awareness about Native American social issues and concerns, and celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of Native Americans. 
For a detailed list of Native American
Heritage Month events at NC State, visit: 
Native American Heritage Month Calendar

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