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February, 2014

What's Sprouting?
This Issue: Oasis Games, Kids at Heart, GreenHouse Alums Group, Councilmember Cohn Partnership, and Best Practices in After-School Learning
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GreenHouse kids enjoying lunch during arts camp, part of our "Oasis Games" partnership with Sacramento Waldorf School last week.
Over 50 youth and faculty from the Sacramento Waldorf school joined teens from our "Leaders in Training" team to work on neighborhood beautification projects last week, including readying our garden with new planter boxes, prepping the Clubhouse for exterior painting, and helping organize our Clubhouse library, arts closet, and kitchen area.

Pictures (Starting above left, clockwise):  GreenHouse teen leaders help clean-up trash in the empty lot across the street; kids practice "Jackson Pollack" style painting on our new mural; staffmember Brayan Noriega gets started on the 2014 mural; new painting by Waldorf students above the sink the our Clubhouse.

Other GreenHouse News

GreenHouse "Alums" Group Launched!
GreenHouse Founder Kacie Stratton and two board members brought a group of young women together last month who had all been involved in The GreenHouse as children and teenagers. They had a great time reconnecting, talking about life plans and challenges they face, hiking, and journaling. Having more time to bring this group of GreenHouse "alumni" together for spiritual formation and mutual support was one of Kacie's dreams as she was transitioning from the Executive Director position last year. 

Each one of the young women said that their time at The GreenHouse was some of the happiest and safest seasons of their lives.   It's a testimony to the long-lasting  impact of The GreenHouse's investment into young lives and families. Thanks to all of you who have been a part of these young women's journey over the last decade.  Greater things are yet to come for each of them! 
Leaders in Training (LIT) Partner With Councilman Cohn on Soccer Field Project
This week, our LIT teen leaders met with City Councilman Steve Cohn about the soccer field renovation project at Ninos Park to receive updates and provide design ideas. They were excited to learn that the project will begin in April, finish by the end of summer, and will include a complete repair of the field conditions, irrigation system, and drinking fountains!

This project was launched several years ago by a previous generation of LIT leaders, who were then working in partnership with Mayor Pro Tem Angelique Ashby, our previous city councilmember. LIT leaders also invited Councilman Cohn to co-host a community forum with them to present the construction plans to area residents and solicit feedback about remaining design details. LIT teens expressed that they felt really supported by their city leaders and they are looking forward to further partnerships.  Great job, team!
Mark Your Calendars for Kids at Heart 2014!
Saturday, May 31st at 6 pm
Clunie Center Grand Hall at McKinley Park
601 Alhambra Blvd. Sacramento 95816
Kids at Heart is our annual fundraiser to support The GreenHouse's work with under-resourced youth and families.  It consists of a celebration dinner, community awards, silent auction, and youth performances.  It's always a great time to hang out with friends and to be inspired!  Each year, Kids at Heart raises approximately 1/3 of The GreenHouse's annual budget.

We are currently looking for fun donation items for our silent auction.  We're also inviting local businesses, congregations, and families to come on board as event sponsors. Help support a great cause!  
Best Practices in After-School Learning:

A national consortium of over 150 school districts, think tanks, policy advocates, youth development practitioners, university professors, and community centers (including The GreenHouse) have signed on to a position statement with the "Learning in After-School & Summer Project" that affirms the following five "best practices" for optimal learning in after-school and out-of-school youth programming:

"Learning in afterschool should be Active, Collaborative, Meaningful, Geared for Mastery, and Expand Horizons."  Based on recent brain research and studies in the science of learning, these five principles are described in the consortium's position statement as essential for after-school programs to reach their full potential as places of learning and healthy youth development. 

We believe that The GreenHouse's youth programs exemplify these best practices and we're striving to improve each week!
(Left: Our "Club 56" group preparing to serve goodies and play games at a nearby assisted living facilityRight: A sample of workshops offered on "Fun Fridays" in our elementary-aged Evergreen Program)

These principles are evident through The GreenHouse's:
  • Culturally relevant curriculum for our English Language Learning students;
  • Math curriculum that supports and expands what youth are learning in school, coordinated with their local teachers.
  • Hands-on skill building workshops where youth can gain mastery in the arts and in life-skills like cooking, practical biology and physics, knitting, and sewing; 
  • Highly kinetic group activities that engage students minds and bodies in the learning process, including community service projects that teach the value of giving back; 
  • Our many off-site field trips that expose students to experiences and opportunities outside of their neighborhood.
GreenHouse staff and our well-trained volunteers are able reach and support students that are falling behind in their regular classroom settings by incorporating teaching models from non-traditional Montessori and Waldorf teaching techniques, and by working in close partnership with parents and with the childrens' teachers at local schools. 

We are striving for excellence in all three of The GreenHouse's main focus areas: Academic preparation and life-skill building, youth and parent leadership development, and faith formation!  Thank you for being a part of our team!

We are looking for new regular supporters of The GreenHouse's work alongside youth and families in this community.  Click here to learn more about becoming one of our Bedrock Donors.

Thank you for being a part of our team!

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