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July 10, 2015
Wildlife in Urban Areas
In recent years, a host of charismatic wild species, the coyote being only the most famous, have returned to American cities in numbers not seen for generations. Yet the official response in many areas has been, at best, disorganized, and people’s responses varied. The time has come for us to accept that these animals are here to stay, and develop a new approach to urban wildlife.

Master Naturalists Provide $945,000 in Volunteer Work
Since the establishment of the East Central Illinois Master Naturalist program in 2005, 225 residents have become Master Naturalists. Volunteer efforts have provided almost 45,000 hours of service valued at more than $945,000 to East Central Illinois. Check out the Master Naturalist state website at to explore all the programs in Illinois or contact your local UI Extension office to find a program near you (
Returning to Rural Communities
Return migration plays a vital role in rural America, but information about rates of return migration, the timing of moves back home, and the potential economic impacts of returnees is not available through standard quantitative assessments. While returnees mainly move back for their children and parents, they also value involvement in familiar social networks and the opportunities to make a difference. Investments in college and job training made elsewhere by these young adults translate into valuable community assets down the road. They raise the ability of rural towns to sustain community functions in the face of limited financial and human resources.Return migration strategies may prove more effective than attempts to retain young people in the years right after high school. For talented and motivated youth, leaving rural communities is a necessary, inevitable, and highly encouraged rite of passage from adolescence into adulthood.

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