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Football is in the air

The seasons are changing, the kids are settled back into school, the glow of the Friday night lights have taken hold of high schools and colleges across the country, and the crisp air has people ready for the fall. This time of the year resonates with most people and brings back many fond memories of the past.
At Red Door, it makes us think back to the glory days of high school (or lack thereof…) when preparing for those Friday night football games. Game nights were 10 to 12 nights of fun and glory each year. But what transpired before that was hard work, discipline and sacrifice. Long, grueling practices in the summer and hard workouts were the requirement to be able to perform on game night. Whether it’s sports, music, theatre or Algebra II, it’s all the same. It requires practice, and preparation leads to results. You can’t just show up for a game, a theater performance or a test and expect to excel. 
This leads us to one question: How hard are you working on your personal finances? You can’t assume you will make enough money in the future to send your kids to college. You can’t just show up at age 65 and expect to be able to retire. You can’t presume that your finances will simply work out. It takes a disciplined approach. It means sacrificing today’s wants for future needs. The game of life is very similar to those Friday night games. Are you giving that same focused effort on your finances? If not, you need to determine the reason why and find a solution to fix it. Your Red Door team would be happy to help you figure it out.

Stock Market Performance Projections For The Next Five Years

Using Shiller P/E ratios, it is possible to accurately estimate long-term equity market returns.  Here are the current Shiller P/E ratios for different markets:
  • United States = 26.2 (S&P 500 index)
  • Europe = 14.4 (MSCI Europe index)
  • Emerging Markets = 15.0 (MSCI Emerging Market index)  
The data below illustrates the average annual five-year forward return for a given Shiller P/E range. For example, investors who invested in U.S. equities with a Shiller P/E between 20 and 25 saw an average annual return of 8.5 percent over the next five years. You can use the above ratios for the chart below to determine future performance.

This is an example of the data that we are constantly updating and reviewing. We use this to build forward guidance for the future holdings in our portfolios. Based upon this data, a further increase in our international exposure may be on the horizon.

Red Door Annual Dove Hunt

Red Door's annual dove hunt took place last month. Below are a few images from the event. Thanks to everyone who attended.

If we missed you and you'd like to attend next year's dove hunt, just let us know! The event is an excellent time to relax, meet new people and enjoy the fresh country air. We are already looking forward to next year's hunt. 
Your Red Door Team
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