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AFMG Newsletter - Issue 26, September 2014

Dear customers, colleagues, and friends,

Welcome to a new issue of the AFMG Newsletter. With this newsletter we would like to inform you about new products, software updates, trainings, and interesting downloads related to our products.

AES Presentation: Software for Loudspeaker Product Design

The 137th AES Conference will take place in Los Angeles, California from October 9th to 12th this year. AFMG's Stefan Feistel is an invited panelist. He will also be holding a tutorial on software for loudspeaker and application engineering.
The tutorial will give an introduction into the capabilities of modern acoustic modeling and measurement software as it relates to loudspeaker design, marketing, and application support.


Summer review: InfoComm 2014 Big Success for AFMG

This year, for the second time, AFMG took part in the InfoComm Show not only with the traditional EASE class but also with a booth on the show floor.

Compared to our participation in 2013 where the main focus has been on our newly released FIRmaker technology we have seen a high general interest in AFMG and our products this year. 
Not only has the number of visitors to our booth increased overall, but we have also noticed an increase in brand awareness of all visitors combined with longer, more in-depth talks about specific programs, projects, and use-cases.


New Software Releases and Updates

EASE Version 4.4.8 – Database Updater
As of July 17, 2014, version 4.4.8 of EASE is available. Next to minor enhancements to DXF/SKP imports, this release features a greatly revised database updater for loudspeaker definitions and wall materials. Even large amounts of data can now easily be downloaded and synchronized.
EASERA 1.2.12 – STI Calculation & Turntable Support
Released July 10, 2014, version 1.2.12 of EASERA updates some aspects of the STI signal masking calculation. EASERA now supports multiple network cards/adapters for use with Outline turntables.

EASE Version 3 - Support Ends in December 2014

AFMG officially announces the cessation of support for its EASE 3 family for December 2014. Development of EASE 3 has already been discontinued in the year 2002 when the software had been replaced by the Version 4 family of programs and modules.

AFMG has continued to support its customers owning EASE 3 versions for over a decade since then. Now, there are three months left to purchase upgrades to EASE 4.


Recommended Reading: High Resolution Loudspeaker Modeling

AFMG presents a new publication by Stefan Feistel. The book “Modeling the Radiation of Modern Sound Reinforcement Systems in High Resolution” compiles a number of scientific articles on loudspeaker modeling into a single, consistent compendium.
This book is a valuable read for EASE power users, system designers and loudspeaker manufacturers.


Purchase book online...

New Loudspeaker Data

For the EASE, EASE Evac, EASE Focus, and EASE Address simulation software packages, the following new data files are now available or have been updated:






Active Audio










Logic Systems





Announced Seminars

In this section we provide updates on our announced and upcoming seminars and trainings. Please use the links below to access detailed information for each class and to reserve your seat

2014          Oct/Nov


Leipzig, Munich,
Cologne, Hamburg,

2014          Nov 11‍-‍15

EASE Level 1+2**

St Petersburg,

2015          Apr 20‍-‍24

EASE Level 1+2


AFMG classes are not only educational but participants also appreciate the new contacts to other professionals in the field and the broad exchange of knowledge.
Freshman or expert - we would be very happy to see you soon!

* These classes will be held in German.     ** These classes will be held in Russian.
Classes are regularly updated in our Events Calendar.
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