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Issue #7 December 2016

Thank you for reading Mala Magazine.  As this year draws to a close, we wish to express our gratitude to all our old and new members, supporters and friends. wishing you Happy Holidays with loved ones!
....and congratulations to Andrew L., winner of our November member give away. 

What's in a robe?  Tibetan Buddhist monastic robes vary slightly from robes worn in other schools of Buddhism. Additionally, there are slight variations in style in the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism as well although the colors maroon, yellow and sometimes red, are the same. Nonetheless, all buddhist robes follow the ethical rules lain out in the Vinaya-pitalka of the Pali Canon.

Symbolizing the renunciation of worldly attachment, the Buddha taught that the robes should be made only of discarded or unwanted cloth - traditionally, monks and nuns would scavenge cloth from rubbish heaps and cremation grounds. or what is called in Sanskrit pāmsūda or pāmsūla.  There are various lists identifying what constitutes pāmsūda. For example, cloth that has been 1.burned by fire, 2. munched by oxen, 3. gnawed by mice, or 4. worn by the dead.  The Japanese equivalent of pāmsūda is funzoe, a polite translation of which is “excrement sweeping cloth” and indicates another potential source.
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Breathing meditation training by the Dalai Lama
A charming way to learn how to breathe according to Naropa's Six Yogas and
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Samye Monastery is known as the first Buddhist monastery built in Tibet around 775 bc, commissioned by King Trisong Detsen, the monarch who sought to revitalize Buddhism. The monastery in Dranang is said to have been modeled in the design of Odansapuri in what is now Bihar, India.  It is laid out in the shape of a giant mandala, with the legendary Mount Meru in the center with structures representing continents, the sun, moon and oceans around the central temple.

The original buildings have long disappeared, badly damaged several times by civil war in the 11th century, fires in the mid 17th century and in 1826, an earthquake in 1816, and in the 20th century, particularly during the Cultural Revolution.  Samye is the site of many important Buddhist conferences of the past, including the great debate of the Council of Lhasa which decided key points affecting the future of Chinese Ch'an Buddhist practice led by the famous dialecticians, Moheyan and Kamalaishila.  

Dream Yoga 
In Tibetan medicine, the dream state experience is regarded as similar to the experience in the Bardo, the in-between state transitioning from one life to another. In the study of sutra it is regarded as an illusion, and in more esoteric studies of tantra the dream state is regarded as the mind transported by the subtle wind and wandering in the body parts, and organs.  From a spiritual practice point of view, dreams are regarded as an opportunity to train your mind to recognize the illusory nature of the self and phenomenon. To be able to consciously enter into a dream state and from there meditate, is considered to be a difficult and a very desirable goal. 

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Happy Birthday Patti! Thank you for everything you have done for Tibet! (December 30, 1946)
Did You Know...The First Dalai Lama, Gedun Drupa, was born in 1391 in Gyurmey Rupa, near Sakya in the Tsang region of central Tibet to Gonpo Dorjee and Jomo Namkha Kyi, a nomadic family. According to legend, on the night he was born, the family’s camp was attacked by bandits, and his mother, fearing for the life of her newborn child, wrapped him in blankets and hid him among the rocks. The next morning, upon her return, she found her son resting peacefully among the stones, with a large black raven standing guard before him, protecting him from the flocks of crows and wild vultures that had gathered to attack him.
December 5  -  An Earth-Water day has great productive energy and wil l be a happy day
December 10 -  HHDL wins the Nobel Peace Prize, 1989
December 13  - Full Moon and this is an auspicious day to cut your hair
December 22  - Winter Solstice
December 28  - New Moon

 New Membership Announcements

For Current Members: We are delighted to announce a special limited pre-sale to the benefit concert at Carnegie Hall with Philip Glass and friends - Thursday, March 16, 2017.  Look for an e-mail from us in the coming weeks!

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